commentary from the actor George Kennedy, who began his Hollywood Top honors go to the absurd heights of "The Court Martial," in which a chimp is accidentally inducted, then laboriously drummed out of the Army, "A Mess Sergeant Can't Win," which brilliantly frustrates Bilko as he tries and tries again to lose a bet to the departing Ritzik, and "Bilko Joins the Navy," a Neil Simon & Terry Ryan script that gives Bilko one of his biggest challenges: talking his way out of a Navy mission in progress. (38:38) A Navy chaplain leads a graveside service for a Marine KIA. Aiding him were his corporals Rocco Barbella (Harvey Lembeck) and Steve Henshaw (Allan Melvin). He is shown by the podium just before it begins, but isn’t seen again. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? episode “Mardi Gras”. “Rock ‘n Roll Rookie” (Season 2) (20:27) The chaplain addresses the choir, many of whom he says he doesn’t see much in chapel. The only problem they encounter is that The Stomach has lost his appetite. a look and a great example of the best of early prime time. The chaplain and “The Stomach” then comes in with him in a good mood after talking to the chaplain. “Angels 30” (Season 4) (00:28:38) Rabb goes into the ship’s chapel and finds the chaplain talking to a pilot in front of the altar. The most extensive extras are the rarely seen "Lost Audition Show," an alternate, unaired version of the pilot saved on 16mm kinescope, with Jack Warden as Cpl. “Nobody’s Child” (Season 4) (00:15:30) Chaplain performs graveside service for murdered child. With Phil Silvers, Harvey Lembeck, Paul Ford, Allan Melvin. Sgt. “A Tribe is Born” (Season 1, Episode 1) (00:17:41) An Army wife seeks counsel from a chaplain in front of the Post Chapel. Happy 110th Anniversary to the Army Religious Affairs Specialists. Title: Henshaw (Harvey Lembeck and Allan Melvin, both of Stalag 17). The chaplain doesn’t say anything in this scene but stands by. Bilko-Expy Harry Grafton, foreman at a factory; the new show lasted less than a year. Thu, Sep 1, 2016, 7:30 PM: The showing is being held in 'the Box' opposite Urban Coffee, so no food and drink is provided.More details from the Facebook event page:Rally the troops and join us for an And Brownstein has yet more: Sgt. All Rights Reserved. “New Recruits” (Season 1) (00:07:00) While SGT Bilko and the 2 corporals are lamenting what Bilko lost playing poker, the chaplain comes in and counsels him about his gambling. Neither is this website affiliated with the Chaplain Corps or Chaplain Schools of any of the aforementioned branches of the United States military. exclamatory. In an eating contest between the platoons Bilko puts his money on a new member of the platoon nicknamed 'The Stomach' only to find that he can only eat when he is depressed. Rev. I was raised on Top Cat (Bilko for kids for any younger PHers out there). Later (00:15:50), the chaplain is seen trying to convince the commander to better occupy Bilko so permanent-party gambling can be reduced. “A Merry Little Christmas” (Season 9) (06:55) Chaplain Turner visit Admiral Chegwidden at the JAG offices for him to ask the chaplain to perform his wedding. 2:02 [Deleted video] (20:25) An Air Force Chaplain is present and prays when the remains of a Marine KIA arrives at Dover AFB. Company B constantly loses all bets against rival Company A, but upon the arrival of Ed 'The Stomach' Honnegan, they sense their chance to win an Eating Contest. (00:24:55) Chaplain visits SGT Bilko to see how he’s doing. An adaptation of the 1950s television series The Phil Silvers Show. Bilko by Shout! “Port Chicago” (Season 7) (02:25) Chaplain Turner visits Admiral Chegwidden about a sailor involved in the Port Chicago explosion who is suing the government over the explosion. Everything you need to make great comics! “Salvation” (Season 6) This episode continues the story from “Miracles” involving a Marine chaplain in Vietnam whose valiant ministry in war and alleged miracles through prayer after his death interact with a Marine charged with murder. I would definitely like to visit the past! on Wall Street” as he helps a former comrade-in-arms get treated fairly Welcome to a new Sitcom Tuesday! He later (09:56) comes in with the same comment and scares off Doberman. (24:08) Chaplain Turner has dinner with his son (a JAG officer) and discusses the discrimination of the WW2 Navy. : Support Our Shops! Repeatedly throughout the first He and his platoon of career soldiers never had money and always sought a way to get ahead – one scheme after another from card games to horse racing. Sgt. (00:00:35) In the midst of a fire-fight when a patrol came under fire while walking through a village in Vietnam, the chaplain goes to wounded/dying Marines under fire. Carter about a problem, Carter tells him (at 01:13), “well don’t bother me, go talk to the chaplain.”. I ended up being 6'7" and a rail like Fred Gwynne. This FAQ is empty. Some very young-looking TV stars show up in guest spots: Fred Gwynne (later paired with Ross on Car 54) as "The Stomach" in "The Eating Contest," future "Grandpa Munster" Al Lewis in "Weekend Colonel," Julie "Catwoman" Newmar as "Stacked Susie" in "The Big Scandal," Alan Alda as a rebellious heir in "Bilko the Art Lover," and Dick Van Dyke as a southern north-and-southpaw opposite Phil Rizzuto, Yogi Berra, Gil McDougal, Whitey Ford, and Red Barker in "Hillbilly Whiz," which also featured location shots taken at Yankee Stadium. Traveling way too far into the past or future sounds terrifying. “The Oath” (Season 1) (about 00:35) During a White House press conference, the press secretary mentions that a Colonel (name) would take part in the Vice President’s swearing in ceremony and noted that the COL was the VP-elects “pastor” when he was in the Army. Interestingly, the series was produced and filmed in front of a studio (15 Nov 1955). This week, we’re officially starting coverage on the best of The Phil Silvers Show (1955-1959, CBS) — a.k.a.You’ll Never Get Rich, a.k.a. Any concern over the potential misuse of any copyrighted material on this site should be addressed to the webmaster. Bilko, head of the motor pool at sleepy Camp Baxter in Roseville, Kansas. “Answered Prayers” (Season 7) (36:35) The officers from the JAG office attend the Christmas Eve service led by Chaplain Turner. 3:59. The series was originally called You’ll Never Get Rich but in less than two months after its September 20, 1955 premiere, it was renamed The Phil Silvers Show and was subsequently syndicated as Sgt. “Take This Sabbath” (Season 1, Episode 14) While this episode does not have a chaplain portrayed in it, so, therefore, is outside of the scope of this page, it does bring in clergy members as advisers to the President and his staff. Rupert Ritzik (Joe E. Ross, later of Hiken's Car 54, Where Are You? Sgt Bilko and The Con Men by Ron Gordon. Bilko, head of the motor pool at sleepy Camp Baxter in Roseville, Kansas. Herman Zimmerman (Mickey Freeman), Pvt. “Movement to Contact” (Season 5) (40:15) Military vehicle approaches with a CNO and Chaplain getting out and approaching the wives. (38:00) LTC Mackenzie and Rabb confront the chaplain about his murdering a Sailor. “The Dover Test” (Season 6, Episode 6) (00:13:15) Following the death of an American soldier on a peacekeeping mission, the White House Chief of Staff (C. J. Craig) asks a general in the Situation Room, “Did a chaplain contact Lieutenant Godfrey’s father yet?” to which the general replies, “Yes, Ma’am, the chaplain joined the casualty assistance officer at the family home last night.” “Bilko and the Beast” (Season 1) (23:54) Sgt Bilko talks to the chaplain to ensure he doesn’t give away Bilko’s scheme to get rid of another Sgt. The opinions, statements and comments on this site are those of the individual authors’ alone and not necessarily the official opinion of the United States government or any of its departments or agencies. Bilko / The Phil Silvers Show - Phil Silvers' Daughters Discuss Sgt. Review: Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #1 Facsimile Edition, Buddy Saunders: DC Comics Has Left Comic Stores Out, THE INFLUENCE FACTOR: Part 2: Dan Didio & My Studio 54 Philosophy, THE INFLUENCE FACTOR: Dan DiDio, Andrew Rev, & Studio 54 Philosophy, DC’s REAL Doomsday Clock: Dan DiDio, 5G, and the End Of The Trinity, Win a Blu-ray copy of Back to the Future: The Ultimate Trilogy, Win a 4K, Blu-ray copy of The Invisible Man, Win a Copy of Jaws 45th Anniversary Limited Edition, REVIEW: His Dark Materials: The Complete First Season, Win a Copy of Parasite Blu-ray & HD Digital Bundle. The chaplain is seen by the hearse, walking in front of the casket, and standing at the head of the casket while the flag is being folded. There is no chaplain appearing in or referred to in this episode but is mentioned here because of its play on the rumored statement of Navy Chaplain Howell Forgy while on the USS New Orleans during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.” Subsequently, this statement became the title of a war-time song by Frank Loesser and published in 1942. 3:13 [Private video] ... Sgt. Dorchester, “Chaplain, I Will Die Like a True and Loyal Soldier”, A Day in the Life of a Confederate Chaplain, Silent Night: The Story of the World War I Christmas Truce of 1914, Aleutian Islands, Alaska: Weathering the Extreme Cold, Army Chaplains During the Attack on Pearl Harbor, I Walked to the Gallows With the Nazi Chiefs, Navy Chaplain Joseph O’Callahan on the USS Franklin, U.S. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Downey, Chaplain to the Enola Gay Crew, Chaplain William Emerson-1st U.S. Battlefield Ministry, Chaplain Henry Gerecke-Nuremberg Chaplain, Chaplain Philip Matthew Hannan – the “Jumping Padre”, Chaplain Stephen Meany of the Fighting 69th, The Four Chaplains of the U.S.A.T. same part, prompting Gale Gordon to note that the expert reminded him of Bilko’s office to talk to him about the “Old Soldiers Home” he was using as a cover for a club.

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