Rub the tape into place. Studies have shown that healing times tend to be greatly improved when wounds are kept ventilated in addition to being cleaned, so the tape promotes a healthy flow of air across the wound, rather than suffocating the site. Surgical tape is a type of adhesive tape that is designed to be used to hold bandages in place and close wounds. Deep wounds require the attention of a medical professional to ensure that they are cleaned properly, but chances are high that once the healthcare provider has cleaned the wound, he or she will dress it with a large bandage and tape. They are breathable and in some variants they are made of micro-porous material. Pat the region dry with a clean towel. This is especially important for elderly people, or others who have fragile skin for one reason or another. // Leaf Group Lifestyle, Care of Skin After a Mole Has Been Removed, 3M Micropore Surgical Tapes: Commonly Asked Questions. At least it was cool weather and I could wear turtlenecks until it faded a bit. And I had to go to work like that. It finally came off in the shower, as my surgeon had said it would, but my skin around the incision line was sticky for weeks. The classic use of surgical tape is in attaching bandages, ensuring that they cover the wound and stay put. This tape comes in a variety of widths, lengths, and styles that are designed to meet an assortment of bandaging needs. In all cases, the tape and the mild adhesive are supposed to be hypo-allergenic, ensuring that it can be used on anyone. Avoid touching the sticky side of the tape. spends her free time reading, cooking, and exploring the great outdoors. Their applications in both hospitals and homes alike makes them one of the most popular tape … The tape is great for this task because it can be customized to deal with wounds of a wide variety of sizes, from small cuts to much larger wounds. In addition to being available in a variety of widths, it is also very easy to cut, allowing people to create customized pieces for specific needs. Most drug stores and large markets carry the tape, and it is also available through companies that specialize in medical supplies; surgical tape is a first aid kit must-have, since it is an extremely versatile and useful product. She has been published in "Mezzo Magazine" and Diet Spotlight, as well as various online magazines. Stenting pulls the wound in a way that can cause thick scars to develop. The type of treatment is dependent on the type of burn in the depth of damage in the skin. Something the article didn't mention is that surgical tape should also come away from the skin without pulling too much. Medical professionals can also use tape to hold a gaping wound closed. Rip or cut the appropriate section of tape. When I had thyroid surgery a few years ago, I had surgical tape on my neck, over my sutures. Micropore tape is a paper tape used to dress wounds and secure medical tubing. Because surgical tape is easy to cut and shape, it can also be used to dress wounds in awkward locations, like fingers. Surgical tape is a type of adhesive tape that is designed to be used to hold bandages in place and close wounds. Micropore tape secures the skin and helps prevent pulling. We have to apply medical tape directly on ... ReliaMed Hypoallergenic Paper Surgical Tape, McKesson Medi-Pak Performance Plus Non-Sterile Paper Surgical Tape, 3M Durapore Silk-Like Cloth Surgical Tape, Dynarex Hypoallergenic Clear Surgical Tape, McKesson AMD Ritmed Skin Friendly Medical Tape, McKesson Medi-Pak Performance Plus Silk-Like Cloth Surgical Tape, McKesson Medi-Pak Performance Plus Transparent Surgical Tape, McKesson Non-Sterile Premium Paper Surgical Tape, McKesson Non-Sterile Water Resistant Transparent Surgical Tape, Hypoallergenic tapes that prevent rashes and irritation to the skin, Contain zinc oxide to reduce the chances of infection, Protects the skin and prevents damage to wounds by stretching. Do not use tape to encircle a limb. Most drug stores and large markets carry the tape… To remove, grasp one end with your fingertips and gently pull back. First aid kids should be stocked with surgical tape and gauze or bandages, and it is a good idea to regularly check on supplies to ensure that they will be available when needed. Once the type of burn is determined the correct course of ... Dressings are used to secure a wound and prevent it from further infection. Micropore tape allows skin to breathe while protecting the area from stenting. Ferrara studied biology and emergency medical technology at the University of Nebraska and Southeast Community College. A variety of materials can be used to make surgical tape, including various plastics, nylon, silk, cloth, paper, and foam. If kept in a first aid kit, though, the kit should be stored in a cool, dry place, or the tape will get sticky. Clean the area and apply new tape. Micropore tape … They are usually used to close superficial rather than deep incisions. 4.4 … Application of this tape is straightforward. Wound care dressings are different than bandage as bandage holds dressing in place. 6 Bulk Pack Microporous Medical Tape Adhesive Bandage, 2 Inch Length x 10 Yards Hypoallergenic Self Adhesive Rolls, Flexible Stretch Breathable Dressing Used for Post-Surgical Incisions Wound Care. In some cases, a wound will be closed with surgical tape while it awaits stitching, especially in the case of a patient with numerous injuries, and in other instances, a medical professional may decide that stitches are not necessary, as long as the wound is kept closed with tape strips. For instance, if an elderly person has an IV, the nurse should make sure it's secured with a low-residue surgical tape that will pull away very easily from the skin. © 2011 - 2020 Shop Wound Care. Apply pressure to the tape by running your fingertip along the surface or pressing the palm of your hand on top of the tape. They are usually white in color because of the content of zinc oxide that also makes of anti-septic. Read more about remove adhesive tape from your skin. Change the tape more often if instructed by your doctor. All Rights Reserved. Writing since 1999, Darla Ferrara is an award-winning author who specializes in health, diet, fitness and computer technology. It is also commonly recommended to minimize post-surgical scar formation. Sticky skin was still better than the large, purple and yellow bruise I had on my neck after having a fine needle aspiration biopsy on the nodule on my thyroid. ... Understanding and applying the simple tape is not rocket science. However when we talk about using a medical tape, we do need some kind of information for its proper usage and application. It is also intended to breathe, allowing air to circulate around the wound. Clean the area thoroughly with warm water and mild soap. For example, … Sign up for exclusive discount offers and promotional coupons. We at Shop Wound Care have a huge array of surgical tapes from top selling brands such as 3M, McKesson, Reliamed, etc. Micropore tape is a paper tape used to dress wounds and secure medical tubing. This tape comes in a variety of widths, lengths, and styles that are designed to meet an assortment of bandaging needs. It tears more easily than the nylon variety and doesn't usually leave much residue. Cover the area completely with the tape. Steri-Strips are essentially small pieces of tape but ones that cling to the skin better than ordinary tape. Surgical tapes are one of the most commonly used tapes across medical institutions in the world.

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