Despite Agent Blake’s hard exterior, “She Was Killed by Space Junk” does manage to show how the character is “living in the past,” and displaying a seemingly uncharacteristic sentimentality. “You know, that’s a part of her personality that I don’t think she likes. Sally Jupiter : [on her daughter, Laurie] She blames me for her career, but what else would she have been? “People’s lives take them strange places. I know how that is. Juspeczyk was sexually assaulted by the Comedian in the Minutemen's headquarters, and was only saved by Hooded Justice's intervention. The original Silk Spectre was a … Both of these points follow on from the final pages of the book, where Dan and Laurie, in their new secret identities of Sam and Sandra Hollis, briefly discuss the idea of “adventuring,” while Laurie contemplates a more practical and protective costume…specifically the kind of leather get-up that the Comedian wore. She was present at the failed attempt by former Minutemen member Captain Metropolis to start a new hero group (the Crimebusters) in 1966, where she first encountered her real father, the Comedian. “[Damon Lindelof] gave me some information about [Agent Blake] and of course I immediately went and got the book,” Smart tells us. She was the mother of the second, Laurie Juspeczyk. Because we still haven’t seen Doctor Manhattan yet and Jeremy Irons’ Lord of the Manor hasn’t been confirmed as Veidt, that makes Agent Blake the show’s strongest tie to the original Watchmen. You can read more of his work here. She may also have wore blue contacts during her heroic years. The Comedian began his career as a member of the Minutemen, alongside Silk Spectre and Hooded Justice, but was kicked out after he sexually assaulted Sally. The agent then refers to Doctor Manhattan as her “ex.” By now, it should be obvious that Laurie Blake is actually Laurel Jane Juspeczyk, who Watchmen comic readers will remember as the second Silk Spectre, one of the central characters in the original story. Laurie Juspeczyk was born in 1949. Watchmen (2009) Carla Gugino as Sally Jupiter, Silk Spectre. These visits caused Sally to become nostalgic and drove her to act out a desire to recapture the excitement of her glory days by molding her daughter Laurie into a new Silk Spectre. But there’s also something to be said about perspective. Laurie Blake is the daughter of the original Silk Spectre (Sally Jupiter, who changed her last name from Juspeczyk to hide her Polish heritage). Still, there are unique challenges in crafting a character like this for a TV series, as opposed to a feature film, where an actor knows where everything ends up right from the outset. The Essential DanMachi Moments. In reality, Laurie’s father was Edward Blake, the Comedian, although she didn’t learn this fact until much later in life. Sally groomed her daughter from an early age to take over the Silk Spectre mantle as a legacy hero, something which Laurie seemed to embrace early on, but ultimately resented as she got older. They do strange things and…sometimes they can’t talk about them. Laurie was 35 in the book, and has lived nearly the same amount of time in the ensuing years. “Pretty much every script was sort of a new adventure,” Smart says. (Hence “Laurie Blake,” which should make her identity pretty obvious.) Watchmen readers might be surprised at how much Laurie has changed since we last saw her in 1985, but the show also has to establish her for audiences completely new to the character. The end of the transcript indicates that she’s willing to trade on her father’s identity and status within the government to cut a deal that gets her out of prison. Despite her early sensational successes as a member of the Minutemen, her life was wrought with personal strife. The final pages of the book see forgiving Sally for keeping the truth about her father from her. “Obviously it gives us some freedom, you know, but it certainly adds another dimension to her because she’s still so much kind of living in the past,” she says. The Blue Booth Network is own by a company called Trieu Industries (the same company that bought Veidt Enterprises several years before the start of the show.). Originally a burlesque dancer, Sally Juspeczyk decided to take up the mantle of crimefighting to follow in the footsteps of Hooded Justice and Nite Owl. As Silk Spectre, Juspeczyk adopted the Americanized name "Jupiter", donning a costume derived from her burlesque days. Episode 3 drops hints all over the place that Agent Blake is a hugely important character from the original comic, and we’re here to inform you that your suspicions are correct — and explain what that means for the rest of HBO’s Watchmen. Adopting the “Blake” name would give Laurie instant credibility in government circles (the truth of her parentage was never public knowledge), particularly in a male-dominated FBI in the less enlightened 1990s.

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