Jake and Alice are a newly married, seemingly happy couple until an acquaintance of Alice introduces them to The Pact. If you’ve traveled in the last few years, there’s a good chance you’ve found lodging through Airbnb or a similar home-sharing service, but after. Skilled writers can bring us face to face with scenarios and emotions we might never encounter in real life, expanding our understanding of both the universe and our fellow man. It can also scare the living daylights out of us. So get commenting: tell us what your favorite non-Stephen King horror story is, or even tell us what you think of the books on this list if you’ve read them! Lewis Meriwether and Mina Clark lead a group of survivors away from The Sanctuary and its megalomaniac leader towards a new hope in the east. Last Days is one of his most terrifying works. Dixie must find a way to expose the lunacy behind her family’s massacre to save her few loved ones who are still alive—and whatever scrap of sanity she has left. Now, here’s ten spine-tingling horrors you’ll want to read with the lights on! But are they heading to a better world, or something much worse? The story begins with an adult character named Merry relating the strange story of her childhood to a reporter. Lovecraft, and Algernon Blackwood are just that, classics. This novel has some scenes reminiscent of The Exorcist, and Merry is an unreliable narrator which throws the reader of balance in a frightening way. Jake and Alice soon begin to realize there’s no escape from The Pact and if they want to live, they will have to at least pretend to be the perfect couple. Her eyes and mouth are sewn shut, and legend says her stitches must never be removed. The couple joins The Pact on a lark without realizing what they’re joining is basically a cult that was created to protect the sanctity of marriage, at any cost. Sign up for news about books, authors, and more from Penguin Random House, Visit other sites in the Penguin Random House Network. Congratulations to the winners: Juds, Josh Hawes, TheAnnoyedElephant, Hillyard, ????????? 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Twenty-five years later, Dixie is desperate for a connection to the family she can’t remember. And in the age of internet-shortened attention spans, a single image can be just what you need. King’s books are undoubtedly what comes to mind when we think of horror, but there’s so many new great authors out there penning their own brand of supernatural terror. We are experiencing technical difficulties. The story takes us from England, to France and finally a desert in the United States, where we learn the cult spent their last days trying to conjure something that has been long dead. These five stories, each named after a different body part, explore vanity, fear, expectations, and health in ways that are as surprising and suspenseful as they are horrifying. The witch walks around town among the living but does not interact with the townspeople. Unless you were a member of the armed forces or a loved one of someone who was, the American invasions of Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003 didn’t fundamentally alter the fabric of daily American life—but the same can’t be said for those countries who suffered invasion and occupation, even today. She is an open secret among Black Spring but her existence must be protected from the outside world. The Cabin at the End of the World is not a typical home invasion novel. It doesn’t give anything away to tell you Jack is a raging psychopath. The Dead Lands is a dystopian retelling of the Lewis and Clark expedition, a perilous journey through a post-apocalyptic American wasteland. You’ve probably heard of Annihilation because of the movie, but you may not know that it’s the first novel in a series, called the Southern Reach Trilogy. Merry’s sister Marjorie began to exhibit strange demonic symptoms when they were children. The novel follows a reporter named Kyle who is sent to investigate a creepy cult. Paul Tremblay will have a couple of offerings on this list. The women are ill equipped to deal with what they may find within Area X, and they are being controlled by hypnotic suggestion by the psychologist. The novel has few characters and a seemingly simple plot: a gay couple and their daughter are staying at their lakeside cabin when their weekend is interrupted by a menacing group of people arriving with homemade weapons. Fans of body/gross-out horror will love this one. It is a novel of existential horror which is very different from the film. The author is adept at ratcheting the suspense and Jack is a truly despicable and terrifying villain. The way most of us relate to our own bodies is the stuff of horror without any fictional embellishment—unrealistic beauty standards, endless diet culture, dysmorphia, and more—so a collection of short stories about body image? The competition is over! You must have a goodreads account to vote. The story, however, manages to remain fast paced and humorous along with being darkly frightening and violent at times. This collection of comics is perfect for dipping into when you just need a shot of horror or a jolt to the senses. By clicking Sign Up, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to Penguin Random House's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Jack gives Grace a beautiful home, exotic trips abroad, a new puppy to celebrate their engagement, and most importantly a room in their home for Grace’s disabled sister. Grace and Jack are the perfect couple. The water wars are coming. B. Kristen Kelly . Comments must be related to the list and not be clearly aimed at simply winning (such as repeating the same comment over and over). Her parents allowed a TV film crew to document their daughter’s scary transformation, and her recently converted catholic father wanted her exorcism to be filmed. Hex begins with some shiver-inducing imagery of that witch, with her eyes and mouth sewn shut, just randomly appearing in people’s houses in the middle of the night. Apollo Kagawa is a very proud new father, and like so many parents, he loves to post pictures of his baby on Facebook. Please try again later. Along the way they battle monsters and mutants and find strengths and actual powers they never knew they possessed. 10 Historic Events That Are Creepier Than A Horror Movie. Hex is about a town called Black Spring which is cursed by an ancient witch. The story unfolds through various retellings, from one boy, letters and transcripts including scenes from an animal laboratory that may cause some readers to lose their lunch. The last known team died of cancer after returning, the team before them turned on each other, and one team committed suicide. This book will appeal to those interested in cults and the character Sister Katherine, the creepy enigmatic spiritual leader, will revive memories of notorious figures from the past. Must-Read Contemporary Horror Books About the Horrors of Modern Life You’ll hear people saying that we’re in something of a horror renaissance right now, a new golden age of terrifying fiction across page and screen. The Pact is real and there are severe penalties for anyone who disobeys the rules. Books | March 2, 2020 Top 10 Modern Horror Novels More Terrifying Than A Stephen King Book. No one can leave Black Spring, and newcomers must be driven away. Even if you’ve seen the movie you should read Annihilation. Access to clean water is the, The opioid crisis gets most of the news coverage, but meth addiction is. Classic novels written by the likes of Bram Stoker, Edgar Allen Poe, H.P. The boys find themselves in a fight for survival that unlocks the heroism of one and the psychopathy of another. Carolyn and her siblings were raised by Father. They do not know when they arrived in Area X, and they do not know if they will ever be able to leave. It’s difficult to write a synopsis for this novel because it’s really unlike anything out there and there’s quite a lot going on in the plot. Mavi, a Buenos Aires native, escapes there and enrolls as a new teacher. list created July 31st, 2010 Have you tried to find a good horror novel lately? Annihilation won the 2014 Shirley Jackson award for best novel, and the 2015 Nebula Award. Don't get me wrong I love … The mysterious motivations of the antagonists leave you in suspense and turning pages late into the night. The Cabin at the End of the World, by Paul Tremblay Tremblay is something of a modern master in the realm of psychological horror, twisting familiar premises (demonic possession, suburban gothic ghost stories, home-invasion horror) in such a way that they reflect the characters’ interior landscapes as much as any external supernatural threat. It is impossible to search any site for recommendations without seeing Stephen King’s books popping up left and right. Now Father is missing, and Carolyn recruits her friend Steve to help her in her quest to find him. Many of the authors listed have written several books so be sure to check out their other works. Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton Eleven expeditions have gone into Area X, which has been a restricted zone for three decades. Brian Coldrick’s webcomic Behind You is horror distilled down to its essence: a single image, a couple words of text, and the lingering certainty that something is watching you from just outside the radius of the bedside lamp. And even though she wants to embrace the strangeness of the house, she cannot ignore the mystery when … A no-brainer. The story is a frightening juxtaposition of folkloric nightmare vs. modern day malevolence. Lists are re-scored approximately every 5 minutes. If you like psychological horror with plenty of blood and violence this is a book you don’t want to miss. It’s a novel that will scare you and make you think. Feeling that someone is watching and controlling our lives from the outside is a terror many readers will find disturbingly familiar.

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