This Study Guide consists of approximately 41 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - sends his next letter, directing everybody to Doncaster, where it is suspected that the next murder will occur at the St. Leger Stakes race meeting that day. Elizabeth, „Betty“, Barnard wird am 25. Franklin then followed Cust to the cinema, committed the last murder, and planted the knife on him as he left. September angekündigte „Zwischenfall“ geht scheinbar schief: Es wird ein Mann in einem Kino erstochen, dessen Name mit „E“ und nicht mit „D“ beginnt. In The A.B.C. By the time that Poirot receives the letter it is the night before the intended murder. In fact the solution reasserts the classic pattern of a closed circle of suspects, with a logical, well-motivated murder plan. Murders the third-person narrative is supposedly reconstructed by the first-person narrator of the story, Arthur Hastings. This study guide contains the following sections: This detailed literature summary also contains Quotes and a Free Quiz on Hastings, after the case, has compiled stories from not only Poirot but from other narratives happening at the same time. The novel was used as the basis of a comedy, The Alphabet Murders, starring Tony Randall as Poirot in 1965. Poirot's investigations are continuously thwarted by an enemy determined to outsmart him. Der Fall scheint abgeschlossen, aber trotz der Tatsache, dass Cust die Taten zugegeben hat, behauptet er, niemals von Hercule Poirot gehört zu haben, und kann auch die Briefe nicht erklären, obwohl sie auf seiner eigenen Schreibmaschine verfasst wurden. Here the character P. K. Basu, Bar-at-law, has the role of main protagonist, similar to Poirot.[13]. In this section, the reader learns that Poirot cares a lot about appearances as he talks about dying his hair. Der Roman stellt die Persönlichkeiten von Hercule Poirot, Arthur Hastings und Chefinspektor Japp in den Mittelpunkt des Geschehens. Obwohl er aggressiv ist und seiner Frau mehrfach mit Gewalt gedroht hat, scheint es unwahrscheinlich, dass er der Täter ist. They summed up, "It's Agatha Christie at her best. everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of The A.B.C. [16]. The prime suspect of the case, unknowingly setup by A.B.C. [24], This article is about the novel. Dieser so genannte ABC-Plan, in dem alle Angaben alphabetisch angeordnet sind, wurde bewusst platziert und wies keine Fingerabdrücke auf. At first, and for a great many pages, he is asking himself: "Is Agatha Christie going to let me down? In Mrs Agatha Christie's new book...the task is attempted with success." His pattern of murders is done in alphabetical order, with his calling card being an ABC railway guide left at each crime scene. Murders. The plot of The A.B.C. Later the same year the Japanese manga adaptation of the story was released, accompanied by its animé version which aired on NHK. Murders by . It was aired as a three-part miniseries over three consecutive days from 26 December that year. A Bengali detective novel of Narayan Sanyal 'O Aa Ka Khuner Kanta' was based on The A.B.C. Ought to be put in a book." Regie: Hans Eckhardt: Verleger Marburg/Lahn: Verlag und Studio für Hörbuchproduktionen. Also, a note is left for Poirot along with the ABC Railway Guide open at the name of the town where the murder has taken place. Roger Downes – School teacher visiting the cinema in Doncaster, and comes across Earlsfield's body after his murder. "That's an idea, that is. Januar 1992 als erste Folge der vierten Staffel unter dem Titel "Mord nach Fahrplan". Sir Carmichael Clarke is murdered, the heir to a wealthy estate and husband to the dying Lady Clarke, this murder is, like the Bexhill murder, more publicized and widely spread. Set in the 1930s, a time when Britain is dangerously divided and suspicion and hatred are on the rise, the story sees Poirot face a serial killer known only as A.B.C. Motivated by jealousy and wanting money, Franklin Clarke murdered these people to disguise the murder of his brother, thinking that it might not cause so much attention if it were part of a larger group. The police team for the investigation, led by Chief Inspector Japp, includes Inspector Crome, who doubts Poirot's detective abilities, and Dr Thompson, who tries to profile the killer. In Chapter 3, an exchange between Japp and Poirot shows that, in 1935, Christie was already thinking about Poirot's death as later narrated in Curtain: "I shouldn't wonder if you ended by detecting your own death," said Japp, laughing heartily. Summaries In 1933, retired detective Hercule Poirot is targeted by a taunting killer who sends letters signed "ABC", which Poirot must decode in order to discover the identity of the murderer. As expected, there is a serial killer on loose and he/she is killing the victims in an alphabetical order. The police learn that the firm in question never hired Cust. Außerdem schickte er Cust eine Schachtel mit ABC-Eisenbahnfahrplänen und eine Schreibmaschine, auf der er bereits die ABC-Briefe getippt hatte. In a seemingly unconnected story, a traveling salesman named Alexander Bonaparte Cust has traveled to all of the murder locations on the day the crimes occurred. Poirot und Hastings schließen nach ihren Befragungen schnell den von ihr getrennt lebenden Ehemann Franz Ascher, einen gebürtigen Deutschen, als Täter aus. 's third victim. Just click the "Edit page" button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the Synopsis submission guide. 1962, Neuausgabe unter dem Titel Die Morde des Herrn ABC: Übersetzung aus dem Englischen von Gertrud Müller: 2014, Neuübersetzung unter dem Titel Die Morde des Herrn ABC: Übersetzung aus dem Englischen von Gaby Wurster: Atlantik Verlag Hamburg, 2003 Die Morde des Herrn ABC. Calling a Legion meeting, Poirot exposes one of its members, Franklin Clarke, as the A.B.C. Denn bereits beim ersten Mordfall hatten Poirot und Hastings in der karg eingerichteten Wohnung von Alice Ascher zwischen alten und abgenutzten Sachen ausgerechnet ein Paar nagelneuer Seidenstrümpfe gefunden. Der ABC-Mörder kündigt, ebenfalls wieder einige Wochen später, den nächsten „Fall“ für den 30. des Monats, also den 30. Sprecher: Martin Maria Schwarz. The first true publication of The A.B.C. Unfortunately, the letter about the upcoming murder in Churston goes astray, and arrives late. Cust flees his apartment, but collapses upon arriving at the Andover police station, where he is taken into custody. Gelesen von Rainer Bock. Through these murders, the narrative of a Mr. Alexander Bonaparte Cust is detailed. In 1992, the novel was adapted for television as part of ITV's Agatha Christie's Poirot, and was first aired in the UK on 5 January 1992. Signed by ABC, this murder actually does happen to a Mrs. Ascher, a small shop owner. Franklin laughs off Poirot's theory, but panics when he is told that his fingerprint has been found on Cust's typewriter key, and that Milly Higley, a co-worker of Betty Barnard, had seen him in her company. A fifth murder is conducted pertaining to the letter E and Cust is present at the scene. Alexander Bonaparte Cust – An epileptic travelling salesman; his condition is the result of a blow to the head during the war, leaving him prone to blackouts and severe headaches. We are ready to take this for granted until Mrs Christie (I wouldn't put it past her) gives us one who isn't. A is forMrs Ascher in Andover, B is for Betty Barnard in Bexhill, C is for SirCarmichael Clarke in Churston. 's fourth victim. The following version of this book was used to create this study guide: Christie, Agatha. Japp dies from a heart attack at the start, leaving the investigation to be solely conducted by Inspector Crome. As a result, he is prone to blackouts, headache… But the wise reader, remembering other tales of Mrs Christie's, will murmur to himself 'I trust her not; odds on she is fooling me,' and so will continue to a climax it is not 'odds on' but a dead cert he will not have guessed. Following a meeting with the third victim's widow, Lady Clarke, one key similarity between the murders is established – on the day of each murder, a man selling silk stockings has appeared at or near each crime scene. Thora Grey's character is changed to being manipulated into being Franklin's accomplice by establishing an alibi for him in one of the murders. In this group is Mary Drower, niece of Mrs. Andover, Megan Barnard, sister of Betty Barnard, Donald Fraser, boyfriend of Betty Barnard, Thora Grey, secretary to Sir Carmichael Clarke, and Franklin Clarke, brother of Sir Carmichael Clarke. After some investigation, however, it would appear that he is not the murderer. im Katalog der Deutschen Nationalbibliothek, Hörbuch (vollst.) In fact, when Agatha Christie wrote this story, the phrase ‘serial killer’ didn’t even exist. In the foreword, Captain Hastings assures the readers that even though not all of the narrative has come from his personal account, he can still vouch for everything that is said because he believes his sources and Hercule Poirot, the detective and his friend, has vouched for what has been written by him. "[6], In the "Binge!" Dadurch ergibt sich nun die Aufschlüsselung des Pseudonyms, das der Täter absichtlich zurückgelassen hat. [citation needed], In 2009, DreamCatcher Interactive released a video game version of the novel for the Nintendo DS entitled Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders. Set in Japan, Poirot retains his iconic appearance though is renamed Eikubo while Hastings is renamed Asakura. All 66 characters in The ABC Murders are listed by chapter with character descriptions included. So kann er sich nicht an die eigentlichen Taten erinnern, glaubt aber, sie begangen zu haben, da er stets in der Nähe bzw. Auch die Personen Poirot, Hastings und Japp werden charakterlich völlig verändert. The ABC Murders is a surprising novel tackling the modernfigure of the serial killer and the psychology behind it. Der ermittelnde Chefinspektor Japp, geistig immer zwei Schritte hinter Poirot, tritt seit Christies erstem veröffentlichten Roman Das fehlende Glied in der Kette in zahlreichen Romanen und Geschichten mit Poirot auf. Despite this information, Poirot has doubts about why the letters were sent to him, rather than the police or the newspapers, and why the third letter misspelled Poirot's address, causing a delay in his receipt of it. Having created the letters Poirot would receive, Franklin set up Cust with his job, giving him the typewriter and other items Franklin would use to frame him for the murders. Poirot wird misstrauisch und recherchiert weiter. In The A.B.C. 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Poirot doubts Cust's guilt because of his memory blackouts, and especially because he had a solid alibi for the Bexhill murder. Returning from South America, Arthur Hastings meets with his old friend, Hercule Poirot, at his new flat in London. His motive was simple – Lady Clarke is slowly dying from cancer, and upon her death, Carmichael would probably marry his assistant. Rendered delusional or irritated by the medication she takes.

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