These colors have been formally used to signify Iranian peoples since the 19th century. Joan-Francés Blanc 13 November 1996, Also, I seem to recall that for a while after independence, Tajikistan was still using the old Tajik SSR flag, complete with hammer & sickle. Zeljko Heimer, 19 July 2003, by Zoltan Horvath, Zachary Harden (corr. and on 18 November in the course of official ceremony the inaugurations and the adoption of oath that newly chosen as Correspondence with the Law of Republic Tajikistan "About the symbols of the President of Republic Tajikistan", Tajikistan Flags. The official language of Tajikistan is Tajik and the currency is Somoni. threads of manual work and it is decorated with fringe. The green characterizes the bountiful bigheartedness of nature, fertile valleys, the religion of Islam, and the festivity of Novruz. The colours of the new flag match those of the Islamic Republic of Iran but also have been used as colours of Iranian/Persian people in general for over a hundred years before its adoption in the flag of either country. The visit of the famous American activist to colonial Pyongyang. of Republic Tajikistan. With the collapse of the Soviet Union at the end of 1991 more than a dozen new states leapt into existence and they all needed flags, anthems, and all the other symbols of being a real-life grownup country. I can't read this language and had no time to copy it. mountains. historian so I do not know too many details. New Year, celebrated on 21 – 22 of March). Michael B. Simakov, 16 March 1999, Before the design of the new flag, Tajikistan used the former soviet colours without the communist symbols. The total length of land borders of Tajikistan is 2 269 mi/ 3 651 km. The relationship of sizes "Dirafshi Koviyen" to the standard it composes 3:5. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. of other planets around the sun, and express happiness, unity, prosperity and progress of the country. Nozomi Kariyasu, The coat of arms with a lion was used from November 1992 till December 1993. Tajikistan's flag still displays colors from its original republic flag, when it was a part of the former Soviet Union. The white symbolized cotton production, the basis of Tajikistani agriculture, and the green was for other agricultural produce. Tajikistan means the "Land of the Tajiks". There is one more peculiarity of this flag, it has some similarities in stylistics and a color palette with the national flag of Iran; this is accounted for the fact that both states are inhabited with related Indo-Aryan peoples. It represents a rectangular cloth, which consists of three horizontal lines. The Flag of Tajikistan was adopted in 1992. common Iranian heritage. Each NOC was sent an image of the flag, including the PMS shades, for their approval by LOCOG. peoples such as the room, we can see three flags en the wall: the US flag, the state flag, and Stuart Notholt 25 November 1995, The colours are the same as the Iranian flag (albeit in reverse order), and the Tajiks are the only one of the former Soviet Central Asian nationalities who speak a Persian-related language than a Turkic one. The new design, dating from November 24, 1992, incorporates the same four colours as the 1953 flag. I remember that that flag was used in a 1993 almananac for the country. Hence, they were called 'Tojikon' (Tajiks in English). Inside "Dirafshi Koviyen" The centered crown with seven stars signifies the country's freedom. Dorgabekova D., 18 July 2003, The word "Taj" does mean crown (and is used of a particular kind of fez), but I am unconvinced and settle down on an arch radius of 0,5 width of a white stripe. From what I am not sure which is right. According to a Tajik legend, the heavens consist of seven beautiful gardens, surrounded by seven mountains, on each of which is a shining star. around the sun they are located four twisted branches, which symbolize the eternity of the motion of time, the earth also Crowns are used by several European countires to represent sovereignty (Poland, Austria, etc.). The language also comes from the The flag is a kind of tricolor with the colors red, white and green. Kurds, Baloch and Tajik. The only real authority for all of them is the spiritual leader of Ismaelites Aga-khan IV who use to visit the region and bring food and other humanitarian help for all inhabitants. This fairy-tale story of these giant killers was shrouded in mystery. stripe. Roy Stilling, 26 November 1995, I have found images of two versions of Tajik flag, differing only in small detail at the top of the crown. The crown on the flag represents the Tajik people ("tadzhvar" means "crown"). Zeljko Heimer 07 February 1996, Quoted from the Encyclopenia Americana article on flags (written by W. Smith) "The republic's flag was adopted in 1992 and the red, white and green stripes recall the flag of Iran, a nation which Tajikistan has close ethnic ties.

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