She is commonly seen dressed in a yellow sweater-vest, a white button-down shirt (worn under the sweater-vest), a blue miniskirt, white loose-fitting socks and black laceless shoes.

Once he reaches her, Urumi explains that she is extremely lonely and on nights such as the current one she wishes she could commit suicide. ), souvent abrégé en GTO, est un shōnen manga racontant l'histoire de Eikichi Onizuka professeur dans une école. Later on, Urumi becomes more genuinely emotional and stops causing trouble. Grand succès de Tōru Fujisawa, GTO est prépublié pour la première fois dans l'hebdomadaire Weekly Shōnen Magazine au Japon en 19… The next day, while Onizuka is grumbling to his students that he had to spend a night in jail because of the girl he met last night, Urumi appears and reveals that she is one of his students. Of course, she is alive and soon after being buried rises out of her grave and asks Onizuka to stop trying to kill her. When discussing China or anything Chinese related she has shown that she can speak Mandarin. The kids who are just standing around start laughing and saying that they knew that there is no way Urumi could nnaturally be smarter than them. Their explaination is that she has always acted like this though they think it stems from a trauma she suffered. She also reveals to Ms. Fujimori that she is lonely because her mother is always busy at work and because everyone thinks she is a freak except for Tomoko. Urumi, after waking up, sees Onizuka lying next to her and realizes that he saved her. Finally, when Urumi is really mad she will make explosives and blow up parts of the school. Eikichi est son professeur, elle commence d'abord à le manipuler et l'utiliser comme "un esclave" pour se divertir. The next day, Urumi goes to school ( in defiance of her mother ) in a cheerful mood. A 22-year-old, blonde-haired biker, virgin, and former bōsōzoku, Eikichi Onizuka is the protagonist of GTO. Unfortunately, their level of difficulty was so high that Ms. Fujimori ultimately found out that she was unable of helping Urumi any further, leading her to understand that Urumi had outgrown her intellect.

Ms. Fujimori was Urumi's Head Teacher when Urumi was in the 5th grade. However, she tests to see if this is an act by going out to dinner with him and then causing as much mischief as she can. Elle finira par tomber amoureuse d'Onizuka et lui demandera de sortir avec elle, mais il « refusera » malgré ses avances. Onizuka prepares to hit her for what she did but then Vice Principal Uchiyamada appears and tells him that Urumi is the school's star pupil and that Onizuka will be fired if he lays a hand on Urumi. In the beginning of Episode 29 through Episode 32, she was the only person to confront Miyabi Aizawa twice when she berates her for making a mistrust towards adults including Onizuka whom she framed him for the money embezzlement in order to get him fired. However, she seems to prefer using French whenever she is seriously annoyed. Onizuka contemplates this. With Tomoko, she is a childhood friend of Miyabi, but will not hesitate to frame her and her clique for revenge. Très sûre d'elle et très étroite sur sa façon de penser, par manque d'affection et trahison par un être cher, Onizuka lui apprendra à être plus souple d'esprit.

Now having feelings for him, Urumi becomes a tsundere. Her outfit throughout the series is her summer uniform. She later will become one of his biggest allies and, thanks to her smart I.Q., will know how to help him in various situations. She speaks Japanese regularly. Urumi responds that if she is lonely then she should try to open up to others instead of trying to push them away. Urumi sneaks out of her apartment and happens upon Onizuka while she is being chased by her tutor. For her final test, Urumi stands atop a tall building and tells Onizuka that she is planning on jumping and wants him to save her.

Was there need Urumi has proven that she will readily set up bombs and even take away her own life, making her a bit unstable, suffering actually from a deep lack of love and boredom. Urumi responds by asking Kikuchi why he has switched sides ( as he used to drive out teachers himself ) and then saying that she is going to treat Onizuka extra special.

From this point on, Urumi does not do anymore classroom terrorism. Regarding her classroom terrorism, Urumi has various methods. The two of them end their day long journey in a carnival, where Onizuka almost kisses Urumi. Once changed into her clothes, Urumi gives Onizuka her whip and asks him to attack her. she then sends Urumi to bed. He is very athletic and has a second dan black belt in karate. On the trip, Urumi is made to room with a trio of Gundam Otaku. In the anime when Miyabi threatens Urumi because of her secret, she angrily wants to teach her a lesson by setting them up with her friends by sending a Yakuza to tie them up and make a kidnap for ransom inside the hotel that they need to celebrate for framing their teacher. GTO (Manga)(Chapter 52)GTO: 14 Days in Shonan(Chapter 1)GTO: Paradise Lost(Chapter 111), Kotono Mitsuishi (Japanese)Michelle Ruff (English). Urumi then proceeds to finally enjoy school, using Onizuka to explore Tokyo and eat at expensive restaurants. Onizuka misinterprets the word trauma as to-ra-u-ma ( which is a part tiger/part horse creature ) and sets off to save Urumi. She does not attend school regularly and as a result is introduced in volume 7 of the manga and episode 16 in the anime. Upon that event, Urumi started her Classroom Terrorism and hatred toward teachers. Tout comme Kikuchi, cette jeune fille possède une intelligence hors norme (elle a un QI supérieur à 200). At first this is a mystery, as noted by her classmate Murai, who said that she was always like that for as long as he has known her. Her mother responds that she gave birth to Urumi so Urumi could go to a good college, get rich and take care of her when she is old and for no other reasons. Urumi remains quiet but watches Miyabi with intense anger. Emportez vos fandoms favoris partout avec vous. However, this friendship was not to last. Upon encountering Miyabi, Urumi tells her that she realizes now that Miyabi was never truly her friend and that Miyabi had only been nice to her because she pitied her. She does not attend school regularly and as a result is introduced in volume 7 of the manga and episode 16 in the anime. Urumi saw her as a surrogate mother, seeing as her actual mother was always busy at work.

Urumi storms off in search of Miyabi, knowing that only she would do that.

When Urumi sees her the two almost instantly start fighting. She is always busy and for as long as Urumi can remember she has never really looked after her, always having a nanny to see to her needs. However, she decides that just spending the day with him is good enough. A l'école primaire elle et Aizawa étaient de très proches amies.

Onizuka asks why Tomoko likes Urumi so much.

Urumi then spends the day terrorizing her teachers. Urumi agrees on the condition that Onizuka becomes her " magical genie of the lamp " and grant all her wishes. Urumi pretends to be 19 and starts flirting with Onizuka. Sa mère est trader et s'occupe très peu d'elle. When she was very young she was revealed the fact that she is the product of her mother been fertilized by a scientist test-tube sperm, revealing the fact she has no actual father on whom she can rely. After encountering her 1st Grade teacher, Ms. Fujimori , while having fun with Onizuka, it is revealed why Urumi hates teachers so much.

By the end of it, Urumi is standing on the ledge of a tall building and explaining to Onizuka that sometimes she considers throwing her life away and committing suicide. He then starts to walk away. Urumi pretends to be dead and allows Onizuka to almost bury her before scaring him and then revealing that she is just fine. Onizuka cheers her up but accidentally bumps into her and causes her to fall. Onizuka takes her to a Korean restaurant and begs her not to tell the police about him almost killing her. Urumi was also behind to cause a kidnap for ransom towards Miyabi and her friends in Episode 33 after she was threatened to be told about her father by her. Her classmate, Kikuchi, noted that she has a troubled history, and warned Onizuka not to take her lightly, as she can be very vindictive behind the appearance. Later on, he consults Murai and Kikuchi about her. Gundam Otaku are the only people that Urumi despises who have not caused any harm to her. She then causes a giant explosion back at the school. Onizuka walks in on them and Urumi gives her beloved teacher a tearful farewell. Urumi then becomes so angry that she shouts at Miyabi that Miyabi is just acting out because she wants attention. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Urumi then has Onizuka take her and her whole class out to lunch at an expensive restaurant. Urumi presents herself as being a kindly, cheerful and energetic girl however on the inside she feels very little. In reality, she is just acting in order to gain sympathy and avoid being punished. Elle est grande et blonde, portant son uniforme d'écolière. Eventually, Ms. Fujimori grew jealous of Urumi's intellect and revealed her secret to the class because Urumi corrected her during a history lesson. He jumps down after her.

She sits in her room thinking that she is bored and wishes that she could see Onizuka again. The story focuses on 22-year-old ex- bōsōzoku member Eikichi Onizuka, who becomes a teacher at a private middle school, Holy Forest Academy, in Tokyo, Japan. Miyabi responds that Urumi knows nothing about her. She remains friendly but stops faking her feelings and becomes more honest. It is a continuation of Fujisawa's earlier manga series Shonan Junai Gumi and Bad Company, … Tomoko is not very bright but is a very sweet girl.

While they're eating, Urumi is very friendly with Onizuka. Even if she looks rather cool or charming, she is bossy and might be rude. Her initial appearance while she poses as being 19 years old despite her real age is 14, she wears a blue sleeveless denim dress. Jusqu'au jour où Urumi s'est ralliée à Onizuka. “Shōnan True Love Group”) and Bad Company, both of which focus on the life of Onizuka before becoming a teacher Meet Eikichi Onizuka, a 22-year-old ex-biker. ". Urumi would come over to her apartment each afternoon and Ms. Fujimori would tutor her in college level work. Due to the fact that Ms. Fujimori had a complex that she cant say "I dont know to a student's answer" she soon developed an ire to Urumi's intelligence that made her reveal Urumi's secret to her class. While this is going on, Ms. Fujimori explains to Onizuka what happened between her and Urumi. Onizuka is Urumi's homeroom teacher who first starts manipulating him and using him as a "slave" due to her game, but she will later find in Onizuka a funny hobby to spend time with.

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Also, whenever Urumi misbehaves and gets caught, she will start crying and saying that everyone picks on her and that everyone hates her. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Though never shown, it is assumed that Urumi can speak English due to the fact that her father is American and her mother has taken her to America before. Elle est toujours occupée et Urumi ne néglige pas le fait qu'elle ne s'est jamais vraiment occupé d'elle, ayant toujours une nourrice pour s'occuper de ses besoins. As a result, Urumi planted a bomb in the elementary building and blew it up. Onizuka tries to cheer her up but while approaching her accidently knocks her over. She is aware that he is following her and allows him to up to a certain point, later popping up behind him and asking him why he is following her. The car happens to belong to Tomoko's agent. Cependant, au fond, elle se soucie vraiment d'Urumi, étant devenu un agent de change en premier lieu pour pouvoir s'occuper d'elle, payer ses frais de scolarité. Her right eye is brown.

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