People should wait before cancelling someone, and ruining someones life. Well yea but these things are hard to prove in the way we would want. PC Gaming Sony You should be ashamed of yourselves. Atleast not in this kind of way. Sadly it sometimes isn’t as easy as just going to the police and finding a lawyer. I would assume this is his main income and if the accusations are false he would be fighting them. You know you're on reddit when the actual law that was made for a good reason gets downvoted. World Record That doesn't matter. Overwatch Contenders As reported by Rod “ Slasher ” Breslau and confirmed by World of Warcraft forum members, Blizzard have removed the Swifty nonplayable character from World of Warcraft. Sounds like she knows him and he never acted poorly around her. Yes. from a given string. Over possibly false accusations that were all conveniently made to blow up on Fathers day. 3DS If she says no, it's rape. Sony Interactive Entertainment Some streamer, youtuber who got publicly ousted for sexual harassment. Nobody has come forward to say he has a pattern of abusive behavior with other people. Mortal Strike - A vicious strike that deals weapon damage plus 75 and wounds the target, reducing the effectiveness of any healing by 50% for 10 sec. Of course she could have physically left, he didn't chain her to the radiator. Swifty has sense released a statement regarding these allegations. But who is guilty of rape, Swifty or his friend? I recommend the Darkmoon Special Reserve. instead of taking legal actions with the authorities noo , she takes it to Twitter and with zero evidence to back her accusations . Over possibly false accusations that were all conveniently made to blow up on Fathers day. Microsoft I think everyone should keep their opinion to themselfs, you know nothing of what happened more than swifty and the girl had two versions of the situation. See that's the thing (I read it earlier today), the only parts I remember that this girl is accusing him of doing was liking threesomes and making out with other girls. It's a private company and it can do whatever it wants. Swifty was helding a event in which players had to find his level 1 toon over the World of Warcraft. Really? And that’s the exact reason we should built towards a society where we are supporting victims to go to the police, and not support throwing it on the internet. Wii U FIX THIS. to prevent other girls from going through this. iOS He had also been featured as John Swifty. firstIndex (of: "!") All you are really is players that read twitters and swallow everything that is out there. Patch 5.0.4 (2012-08-28): Added. Android Xbox Series X|S Price, Pre-Order, and Launch Date Finally Revealed! Playstation 4 It is not. {title. Patch 6.0.2 (2014-10-14): Added. External links. I'm not a fan of Swifty or the girl either, I don't get watching streamers at all actually. John Swifty is one of the Alliance Captains that spawn in Ashran. Square-Enix There's two allegations, not just one -- both with a lot of detail. however, would prefer if this would have been done in private. :\ Thanks, cancel culture. © Copyright 2004-2020 Zoom Digital Media Group, LLC. Zero evidence to back up someones claim of sexual assault and all that came out on the same day with convenient all supposed 'scooped up evidence'. PS4 Nintendo Switch And besides, Swifty didn't rape her if you do believe it is rape. Intimidating Shout - The warrior shouts, immobilizing a target in fear for 8 sec. That says a lot. on Xbox Series X|S Price, Pre-Order, and Launch Date Finally Revealed! In my opinion there are two allegations against swifty now. I mean can it actually be that she didn't anticipate this response? remove (at: i) // i is character index} print (title) It is not. So basically Blizard declared Swifty guilty. Xbox 360 Or is that why women don't typically report them? Blizzard While under the effects of Bladestorm, you can move but cannot perform any other abilities. Bethesda I just had to read up on what she said. OWL I hate these kind of people for what they did to Johnny Depp. Sega Riot Games Again. I guess she was just pissed off at Swifty? On June 3, 2011, he started his second YouTube channel, titled ”swiftyirl.” This channel has over 238,000 subscribers. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts,, Here we go again. Mac So, rape. I don't get mentioning they have an Onlyfans suppose to prove something. Just looked it up. But posting details only muddies the waters and can backfire in the actual trial where certain things you said can be used against you.

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