This mic’s capsule has likely changed during the course of its production. The Warm Audio WA47 and The Avantone CV12. CAD Audio U29. The AKG C 12 VR is the latest version of the classic C 12 large diaphragm condenser microphone. This is known as the Taylor Swift vocal mic because she used this model while demoing her "Speak Now" record. Nevertheless, you will be surprised what Avantone was able to produce within this minimal budget. Find suitable audio systems for your home that our professional reviewers have encountered. It has 9 pick-up patterns, as a result of which, recording with this mic is very easy and the true sound of instruments is easily captured. SPL: 136 dB (0.5% THD @ 1000 Hz), 146 dB with pad; 6072A Tube; High-pass switchable: 80 Hz 6 dB / octave-10 dB pad switchable; Dimensions (L x Ø): 237 x 46 mm; Weight: 800 g; Incl. Free shipping & returns. £411. I will be swapping the NTK stock tube with a NOS telefunken e88cc, which I've been told improves the sound immensely. Some microphones are so warm; they are incredibly hard to mix with a HPF. 9 Polar Patterns : de Omni à cardioïde jusqu'à Figure 8. Accented with an elegant cabernet wine-red finish, the CV 12 is an equipment of choice for many rock musicians. The Avantone “Cabernet (C-series)” mics are designed to offer true professional performance. SE Electronics SE 2200. Avantone CV12 Tube Mic. Avantone MixCubes Active Black. If your looking for a microphone to place in your studio for music production. The multi pattern control of the CV12 is much like the vintage C12. Le micro vient avec le case, le boîtier en bois, le power supply, le câble IEC et le câble 9 pin et le shockmount avec un élastique de rechange. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. The CV-12 is a multipattern large-diaphragm tube mic in the physical style of the AKG C-12. The rugged CV-12 microphone body and capsule assembly are precision machined of Brass. Yes. Inspiré du fameux AKG C12. Because the CV-12 offers two switches, we have added a pad feature and a high-pass filter feature to the 251 circuit design. AKG P420 modificato con capsula C12 3 micron. Producer Nathan Chapman used Avantone CV12 to record Taylor Swift’s vocals on her second album ‘Fearless’ and the third album ‘Speak Now’. 145 € 177,31 € Heritage Audio Baby RAM. Being based off of the legendary AKG C12, the CV-12 boasts a similar powerful bottom-end and of course the famous present yet very smooth top-end. The Avantone CV-12 large-capsule tube condenser mic is one of its flagship models and resembles the legendary AKG C12. Your AVANTONE CV-12 Tube mic is carefully packed at the factory. Required fields are marked *, Is this a review? The mic that I was using prior to purchasing the L22 was a Avantone CV-12 Tube mic (an AKG C12 clone) and that mic sounds good but the L22 is what I will be using now. Mackie CR4-X BT. 04/26/2010. WHEN I FINALLY GOT IT, I was amazed. The nine polar patterns can be used to tune in on a custom tailored sound. It shipped with 3 different tubes at the time, allowing you to change its tonal characteristics and experiment with various applications. The Avant Electronics Avantone CV-12 is a large diaphragm tube microphone modeled after the famous AKG C12. £489. 42 . There was no way I couldn’t buy it. 315 € 377,94 € 6 . Mackie CR4-X. The CV-12 is truly a gorgeous looking and sounding microphone. Youtube. Man, do I love this microphone. Adam T8V. Have you used them before? The Avant Electronics Avantone CV-12 is a large diaphragm tube microphone modeled after the famous AKG C12. £444. 125 € 1 . Avantone Cv-12 - $400 (Enfield) < image 1 of 4 > condition: like new. Lewitt LCT 840. Experienced engineers and recording geeks will of course know that the C 12 is one of the most sought after tube microphones, and microphones in general out there. Black Lion Audio has been modding gear for over a decade — they know their stuff. £952. One of the best sounding mics on the market, the Avantone CV-12 is the king of recording vocals if you're after that smooth and silky tube sound. 259 € 321 € 17 . The design, character and performance can be compared directly to some of the very finest vintage tube vocal mics….but at a fraction of their cost! Only selling it to thin the herd. Their customer service is a nightmare. The mic is definitely best suited in the recording studio, as I wouldn't use it anywhere else. Avantone CV 12 Vs Rode K2 Conclusion In general, Rode K2 makes the best way to go. The CV-12 is truly a gorgeous looking and sounding microphone. Along with your Avantone CV-12 microphone, you’ll get a Musician’s Gear tripod boom stand, a Gear One 20’ XLR microphone cable, a Musician’s Gear pop filter and a CAD VocalShield VS1 reflection filter. Your email address will not be published. They will meet or surpass the performance and specifications of much higher priced mics. 27 . Shop premium microphones, headphones, wireless audio systems, and other audio products at UNCORKED. Because the capsule determines the mic's frequency response, a capsule upgrade is an easy way to change the mic's sound, giving it a smoother top end and fuller bass response. Apogee HypeMiC. No A seasoned Writer and Author. It also has patterns in between as well if I'm not mistaken. Avantone CK-7+ 288 € 21 . Evidemment il colore mais c'est ce qu'on lui demande avec des aigus bien détaillés et une rondeur/chaleur apporté par sa petite lampe bien sympathique et interchangeable pour explorer plusieurs colorations avec diverses lampes.

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