Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Thanks again for reading! Reviewed in the United States on September 23, 2012. 3 Days in Vienna: Ultimate City Guide to Vienna for Wheelchair Users, How The easyTravelseat Makes Air Travel Simple For Disabled Travellers, The Technology Changing Disability Travel. It was a great mix of emotions: touches of sadness with sarcasm and hilarity thrown in at all the right moments. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Saint Maud’s Feminist Evolution of Body Horror, The World Is Yours: Power and Decay in Scarface and Carlito’s Way, Best Films Never Made #18: Paul Verhoeven's Crusade, Best Films Never Made #43: The Beatles and Joe Orton’s Up Against It, Best Films Never Made #42: George A. Romero’s The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, Best Films Never Made #41: J. J. Abrams and Ron Howard’s The Dark Tower, Best Films Never Made #40: George A. Romero’s The Mummy, Best Films Never Made #39: Joss Whedon’s Wonder Woman, Best Films Never Made #38: Ridley Scott’s Nottingham, A Beginner's Guide to... Christopher Nolan, Pandemic Panic: The Best Horror Films to Distract You Right Now, Bittersweet Symphony – Edinburgh Film Festival 2019 Review, The Dead Don’t Die – Edinburgh Film Festival Review, The Miseducation of Cameron Post – Review. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Required fields are marked *. All in All a Decent movie but they can make it a classic if they put a little effort on it. That the strongest running joke flowing through the film posits the liberation of upright urination as the embodiment of “living the dream” does not, however, make The Fundamentals of Caring a gross-out comedy – far from it. Joe: The plot is rather thin but that’s due to the “road movie” approach and mainly circles around Ben’s trauma and Trevor’s outlook on the world and his fear of it. I’m not talking from experience but Trevor’s mother discussing his mortality whilst he’s just outside the room didn’t ring true. The twist on the genre, which is indicative of the movie’s drollness, is that our leads set out on the “lamest” (their words) road trip by way of bucket list, shot with a sombre colour palette. Paul Rudd has great comedic timing, the question was, can Craig Roberts match him? What a lovely movie.. funny, no drama, few emotions, that kind of movie for those chilling evenings when u just wanna eat some nice food with glass of wine and some nice relaxing movie . Those with Duchenne are likely aware of their life expectancy but I’m not certain it’s something their family would casually talk about right in front of them. But in so many ways, Ben reveals our common humanity. These “fundamentals” are quickly disposed of in an opening sequence where furrowed-brow novelist Ben (Paul Rudd) takes a short course in caregiving, where, among the acronyms and aphorisms, the movie’s basic pitch is spelled out: the carer’s needs are as important as the care receiver’s. The Fundamentals of Caring does not have this though, which makes it more subtle and easier to love. Again, other than a twitch or two, the agoraphobia rapidly disappears without any follow-through. Having only ever ventured no more than an hour away from home, this road trip is life-changing for Trevor as well as Ben and Dot. The story is surprisingly layered, and the performances natural and nuanced, to the point where I found myself quite emotionally involved. Heatwarming and refreshing - a great feel-good road movie with surprising depth. I also share personal stories, live event reviews and more. Once you get into this book, you won't be able to put it down. It's funny, moving and sad with a few cliches thrown in, but a great watch. Ben takes on the enormous challenge of caring for Trev who is every bit a twenty-something guy, sarcastic, edgy and horny, but trapped in a body that won't let him do much of anything. Having friends with Duchenne and my own experience of Limb Girdle, it is not realistic to be able to freely move our limbs as Trevor does. But its essential amiability and decency comes through. Ben and Trevor go on a roadtrip to see American roadside attractions and Trevor's absent father. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. The cast is simple but expertly and brilliantly but together. He’s either bored, high or both. Some critics complain about the predictability of the film, but I couldn't disagree more. I braced myself to finally encounter the chapter in which we find out what actually did happen, but here's where Evison excels as a writer: he tells us without telling us. We also touch on physiotherapy with specific exercises mentioned and illustrated. This week we are featuring The Fundamentals of Caring, a 2016 drama/comedy starring Paul Rudd, Craig Roberts and Selena Gomez. Reviewed in the United States on February 4, 2017. I love a good movie especially when I have no expectations. I would highly recommend this to anyone. The Fundamentals of Caring review – Paul Rudd brightens amiable illness tale 3 / 5 stars 3 out of 5 stars. It’s played for laughs here but it’s a true experience that many with disabilities have, highlighting this is important, so prizes there. Well, Trevor – who has a slightly boring line in over-the-top pranks, such as pretending to be choking to death – has an adorable habit of mapping out delightfully lame tourist sites, such as the US’s biggest cow, and deepest pit. Throughout the road trip, they stop off at some of the country’s lamest roadside attractions, including the biggest bovine, with the overall aim to visit the worlds largest hole in the ground. Based upon the quickly crumbling life of Humbert Humbert, ooops, I mean the equally curmudgeonly (though much younger) Benjamin Benjamin, the novel becomes part Little Miss Sunshine, part Garden State. It isn’t until the very end of the movie that Ben has the most genius idea which sees Trevor have the best pee he’s ever had. Their first introduction is at Trevor’s house when Ben goes to meet him and his mother to interview for the job as his new carer. Some scenes even caused me to laugh so much I would have to pause the movie to collect myself so I could hear the next scene. There was great chemistry among all the cast and I would highly recommend a watch. vacilated between like and dislike all the way through this one, Reviewed in the United States on May 31, 2013. Although her character is a little aggravating and hard to like, she does fulfill her character arcs and grows from a broken and traumatized person, to a fixed and light-hearted person in the end. Metacritic Reviews. It was refreshing to see an actor play a disabled character mainly focused on the character, rather than the disability. It is not realistic for someone with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. I hadn´t heard of that film, maybe had I not paid attention or was it eclypsed by higher budget ones who benefited from a great promotion. They eventually take a road trip from Washington State to Utah, and along the way meet an assortment of characters, including two rather pathetic fathers. Ben! This film caught my soft spots in all the right places. It never fails to make me laugh out loud multiple times, and to feel as if I've experienced something special when the credits roll. Bobby CannavaleCraig RobertsJennifer EhleJonathan EvisonMe Before YouPaul RuddRob BurnettSelena GomezThe Fundamentals of CaringThe Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving. Uh-oh – emotional issues klaxon. “You can’t fix me!” And that’s true when dealing with such a tragic loss, no one is ever fixed, they just continue living and try to do their best. This movie is great for people who love Indie films and do not mind some cursing along the way. On the way, they meet teenage hitchhiker Dot (Selena Gomez) who Trevor is instantly attracted to. Netflix Originals are gonna get better if they keep doing this. Our narrator takes to the road in a Handicapped Van with his "side-kick," Trevor who suffers acutely from Muscular Dystrophy. I used to work with a guy who had what he’d describe as a tea-stain on his face until lunchtime. Trev's body is a metaphor for Ben's life. It is a heartwarming comedy with light and dark humour whilst addressing topics such as disability, depression, fear, love and heartbreak. So, when I saw the latest film to come directly to Netflix, "The Fundamentals of Caring", I was very apprehensive about it.

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