Karen Wilson’s body was never recovered, and the case remains open. C.A. The bodies were individually rolled-up in sleeping bags, covered in lime, and buried underneath the patio in the backyard. Some of his friends reported that drug use was common during the vacation and that Reny had been making comments about possibly hurting himself. A bloody handkerchief and a man’s footprint were found near the location where Rachel’s body was discovered. Want more true crime? There no physical evidence to implicate him. However, no known cases in New Hampshire seemed to match with the Bear Brook bodies. But detectives thought it unlikely that Woodworth would have shown up for his 4:00 AM shift if he had kidnapped and murdered a woman at 8:00 PM the previous night. However, one strange detail was Dana’s story about the flat tire. Please post information in the comments related to the case! Together, they moderate the Colonial Parkway Murders page on Facebook with nearly 10,000 followers, https://anchor.fm/william-thomas48/episodes/Episode-11-Legendary-FBI-Profiler-James-R--Fitzgerald-Interview-Part-1-of-2-ec18vh?fbclid=IwAR3LfYTsm79CAzroImHS7vqz0jxjJBqgsI1634nVIMroK3icKwu7HQ5IOkM. When he opened the bag, he discovered the partially dismembered, nude bodies of a young woman and little girl. They were known to have made it safely to the southern border of Maryland, where Lisa sent a postcard to her boyfriend. Each member of the family had been shot multiple times with .22-caliber bullets. After that, they were never seen again. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Dilley is a researcher, writer and teacher from Williamsburg, VA. Thomas is a music and entertainment executive who is, sadly, also the brother of a murder victim. But her mother only gave her permission to go to Charlotte Beach near her home. Karen Wilson, a student at the University of Albany, had also been planning to go to Fort Lauderdale with her roommate when she vanished. Two days later, however, some hunters found his body in a nearby wheat field. Sadly, Kim and Lisa had initially signed up to take a bus trip to Florida sponsored by their university. In 1940, 17-year-old freshman Rachel Taylor, a native of New Jersey, was returning to campus from a visit home during spring break. Read through the list below to find out. But each was eliminated as a suspect. The police say that their best hope of solving the case is a confession, but none has been forthcoming. Brian was seen on surveillance video chatting with two girls near the bar and then apparently returning inside. People kept their children home on Halloween. The detective who first saw the bodies said it was the worst murder scene he’d ever laid eyes on. His request was denied. Toward the end of the trip, Susan left her motel room during the night, ostensibly to go for a walk alone on the beach. But friends insisted that Rachel had probably known her killer because she wasn’t the type of girl to accept rides from strangers. But a search turned up nothing. It was determined that Kim and Lisa’s bodies had been in the water for two days. Although they were the first African-American family in the neighborhood, their neighbors were friendly, and the Diggses became an essential part of the community.

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