I’m so paranoid about them being discontinued that I even bought a “back up” pair for when mine eventually bite the dust! Many of the women I’ve spoken to who previously had a hard time finding boots to fit over their calves have found success with the 5050s. Did you try the Soho store?”. Also: I have a bad lower back because of an accident I was in years ago, and most shoes end up giving me back pain… these do not. Particularly the 5050 over-the-knee style. And—most importantly—are Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots really worth it? Since it was a big investment for me at the time, I needed to know with 100% certainty that they checked all of the boxes. These back-stretch boots are defined by a front shaft crafted from ultra-luxe nappa or suede and a slightly shorter micro stretch back shaft — a SW signature … So you think the half size up would be a good idea if I want to wear them in cold weather & want my toes to stay warm wearing thicker socks? and you likely have many of the same questions I had. And I can confirm: Stuart Weitzman boots are INSANELY comfortable. Hopefully this addressed all of your questions! I will say that I foolishly spent YEARS wearing my leather boots without having sprayed them with a stain repellant as the brand advises. It hadn’t occurred to me that the boot might not even be available—which, of course, only made me want them more. If there’s anything I didn’t cover here, just drop your question in the comments! Hi Linds, what about wearing them in slush and heavy snow? And if you end up buying them because of this review, tag me in your photo (@LindsaySilb) so I can see how gorgeous you look! I obsessively read every single Stuart Weitzman 5050 boot review on the Internet, but I still felt like the reviews I read didn’t cover everything. The look is top-notch, and, with a slender cut and an elasticized fabric panel at the back, it allows an ultra-slim fit. (C) 2020 - Lindsay Silberman. I dont think it will ruin them, but probably won’t keep your toes very warm! There’s actually a *trick* to putting on the Stuart Weitzman 5050s that I learned from a sales associate the day I bought my first pair. I find the Stuart Weitzman Tieland Over-the-Knee boot to be surprisingly comfortable as well. These bodacious over-the-knee 5050 boots are half rockstar, half supermodel! EDITOR’S NOTE: The Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots are currently on MAJOR SALE here! If I find them comfortable, that’s saying a lot! “So sorry! My longing for Stuart Weitzman’s impossibly perfect over-the-knee boot began in 2012, when I started to notice that every woman in New York—or at least all the chic ones—were wearing them. Even after 6 years, I’m not exaggerating when I say that my original pair still looks brand new, despite the fact that I wear them embarrassingly often: with black skinny jeans, with tights, without tights, with skirts, with dresses, in the rain, in the snow (as evidenced by the photo below). Parties! Pinch a piece of the stretchy back shaft with your fingertips. This was one of the primary questions I had before I tried them on for the first time. (There’s also a slightly heeled version of the 5050 called the Stuart Weitzman Alina Over-the-Knee leather boot, but it seems to be sold out.). I looked in the mirror and suddenly felt like a cooler, more confident version of myself. She shook her head. So, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. You can also store the boots rolled down half-way so that they’re not flopping over. I’ve heard from DOZENS of readers and followers who have athletic calves that love them, and find the stretchy back panel to be a gamechanger. If you have normal/wide feet and want to wear super thick socks, I’d say you’ll be fine with a 1/2 size up.

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