The Skyforge Anniversary expansion is a cause for celebration, continuing the adventure with a host of amazing new features and content! Your abilities as a Lightbinder will be limited at first. In groups, Lightbinders are able to direct the flow of the fight: during the course of the battle they make critical decisions, protecting allies and weakening enemies at the most opportune of moments. By picking talents and skills based on your preferred style of play, you’ll craft a competent support capable of having a massive impact on any battle. The Lightbinder and all allies in the front hemisphere gain additional 50% to Defense Penetration. Be mindful of your radius because your buff and shielding abilities are based on range. Remember Lightbinder is a buff class so you don’t have to do any direct damage. Using it on allies can strengthen their subsequent attacks. Because of this, the Lightbinder movement stands out among its peers and its benefits, relying on the tangible laws of the universe, are undisputed. Inflicts damage to the enemy or increases the damage of the next attack of an ally. Tweet. The character becomes immune to all damage and negative effects for 4 seconds. Read everything or jump to a specific section. “The Lightbinder and all allies in the front hemisphere gain additional 50% to Defense Penetration. Immortals, today we’re proud to present the Lightbinder! Therefore, you can attack with his primary Twitching shimmering emit short laser pulses or generate an extremely strong, lasting laser beam when you hold down the left mouse button. Please note that skill icons may change before launch! The more enemies around the shielded target, the weaker the explosion. If you’re the sort of player who prefers healer classes or support, the Lightbinder appears to be exactly that type. duration to increase damage output or increase, only increases the effect to the Lightbinder and not allies, Watch the Latest Halloween Film Fest Videos, Every third Pulsating Flare inflicts X more damage, Burning Stream inflicts X more damage every second. The effect can be activated no more than once every 8 minutes. It may take time but soon enough you’ll master the doing damage in between shielding and buffing your allies making you one hell of a good support! Remember, you cannot heal anyone, you must anticipate and prevent damage with shields. “Sacred Barrier cooldown is reduced by 120 seconds. However, the best defense is always a good offense, and the Lightbinder can certainly hold their own against an enemy! Once you feel comfortable with supporting your allies with shields and buffs then it’s time to mix in some damage during the fight. We have listed only a few of the Lightbinder's abilities. Well, it depends. If playing with a Paladin friend you can use a VoIP like Ventrilo or Mumble to call out when shields are up/ready, but this can get tedious. This is very important for raids later on to increase the speed of the run. The Lightbinder is a support class, it has many abilities that effect its whole team. Well first I’m taking Quasar off the table, the tank can pull in the mobs to bunch them up nicely and you don’t need to worry about that. Lightbinders can even transfer part of their own stats to their allies, boosting their Strength, Spirit, Luck and Valor. Sticking with AoE abilities I like Supernova because it is a nice AoE ability that provides good Damage over Time (DoT) and if you’ve got the light energy don’t be afraid to use this on a single target like a boss. Solar Breeze – “Light Energy regeneration rate is increased by 25 in combat and by 100 out of combat.”  When you equip this you will really notice a difference in the amount of abilities you can get off. The key to being a good support as a Lightbinder is obviously your shields. Unlike your traditional MMO support/healer class there are no healing abilities. The character becomes immune to all damage and negative effects for 4 seconds. can also be used as a last resort group shield. Your email address will not be published. Shielding is different from healing because you are allowed to throw shields on in advance. The other two abilities both have strong points so it really depends on the content you are trying to clear, I’ll leave this decision up to you. It only has a one-minute cooldown, so feel free to use it on pretty much every trash mob pull during 5-man dungeons. Also, be sure to use your, to buff group mates. The Lightbinder is one of two main support classes, the other being Alchemist. - Asterius's Encyclopedia. Sparks of anger is one of the hardest hitting spells in the game. Flood of Light – “Short Stroke: Pulsating Flare. Each with varying abilities and bonuses depending on the Rarity and Proficiency. Duration is 10 seconds. The shield can be restored during combat, if the character takes no damage for 6 seconds.”  It’s always great to start a fight with a shield!

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