In April 2018, The CW network acquired the series for a planned run in the United States in mid-2018. Rate. Billy and Joanna make the horrific discovery of a huge dump site on a school field and nearby farmland. A fish out of water in a town that's as foreign as it is familiar, Joanna battles with questions over her family's hasty departure when she was a teenager and attempts to convince the locals that she has in fact switched sides. To make matters worse, Joanna's father takes over as lead counsel and has Joanna disqualified due to a conflict of interest. Joanna and Billy face a verdict in their first case in their new firm, but when they return to Millwood for a high school reunion, an old friend from Joanna's past suffers a devastating loss that forces Joanna to face long-buried demons from her past. Then Joanna has a huge surprise that impacts the family's dynamics.. Anger over the claim against the mill pits the sick girls and their families against employees of the mill who worry that their jobs are on the line. Joanna's father makes a visit to Milltown and tries to persuade Joanna to return to the city. A fish out of water in a town that's as foreign as it is familiar, Joanna must reckon with questions over her family's hasty departure when she was a teenager. When the kids decide to throw a prom of their own, Billy and Joanna are made honorary prom king and queen. Copyright © 2020 Epic Media Labs. 25 Jul. There’s no official word as to whether the network has or will pick up season four of the legal drama but, it seems likely. Also, if legal dramas are your thing, have you checked out Billions yet? When it isn't enough to elicit a settlement offer, Joanna makes things personal. David Lawrence Brown as Ben Matheson (Seasons 1–2), father of Taylor Matheson, one of the sick girls and the owner of the town's mill. Burden of Truth (2018– ) Episode List. The girls who are ill are not getting better. They finally have enough evidence to certify as a class but this fight won't be easy. Rate. Rate. Star Slade as Luna Spence, Joanna's assistant and half sister as well as Molly Ross's girlfriend. Rate. In outdoor shots, traffic on the Selkirk bridge is visible, as is the Landmark Cinemas Garry Selkirk theater. She must face the one person who may be able to help her defeat her father, her estranged mother. Michelle Nolden as Teddie Lavery (Season 2), Joanna's mentor and boss at Steadman Lavery. Joanna fires back at the school, but victory eludes her. Joanna struggles to control the narrative of Noah's case when Lovand starts a smear campaign against him. [1] The series was created by Brad Simpson,[2] and is executive-produced by Kreuk, Ilana Frank and Jocelyn Hamilton. If you believe we have used your copyrighted content without permission, send us an email at [email protected] and we will remove it immediately. For more information, go here. Meegwun Fairbrother as Owen Beckbie, an indigenous cop and Luna's ex-stepfather. But someone would rather they stop digging and the pair get run off the road. Joanna Chang is living a new life at a new firm with a new name when she's assigned a case of a brilliant young Internet privacy activist who will turn everything in her new life upside down.

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