Fortunately, we don’t have to go far to enjoy a good documentary, since right now on Netflix we can find a wide variety of titles ready to catch us. Most of these focus on the ways technology interact … The movie presents games as a new medium for storytelling and explains why they are so popular among younger audience and how important creative process is for the immersion process. To rank the best tech documentaries streaming on Netflix, we had to devise a system, similar to that we used on our list of the best sports documentaries streaming on Netflix. Renowned astronomer and author Carl Sagan explores the mysteries of the universe in this award-winning series, presenting fascinating and controversial insights into astronomy, biology, religion, evolution and more. A documentary that follows the journeys of indie game developers as they create games and release those works, and themselves, to the world. So, how did Warren Buffett manage to generate high returns and beat the market? A look beyond blueprints and computers into the art and science of design, showcasing great designers from every discipline whose work shapes our world. A feature documentary that explores the rise of a new Internet; decentralized, encrypted, dangerous and beyond the law; with particular focus on the FBI capture of the Tor hidden service Silk Road, and the judicial aftermath. In a free sample issue of our monthly newsletter we analyzed Warren Buffett’s stock picks covering the 1999-2017 period and identified the best performing stocks in Warren Buffett’s portfolio. to generate high returns in the 20% to 30% range. That would have been 9.35% in hedge fund “fees”. You can enter your email below to get our FREE report. Netflix is not only investing in the production of series but is also betting on documentaries, both from their own production and from third parties. Print the Legend. NOVA: Rise of the Drones. Today we have a treat for all tech nerds out there, with 11 best tech documentaries streaming on Netflix. S&P 500 Index lost 10.8% in 1957, so Buffett’s investors actually thrilled to beat the market by 20.1 percentage points in 1957. The film shows the process of game making, going into details about how games are conceived, through the design process, creation and finally marketed and sold. The next time you’re in need of a relaxing night in, check out these 11 technology documentaries to stream on Netflix. Discover the history of Napster, which began as an unassuming bit of computer code in 1998 and would eventually change the nature of music sales. secretly invested like a closet index fund), Warren Buffett would have pocketed a quarter of the 37.4% excess return. Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippy. Warren Buffett took 25% of all returns in excess of 6 percent. Jeremy Snead tried – and managed, for the most part – to explain the gamers’ culture, including both the players and designers. It is no surprise that most users accept the ‘terms and conditions’ of services and platforms without reading the content, which is precisely designed to be overwhelming and understandable. . The fascinating story of Compaq Computer portrayed in a documentary that shows us how a small company was able to face the giant IBM in the early 1980s. All rights reserved. DeepWeb. AlphaGo chronicles a journey from the halls of Cambridge, through the backstreets of Bordeaux, past the coding terminals of DeepMind in London, and, ultimately, to the seven-day tournament in Seoul. Going simply by IMDb rating just wouldn’t cut it, although we did include it in our final ranking. We initially share this idea in October 2018 and the stock already returned more than 150%. A fascinating story of how a manufacturer sought to change the rules by presenting a high-performance hypercar that saves fuel. Warren Buffett never mentions this but he is one of the first hedge fund managers who unlocked the secrets of successful stock market investing. Science & Technology TV Documentaries on Netflix. We still like this investment. This is basically a recipe to generate better returns than Warren Buffett is achieving himself. As the title points out, here we will see a new generation of young people who are part of the NASA Space Camp with the aim of one day being able to explore Mars. This probing documentary details what became of Web programming legend and information activist Aaron Swartz after he was charged with computer fraud. The privacy scandal unleashed by Facebook and Cambridge Analytica serves as the basis for presenting this documentary that is immersed not only in the participation of these companies but also in a system that allows us to traffic with our data to secretly manipulate users. Also, we will take a walk through its evolution and relevance within the world of business and the economy. Through a series of interviews with enthusiasts and experts, this documentary brings us closer to the origin of the technology that gives life to bitcoin and tries to anticipate its future. In the same report you can also find a detailed bonus biotech stock pick that we expect to return more than 50% within 12-24 months. We have followed the advances of AlphaGo, the artificial intelligence of Google created to compete in the famous game, and this documentary presents everything that involves this development, from its beginning to its tests and final tournament, where it beat the world champion. Their improbable journey altered the future of computing and shaped the world we now know. With a focus on mankind's … Not all of those interactions are positive, but technology changes the ways we live almost every day. An investor who invested $10,000 in Warren Buffett’s hedge fund at the beginning of 1957 see his capital turn into $103,000 before fees and $64,100 after fees (this means Warren Buffett made more than $36,000 in fees from this investor). All text and design is copyright ©2020 Koala Guide LLC. This award-winning, original documentary chronicles the race for market leadership in 3D printing, the next wave of technological evolution. Technology, business, medicine, activism, and even the arms industry, all will be affected by 3D printing, according to this documentary. If Warren Buffett’s hedge fund didn’t generate any outperformance (i.e. Delve into the technology behind our drones, the flying cameras and robots that are changing our relationship to war, surveillance and each other. And no matter what the reason you like technology, it is always gratifying to watch an excellent documentary that teaches us something and makes us learn or hang out. The last one has more to do with design and creativity than with technology, but it is so spectacular that I could not leave it out. We also scoured dozen of lists on most popular sites in order to get an accurate feel for public opinion. For example S&P 500 Index returned 43.4% in 1958. Sorry, no results has been found matching your query. You can get rich by returning 20% per year and compounding that for several years. 6 Science and Tech Documentaries on Netflix to Make You Smarter There’s plenty of goodies coming to Netflix in September 2017, from Disney’s Hercules to a … Founded by the Kickstarter campaign Video Games: The Movie goes behind the curtains of the video industry. As you can guess, Warren Buffett’s #1 wealth building strategy is to generate high returns in the 20% to 30% range. Today we have a treat for all tech nerds out there, with 11 best tech documentaries streaming on Netflix. The documentary explores the union between technology and ideology that seeks to expand human life beyond Earth. It also offers a few interesting possibilities for the future of video games. We initially share this idea in October 2018 and the stock already returned more than 150%. This documentary takes us inside the world of Anonymous, the radical ‘hactivist’ collective that has redefined civil disobedience for the digital age. How to Best Use Insider Monkey to Increase Your Returns, 6 Things You Didn't Know About Hedge Funds.

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