He's a traveling magician who tours different kingdoms, often using rabbits in his magic acts. Appearing in "Cool Hand Fluke", he's revealed to not be naturally hostile, but he just doesn't like to be bothered by the merfolk. By "Forever Royal", it seems to have faded and the two have become something along the lines of, Wormwood after the raven decides to serve under Prisma, which could have been prevented had Ivy allowed Miss Nettle to use her flowers to create a cure, only so that she can be released from the locket. Huzzah! An old witch who lives on top of a mountain. She was introduced in the "The Emerald Key", where she disguises herself as the visiting princess of Hakalo to get the titular key, but was foiled by Sofia and Princess Lei-Lani. Season Three: Fluke | Slim | Shelly | Flip | Mantacorn | Onyx and Opal | Wendell Fidget | Mrs. Fidget | Saffron | Muck, Gunk and Grime | Spruce | Ballerina | Mazzimo | Prince Roderick | Gavin | Kazeem | Sergeant Fizz | King Habib | Queen Farnaz | Chief Gnuckles | Flinch | Grotta | Lily | Princess Elena | A Recipe for Adventure | The Simple Life | Merroway Cove | The Love We Share | Wassailia | Peace and Joy | Royal Fun A fierce and dangerous creature who lives in Merroway Cove. A young steward who serves King Magnus, but really has his eyes on Baileywick's job in Enchancia. See more ideas about Sofia the first characters, Sofia the first, Paw patrol birthday. The following Characters that have appeared in Sofia the First. | She is fully intent on making Sofia suffer a. Official Sites However, he gives the rabbits terrible working conditions, as Clover found out when he became a part of his show. He then separates Vivian from her friends and steals her talent. 226 images (& sounds) of the Sofia the First cast of characters. Filming & Production She was killed by the Protectors of the Mystic Isles, but her spirit could not be extinguished and had to be sealed inside of a magical locket. Her plan is to drain the magic out of the Mystic Isles, so she can make better magical crystals than Azurine. The show follows the adventures of Sofia, played by Ariel Winter. ", he attempted to curse Baileywick in order to steal his job, but was caught and banished thanks to Sofia, though he swears that they haven't heard the last of him. her quest for power causes her to become Vor's vessel. Is revealed to be not nearly as much of a Nice Guy as he appears. She is Sofia's last and greatest opponent in the series. Now, the spirit of Vor advises Prisma through this locket, the Locket of Vor, guiding her in her quest to obtain the items known as the Wicked Nine and obtain their power. Season Two: Sisters and Brothers | Two by Two | All You Desire | Huzzah! Season Two: Rex | Rosey | Prince Axel | Hugo's Father | Electra | Vaughan and Vance | Ogre | Marla | Sir Bartleby | Sir Maxwell | Sir Finnegan | Queen Anya | Gwen | Chef Andre | Sofia the Worst | Lady Joy | Lord Gilbert | Wu-Chang | Jade Jaguar | Sir Dax | Boo | Princess Lei-Lani | Mamanu | King and Queen of Hakalo | Praline | Freedo | Princess Zooey | Queen Avery | Princess Astrid | Slickwell | Greylock the Grand | Princess Ivy | Dragons of Enchancia | Winter | Whiskers | Glacia the Ice Witch | Hexie | Director Dove | Elliot, Amy and Kurt | Tizzy | Master Erwin | Bryce Twigley | Button, Benngee and Brody | Mossy | Carol of the Arrow | Jane | Princess Kari | Miss Elodie She literally says this as she is being defeated. After her true colors are revealed, she mocks Amber, claiming that she "thinks only of herself". In "The Princess Prodigy", he chooses Princess Vivian for his next target, offering to teach her and the rest of the school band magical music. An "elective monarchy" is one in which parliament/the privy council/whatever the equivalent is in the. Her entire motivation. She considers being robbed of her powers to be a great tragedy, but shows no concern whatsoever when her actions rob the inhabitants of the Mystic Isles of their own magical abilities. Season Three: "Cool Hand Fluke" | "Minimus is Missing" | "Cedric Be Good" | "Princess Adventure Club" | "Minding the Manor" | "The Secret Library" | "New Genie on the Block" | "The Fliegel Has Landed" | "The Princess Ballet" | "All the Sprite Moves" | "Sofia in Elvenmoor" | "Stormy Lani" | "Lord of the Rink" | "Dad's and Daughter's Day" | "Her Royal Spyness" | "The Tale of Miss Nettle" | "Cauldronation Day" | "One for the Books" |, Season One: Theme Song | I'm Not Ready to Be a Princess | Royal Prep | A Little Bit of Food | True Sisters | Rise and Shine | Princess Things | Anything | Perfect Slumber Party | Make Some Noise | Cedric the Great | Goldenwing Circus | All You Need | Blue Ribbon Bunny | I Belong | (You Can Always) Count On Baileywick | Picnic of the Year | Good Little Witch | The Ride of Your Lives | Bring My Best Friend Back | I'll Get My/That Amulet | The Buttercups | Make Way for Miss Nettle | Enchancia Anthem | Make It Right | Bigger Is Better | Who's That? A world famous magical musician. In "Bad Little Dragon", his act deceived Princess Vivian into adopting him into her castle, where he hoped to rob the jewel vault. When Crackle discovered his true nature, Crispy tried to frame her for all the trouble he was making but was eventually caught and sent to prison. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. An Evil Sorceress hailing from the kingdom of Hakalo. He even attempted to sabotage Wormwood's attempt to bring Prisma Grimhilde's crown. The Royal Family & Court (Sofia's family and loved ones, as well as the royal court) Others (The various other characters … She claims that she can see the darkness inside people, either their darker traits or greatest fears, and use that against them. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. She doesn't care at all that this would end up destroying the Mystic Isles, and the source of magic itself. She manages to escape however and vows to return, which she does in "Stormy Lani". Due to a Shared Universe, click here for the character page for Elena of Avalor. | In "Winter's Gift", she'd given the faun Winter her ice powers that she couldn't control and refused to take the magic back unless she was given a good enough gift. After capturing Azurine, she mocked her sister's attempts to get her to stop her misdeeds, and refused to release her. Princesses Princess Sofia - (Ariel Winter) A little girl who once lived in the village until her mother married the King and suddenly became royalty. After conquering the Ever Realm, she makes plans to take over other worlds via a portal found in the Mystic Isles... Comes within two seconds of imprisoning Sofia inside the amulet with her, but visions of the Disney Princesses encourage Sofia to use her pure heart to defeat Vor at the last minute. wattys2019, everafterhigh, starwars. Sofia the First | Disney Junior Storybook Collection | Disney Junior Little Golden Book Library | Songs and Story | Book Series | Videography | Sofia the First (Soundtrack) | Sofia the First: Songs From Enchancia, Season One: Princess Sofia | Queen Miranda | King Roland II | Prince James | Princess Amber | Princess Hildegard | Cedric the Sorcerer | Wormwood | Baileywick | Robin | Mia | Clover | Whatnaught | Goodwyn the Great | Winifred the Wise | Flora, Fauna and Merryweather | Jade | Ruby Hanshaw | Princess Clio | Princess Maya | Prince Zandar | Princess Jun | Prince Hugo | Minimus | Princess Vivian | Crackle | Queen Cecily | Gnarlie | Trolls | Teeny | Ginger | Mrs. Higgins | Violet the Maid | King Magnus | Lucinda | Princess Leena | Prince Jin | Magic Carpet | Jasper | Constable Myles | Prince Khalid | Meg and Peg | Boswell | Madam Ubetcha | Prince Desmond | Miss Nettle | Sir Gillium | Professor Popov | Helen Hanshaw | Oona | Queen Emmaline | Cora | Plank | Aunt Tilly | Wilbur the Wombeast | Suzette and Marcy | Admiral Hornpipe | Sven | Farley | Lulu | Emperor Quon | Empress Lin-Lin | Madame Collette

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