Beautiful Reborn Flower stars Song Weilong as the hero who struggles to work out which of the sisters (both played by Lin Yun) he is actually in love with. Catman (TBA) I feel like this might be the drama with her that has the best (aka least) filters? – He said about his first impression that I don’t like to talk. – Once has was been asked by a girl for his QQ number regards to his handsome face but he said “I didn’t”. So does the identity of Tan Songyun's sister in the play really depend on her "small face"? Song Weilong Profile: Song Weilong Facts and Ideal Type Song WeiLong (宋威龙) is a Chinese actor and model under (Yu Zheng Studio) Huanyu Film. After a long period of running-in, he has become a bloodline. Ouyang Nana and other 5 philharmonic peers took the stage. – His Favorite Colors Are White and Light Colors. Nationality: Chinese Weibo: Song Weilong 99. Song Weilong plays Zhang Ping, an impoverished scholar who starts selling his drawings on the street to pay for his education. You must know how difficult it is for a 30-year-old woman to be a girl in real life, but Tan Songyun, who was born with a childlike appearance, managed this girly role without any pressure, using a 30-year-old middle-aged woman to play 20 The feeling of a year-old girl, the childishness of her gestures, and her natural girly temperament made her hold the role of Li Jianjian very well. Kpop Facts The epic of contemporary military is so irritating. Kpop Ships – He likes all kinds of clothes, mainly clean and tidy. – Education: Tagou Martial Arts School. – In October 2015, Song Weilong signed with Yu Zheng Studio and officially became an actor. – When He was 9 years old, he watched the movie “Legend of Shaolin Temple” so he had the idea of ​​going to Shaolin Temple to learn martial arts. The two people in the play are siblings, but in real life, the two people are bro. He became interested in entertainment and martial arts after watching a Jet Li movie. Long For You (2017) – During his training days at Shaolin temple, his mother worried that what if he can’t keep up his cultural classes, so she took him back. [Extended Synopsis]. – Song WeiLong’s Ideal Type: Tall and slim girls. Kpop – Who wore it better? It’s just because there are three elders in the family except her. So that the audience can GET. is the relationship line between Li Jianjian and Ling Xiao. – He is very straight-forward person and talk to the point. Ju Jingyi might have two dramas streaming at the same time with both this and The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion releasing promo materials recently. He tried out for and learned wushu for a year in junior high school, and later enrolled in Shaolin Tagou Martial Arts School of Henan Province. On September 3, the hit drama "In the Name of Family" is about to end. This striking 19 year old was raised in a tight-knit family with two older sisters. – He said “At school, I didn’t know how to fight at that time.” Jing Boran, Song Weilong begin filming BL-adapted mystery drama The Society of Four Leaves, Ju Jingyi, Song Weilong’s cross-dressing romance releases first teaser, Review: Find Yourself loses itself part-way through, Celebrity Schedules: Feb 2020 / Coronavirus Donation List, An introduction to the characters in Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace, Dramas promo round-up: A Love Never Lost, Who Is Murderer and more, Dance variety show showcases brilliant adaption of Painted Skin, Biography of the Imperial Concubine: Legend of Pearl, Blooming Flowers Shall Send Us On Our Way, China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater, Crazy for the Palace II: Love Conquers All, Empress of the Ming: Legend of Sun Ruowei, Flowers Withering Flowers Flying Covering the Sky, Hanfu Beijing - Shining Pavilion of the World, Kunlun Tower's Past and Current Incarnation, Legend of the Dragon Pearl: The Indistinguishable Road, Promising you a fleeting and dreamlike life, Qin's Moon: Jingke's Unofficial Biography, Schoolyard Legend: Three Lives Three Worlds Peach Blossom Destiny, Ten Miles of Spring Scenery Can't Compare to You, The Legend of Heavenly Tear: Phoenix Warriors, The Legend of the Song Dynasty: Zhao Kuangyi, The Legend of the Song Dynasty: Zhao Kuangyin, The Love Knot: His Excellency's First Love, The National Southwest Associated University and Us, The White Haired Witch of the Lunar Kingdom, Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossom, Where is the Warm Winter Where is the Cool Summer, Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon, Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal. His ingenious plot conception is used in current film and television dramas. In the play, we can see Tan Songyun’s real acting skills. Celebrate Yu Nian 2 officially launched, still the original crew, the screenwriter revealed many details! The synopsis suggests they’re two different people, but the trailer makes me think they’re the same person after all? Which movies can I watch? – Due to his mature character, he was being called old-man. Song Wei Long is a Chinese actor and model. Pay attention to these things. He also endorses well-known Brands such as magnum, safeguard, silk Yun, yogurt, etc. – The brand of a magnum is also endorsed by WeiLong in 2020. Song was born in Dalian, Liaoning, raised in a family with two older sisters.At age 9, Song Weilong developed an interest in classic martial arts after watching the action movie The New Legend of Shaolin starring Jet Li. The most interesting aspect of. Song was born in the city of Dalian, Liaoning Province, raised in a loving family with two older sisters. – Song Weilong’s well known for his legendary life experience which is far more than his peers. – He recieve Most Popular Media Actor Award. No one can tell her some common knowledge about physiology. Suggestions, About Us The theater resumes work today. Kpop Quizzes Tan Songyun was born in 90, while Song Weilong was It was in 1999. Blood type: O – He likes to play basketball and play games privately. Xiao Zhan’s participation in Ace Troops is coming. Tan Songyun's acting skills are really the kind of innate. The list is too long so I used google translate, feel free to leave corrections and additions in the comments. On October 2015 he debuted as an actor in his first drama, “Demon Girl II”, as support role. James did not forget to speak for the society: the country has regressed from 16 years! Although Tan Songyun is troubled by her mother's affairs, we still hope that she can get rid of these troubles as soon as possible and sink her heart to study acting. Go Ahead comes from the writer of popular rom-com Find Yourself and stars Tan Songyun, Song Weilong and Zhang Xincheng as unrelated siblings who are raised by two dads. Liaoning wins the playoffs! Of course, her acting skills are still a little bit narrower than those of Zhang Ziyi, Zhou Xun, and Zhao Wei, who can be regarded as old actors. The micro-expression of acting is quite accurate here. Poll: Who owned BLACK SWAN’s TONIGHT era? Her agility is achieved by a non-pretentious expression. If you chose to donate to anything, though, definitely do your homework and making sure that the money is actually well-spent. – His childhood dream was to go to Africa and see the animals. At age 9, Song Weilong developed an interest in classic martial arts after watching the action movie "The New Legend of Shaolin" starring Jet Li. He’s absolutely adorable in the currently airing rom-com Find Yourself. In the play, Ling Xiao, He Ziqiu, and Li Jianjian are three unrelated children who are forced to live and grow up together because of different circumstances. It can help new fans find more info about him. Before it was broadcast, some netizens questioned: "You can play a younger sister if you have a small face? I know there’s a lot of uncertainties about whether donations are being properly used, but that doesn’t diminish the goodwill of the donators. – He is not easy to get close with. The best spy war drama in two years is finally born. Love The Way You Are (June 2019) 19+3 guards are the new targets? Early life and education. A bit more greasy, and a bit less can not be just right. 1 in the whole network! The 39 episode rom-com airs daily on Hunan TV beginning tonight. ", referring to Tan Songyun. The works are very unique. Round-up of celebrity Decembers schedules put out by their workshops and what drama/film they’re working on right now, mostly selected based on if I liked their photo. Up. – He has a scar on his head because he was bullied by his schoolmates. Zhao Liying“s new play, produced by Sun Hao, director of Qing Yu Nian. The reason why this drama is so popular is because the screenwriter uses the warmest brushstrokes to restore a touch for us Quite a deep "native family" story. The two people in the play are siblings, but in real life, the two people are brothers and sisters. – He is a kind of man who has a shy personality and felt embarrassed about any and every little thing. Kpop Discographies | DayDayNews, There are only 6 people in the world doing work, and Sa Bening’s wife is one of them. Song Wei Long is a Chinese actor and model.Song was born in the city of Dalian, Liaoning Province, raised in a loving family with two older sisters. Period detective drama The Society of Four Leaves 张公案 stars Jing Boran as Lan Jue, an assistant minister from the Ministry of Rites whose ultimate goal is to overturn the ruling against his father. – He became an advertising model at the age of 16. – He said I don’t really like putting products on my face. Another hit drama hits! – He was part of Day Day brother with Yibo, Riley Wang, Neo Hua, etc. Sitemap On October 2015 he debuted as an actor in his first drama, “Demon Girl II”, as support role. Filmed in 2017, the 50 episode drama releases 2 eps every Friday to Monday on iQiyi and Tencent. Show Luo refused to appear on the new show, this time he can really tolerate. – Song weilong said he is so self-willed and giving up is not his type.

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