She also commends his ferociousness during the battle with the Nuckelavee.

However, her apology is cut short when Yang hugs her. RWBY: World of Remnant is a supplemental mini-series, documenting various areas, beings and objects in Remnant, the world in which RWBY is set. In "End of the Beginning", Ruby learns from Qrow about the heritage of her silver eyes. Ruby mentions to Professor Ozpin that she was "complete garbage" before Qrow started training her. Initially, this fails as Blake says she wanted to be alone to read her book, but the two find common ground over their shared love of books. The two first met in "Welcome to Beacon", when Ruby accidentally bumped into her while running to the library to retrieve her board game.

She encounters him in the stadium's maintenance hall in fighting form, despite him supposedly having a broken leg and allegedly returning to Haven. Her attempts to escape all failed until the arrival of her team. [3], In 2016, theatrical screenings of RWBY Volume 1 in Australia, the United Kingdom and United States were announced, with the help of screening and events coordinator Tugg. The two first met indirectly during a dust store robbery, where she fought Ruby from an airship and defended herself from Ruby's Crescent Rose ammunition. Ruby Rose in the "Red" Trailer, the first trailer to be released. As of "Welcome to Beacon", the two seem to have developed a better and closer relationship, which was seen when after the two lost against Yang, each on different turns, the two hug and "cry" together. Not much interaction has happened between Ruby and Cardin, but in Chapter 1 and 2 of the manga, Ruby appears to dislike Cardin for bullying Jaune. After they leave Brunswick Farms, Ruby learns that Maria was a former Silver-Eyed warrior herself. In "Pomp and Circumstance", Ruby, along with Blake and Yang stay by Weiss' side to stand up to her father, Jacques. She also has brown straps on her blouse that allow her to wear a small brown backpack. In Volume 7, Ruby has become conflicted with the morality of her actions. Although the two have not had much direct interaction, the two are often seen sitting together in the cafeteria with their teams. Ruby has a strong sense of moral justice, a trait she obtained from stories about heroes and monsters that her sister used to read for her, as well as the way her parents raised her. They fight for the final time in "Heroes and Monsters" on top of a hijacked Atlesian airship. In "Haven's Fate", Ruby is surprised when Blake rejoins her and Weiss and asks if they are alright. This trait contrasts with her adaptability, for she is quite capable of forming attack plans with others in order to take down stronger foes, such as the Nevermore in "Players and Pieces" and Roman in the Atlesian Paladin-290 in "Painting the Town...". Meanwhile, her surname, "Rose", alludes to another shade of red and a type of flower that is also found most often in red. Ruby often wakes up abruptly during these dreams, but she does not disclose this with the rest of Team RNJR. The World of RWBY: The Official Companion, History During her attendance at Beacon, Ruby wears the same uniform as every other girl attending Beacon, consisting of brown shoes, red tartan skirt, white blouse with maroon trim and thin red bow, a brown vest with gold buttons and maroon blazer with gold trim, alongside full-length black stockings.

Four trailers were released leading up to the premiere of RWBY. He saved her and Yang from Beowolves when they were young children, and he taught Ruby how to wield Crescent Rose among various other things. Also, she is vulnerable to attack from behind, as shown when she is knocked out by Emerald Sustrai during the Battle of Haven.

In "Stealing from the Elderly", Ruby shows concern for Qrow as he worries about their plan. However, he was eaten alive by a Griffon in an ironic twist, and Ruby did not show a single shred of remorse or sadness for his death. In "A New Approach" Ruby tries to help Oscar when he is approached and questioned by Ironwood upon being Ozpin's reincarnation and hides the truth about the reasons for Ozpin being silent in order to cover for Oscar. He is also seen giving her advice in "The Badge and The Burden, Pt.2" and "Dance Dance Infiltration". She learns of his intention to go after his airship and get it back. After an invitation from Professor Ozpin following a short battle with Roman Torchwick, Ruby attends Beacon Academy in order to become a Huntress. The future-fantasy world of Remnant is filled with ravenous monsters, treacherous terrain, and more villains than you can shake a sniper-scythe at. In "Tipping Point", Qrow appears at the last second to stop Tyrian's stinger from striking Ruby, giving her a reassuring smile. She later goes against his pleas and asks Jinn about his secret, prompting him to charge at her to no avail. [14] However, this is, of course, at the cost of Aura so Ruby can't rely on it for very long. Suddenly Ruby turns into three flurries of rose petals which go around the boulder and reform behind the Beowolf into Ruby.

As with Cinder's antagonism towards Ruby, Ruby's antagonism toward Cinder is mutual and is evident in "Tipping Point" when she says her name with very visible anger when she thinks Tyrian is working for her or in "The More the Merrier" as she becomes angered upon seeing Cinder for the first time since Beacon's fall. Together they carry Qrow on a stretcher to get him help. In order to become a Huntress, Ruby trained at Signal Academy, where her skills and abilities far surpassed her peers. Winter comments that Ruby is "appropriately underwhelming", but Ruby does not seem to understand this insult. She saw it for the first time after he takes off part of his armor while waiting for the Faunus blacksmith to bring his modified Crocea Mors.

But after Ruby talks with Ozpin and Weiss talks with Port, the two seem to be on better terms with each other. Upon seeing this, Ruby activates the hidden power of her silver eyes. Later, she tried comforting him in the aftermath of discovering Shion and witnessing another death. Both the cloak and the stockings show tears from hard wear. She asks what Ozpin is hiding, and the magical being responds by revealing the distant past of Remnant, when Salem and Ozpin, then known as Ozma, first met.

Some RWBY merchandise is also sold at the alternative clothing retailer Hot Topic.[12]. Later, while escaping from the Apathy, Ruby has to drag a severely intoxicated Qrow, who is oblivious to the danger pursuing them. She carries him on a stretcher to get help and sticks with him when Team RNJR needs to split directions. The war for Beacon continues, and in the midst of all the chaos, Blake and Adam's encounter reaches a … Overall, outside of Team RWBY, Jaune appears to be Ruby's closest friend, working together to become more than what they are. Through her mother, Summer, Ruby comes from a line of legendary warriors who possessed powerful abilities related to their Silver Eyes, said to be an extremely rare trait. In "Downfall", Ruby is surprised when she sees Blake again. Ruby and Salem's first encounter with each other. Ruby encounters General James Ironwood three times, each time with him as her authority figure. After the Battle of Beacon, Ruby is saddened by the fact that Blake ran away after the battle. Despite the darkness, voices, and sometimes weapons clashing, can be heard. Her emblem appears as a large silver buckle on her wide black belt, which is slung around her hips on an angle.

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