They are sweet and delicious and are full of water and act as natural canteens. Halva, baklava, sherbet, navat, and bekmesam are particularly popular. If you have a big piece of bread, break it into pieces and give everyone around you some pieces. Always there was hard bread, sometimes dumplings; usually there was tea, sometimes wine. Besides mutton game meat is very popular: partridges, hares, goitered gazelles. Besides mutton game meat is very popular: partridges, hares, goitered gazelles. After 20 minutes 1½ cups of water is added to the cauldron and the dish is stewed on small fire. Bekmes is a syrup or fruit juice concentrate made without added sugar. The rice is ready when the grains turn yellow. sine. Afterwards this mixture is wrapped in gauze and left for a while. Camel’s milk can be fermented because it has a high sugar content. Turkmen, Kazakh and Karakalpak nomads have traditionally liked consumed it. It is a white sparkling beverage that has a sour flavour. Turkmen and Tajiks like to bake meat in tandyr oven. Put potatoes into the broth, bring it to boil, then add stewed onions, carrots, sausages, tomatoes, pea broth and cook until ready. Cow milk is used for making creamy and melted butter, sour milk ("gatyk"), a special kind of sour milk called "suzmeh" and a hard cheese called "gurt" (curd). Shurpa is another common dish. 8. When water is completely absorbed by rice the upper layer of rice should be carefully overturned and the entire dish is cooked further under the cover on small fire. It covers all aspects, from cities to airports, cruise ports to ski and beach resorts, attractions to events, and it also includes weekly travel news, features and quizzes. Manty are called "berek".Some people think they are unique Turkmen dishes but they are simply common Central Asian dishes with Turkmen names. "Keyikgzheren kebap" — regarded as a national dish of Turkmenistan — is a shashlick made from a young mountain goat meat. Mutton itself is often fatty. To make suitli ash (dairy mash): put salt and sugar and washed rice in boiling water to make mash. They also eat a lot of chicken meat but generally do not eat horse meat or pork due to their Islamic beliefs and deep love of horses. It is a soup made with mutton broth with potatoes and tomatoes. The resulting shashlick is put on skewers and fried on hot coals. Pirmeni, originating in Ukraine, are small boiled dumplings of meat and vegetables similar to ravioli, sometimes served in a vegetable soup. Turkmen prefer mutton to all other meats. © Columbus Travel Media Ltd. All rights reserved 2020, Due to the impact of COVID-19, you are recommended to check travel restrictions from your government sources and contact local venues to verify any new rules.

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