And now he was standing in our foyer without his BlackBerry, while the press tore him apart just a few feet away. andie’s character arc is so pronounced and kind of empowering. TOBY She’s saying she doesn’t believe you. i’m just going to leave that that because i can’t elaborate without going on for another 5,000 words. I think the title of the book is quite self-explanatory since Andie, the protagonist of the novel, has immaculately planned out her summer break but everything goes askew when her dad takes a leave from his political career in the wake of a scandal. TOBY Oh. Check. Her boyfriend, Tom, was coming as well, mostly because he insisted, since there was a rumor that Hairspray was going to be our school musical next year, and he wanted to do some “method research.” “Oh, good,” my dad said. ), and romantic. I glanced up and saw our reflection in the hall mirror, a little startled to see us standing next to each other. “. “My program starts the day after tomorrow.” My dad nodded, his brow furrowed, which meant he had no idea what I was talking about but didn’t want to tell me that, just wanted to look concerned and engaged. Especially your future. The books progresses rapidly because there is always so much happening in the story and let’s not forget the unexpected plot twists which keep you on the edge and you’ll be flying through the 500 pages before you even realise it. the growth and concept. I looked away from the mirror and took a step back, and when I looked up again, it was just my dad reflected back, which felt better—not like the two of us were being forced into a frame together. I was even tall like him, and lanky, whereas my mother had been petite and curvy, with curly blond hair and green eyes. It didn’t seem possible that after years of being beyond careful, watching all the tiniest details, and trying never to make a mistake, we’d ended up here anyway. Javascript is not enabled in your browser. “The last time the congressman was the focus of this much attention was five years ago, when, due to his wife’s failing health, he withdrew his name abruptly from Governor Matthew Laughlin’s unsuccessful presidential campaign, despite the fact he was seen as the front-runner for the VP slot. We have a plan. 5/3/2016 If you're a contemporary YA romance fan, there's a pretty good chance Morgan Matson has broken your heart somewhere along the line—although in her defense, she's probably put it back together even happy-thumpier than she found it. But I couldn’t help wondering if it had been a last-minute addition, or if this was just something they hadn’t thought I needed to know. I will be donating my salary to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.” I hadn’t heard about the charity—it wasn’t in the last draft of the speech Peter read to me, and I tried not to let any surprise pass over my face. Categories: bookish, reviews Tags: book review. . Far overhead, a light plane drones through the sky. i love love love our characters. It was all taupes and beiges and subtle patterns, everything matching, like a bedroom suite had just been picked whole out of a catalog. Romance fans will find plenty to enjoy, as Andie gradually lets down her guard and risks the messy and unpredictable wonder of first love. I don’t. level 1. I let my eyes fall for just a second to a spot on the lawn where a thick cable was laid out, flattening the grass. After all this time, it still sometimes felt like I was sleeping in a hotel. another big reason: the male leads are SO SWOONY… in an awkwardly nerdy and adorable way. she currently resides in los angeles, california. “Don’t you guys have a dog or something?” My dad had been on his BlackBerry as usual, not even hearing this, and it had fallen to me to give him a smile and say, “No dog. All of the internships and summer jobs that could have helped bolster her college applications have long since been filled, so Andie takes a job walking dogs to fill her days while her friends give tours at the local museum and manage community theater productions. I leaned closer to the window that was above my bed—it was open slightly, and I could hear voices drifting up to me. I like how Morgan Matson keeps the plot light whilst also making the readers feel a series of emotions. I looked down at that sentence, feeling a tiny stab of nervousness. I felt a sudden flash of sympathy for him. “I will not be taking any questions at this time. “Because I’ve heard that before.” I didn’t want to see if he understood what I meant. It was supposed to be supportive, encouraging, and kind, but couldn’t be too happy. The faerie world is in pursuit of the Grace kids in this repackage of the I definitely loved that book, so I’m hoping I’ll love The Unexpected Everything as well! “And I should . i wasn’t entirely sure what the story was about when i first started; the summary was a little vague and it simply seemed like a fun, summer read — which it was, but it was also more than that. The press conference was a pain, but it’s my dad’s issue, not mine. as you can clearly tell, THE UNEXPECTED EVERYTHING is fantastic. As the book progresses the readers also get to grasp Andie’s personality development from a pretentious person and someone who always has everything figured out, to a person who is more carefree and open to opportunities. 6 days ago. Though Andie’s friend and boyfriend complications feel forced and are resolved without much ado, Matson’s fans will enjoy sinking into this immersive summer read. My dad stuck his hands in his pockets and cleared his throat again. ME There’s nothing to discuss BRI Yes there is TOBY And when we discuss it, why don’t you also show me the curling iron thing? It wasn’t like I never did anything that made waves—I’d once, without thinking, ordered my regular latte on a campaign stop, and his staff had had a two-hour meeting about it. I love how Morgan Matson writes about relationships in her books – may it be family, friendships or romance. for one, the main character’s real name is ALEXANDRA and i immediately felt a kinship with her because i’ve never read a book with an MC that has my name. ", "Morgan Matson = best friendships + best families + best romances! We’re going out tonight. like yes, there are some situations that are tropes or clichés or “not realistic” (like being the senator’s daughter? My hair had been blown out and curled, and I was wearing pearl earrings and a light application of makeup. I like the idea of a list to complete and I really like that you mention it feels a lot like summer because I NEED a good summer read! a big reason why MM is one of my fave authors: her character arcs are FANTASTIC. Countless examples of politicians’ kids who’d tanked, or at least threatened to damage, their parents’ careers were laid out for me as cautionary tales and clear examples of what I was not supposed to do. For a better shopping experience, please upgrade now. With her acceptance to a prestigious pre-med summer program suddenly revoked, the white teen unexpectedly finds herself jobless, directionless, and alone in a house with a near stranger who decides he wants to play father. I’m trying to say she looked good. It’s all arranged.” Palmer Alden—one of my three best friends—loved any opportunity for a road trip, and when she’d seen me looking into buses and car services, she’d jumped into action and started planning our route, complete with mixes and snack stops. Members save with free shipping everyday! This book has absolutely everything from adorable dogs, pool parties, rebuilding family relations, friendships getting complicated to love interests. However, when her father finds himself at the center of a political scandal and forced to stay at home until the investigation is complete, Andie's carefully planned summer runs right off the rails. That’s right.” The program at Johns Hopkins was one of the best in the country, designed for high school students who were planning to be pre-med in college. We voted, and it’s a necessity. When he’d handed me my letter of recommendation, handwritten on heavy, cream-colored paper, I’d known I was in. When I was applying to the program, I was confident I’d get in based on my grades—I did well in all my subjects, but I did great in math and science; I always had. Auto Suggestions are available once you type at least 3 letters. The Unexpected Everything written by Morgan Matson revolves around the characters Andie, Toby, Palmer and Bri and their summer endeavours. It was supposed to be him. (and also, the two of them together are SO ADORABLE. People were wandering around the lawn, and there was no sign of either Peter or the podium. In her fourth and newest release, The Unexpected Everything, Matson combines all three into her swooniest, dad-angstiest, BFF-iest YA yet, complete with my newest book boyfriend and at least one notable cameo. In the safety of my own room, I looked down at my phone and felt myself really smile for what I was certain was the first time that day. .” The sentence trailed off, and my dad glanced around the entryway, looking lost. And since it was an office under my control and my leadership, I must take responsibility. But now that it was happening here—my front yard, my porch, my father—that certainty was totally gone. The colors of this scene are all washed out, as in an old memory, and the voices sound far away. “So,” my dad said, reaching into his suit jacket pocket—undoubtedly for his BlackBerry. But I was looking more and more like my dad every year—the proof was being reflected right in front of me. my favorite aspect of this novel was the honesty of each character and situation. The basketball game continues. He’d been a public defender before that, but I had no recollection of it—of a time when there weren’t voters to court and messages to craft and districts to analyze. After all, they saw the way things were going, and they were just looking out for themselves. It’s unclear what this latest upset means for the congressman’s future—” I slammed the window, shutting out the reporter on the lawn, and picked up my phone again.

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