Ross and James Rhodes discuss the Accords. Ant-Man and the Wasp Temugin |

Masked Marauder | Deathbird | Magneto | Hazmat | | Unknown to Ross, Blonsky went to Samuel Sterns' lab and forced him to inject him with Banner's D.N.A., which reacted with the Serum and transformed him into a Hulk-like monster. Super-Skrull | Scorpion | Seth | Unsurprisingly, Greller was unconvinced by the story, although Ross insisted that he was being serious.

Nick Fury and Phil Coulson, who are both appearing in next year’s film, would most certainly know about this. Red She-Hulk | Punisher | Hazmat |

[1] Along the way, Ross listened as Kathleen Sparr briefed their team on how they would ambush Banner without actually engaging with him directly, only for Emil Blonsky to question what their plan was in case Banner was able to transform. Ross and Bruce Banner discussing their plan. Others: Vice President Rodriguez Ross collected the Serum himself from a secure facility where the Bio-Tech Force Enhancement Project had previously been conducting their experiments, which had given Banner his powers. Decisive and ruthless, Thaddeus Ross is an objective man and his main one is to defend the United States of America by advancing the military, often by unconventional means such as a super-soldier project modified from a similar experiment from World War II. Villains | Madcap | Barracuda |
Arcade |

I wonder what Rocket will say if/and/or when he meets Ross in next year’s Avengers film ... “You know, I’ve been to one side of this galaxy to the other, smelt a lot of “humies” from a lot of different worlds...”, “But I know a STINKING, GREEN SHAPESHIFTER WHEN I SMELL ONE!!!”. Chitauri: The Other Piledriver | Smart move! Blackheart | Banner was still wanted but when he met Black Widow in Avengers 1, she tells him S.H.I.E.L.D. Cowled Commander | His warrant was pretty illegal. Madame Viper |

Grim Reaper | Magneto | Punisher Villains | High Evolutionary |

Heroes United: Iron Man and Captain America: HYDRA (Red Skull & Taskmaster) EDIT: Also, as pointed out in the comments below, General Ross doesn’t seem to care too much about collateral damage in “The Incredible Hulk,” including authorizing dropping Banner into the middle of Harlem to fight Blonsky, the chase in Brazil and a whole lot of automatic weapons fire on an American college campus-including a strike from an Apache helicopter, for heavens sake. At the end of TiH, Banner mails her mother's necklace back to Betty, which was a symbolic goodbye per the directors commentary. Roxxon | Dreadknight | Warlord Krang |

He is also incredibly militarily skilled from his years in the Army and is a master tactician and strategist. However, Lang and Barton offered a deal with Ross: they would be put in house arrest so that they would spend more time with their families, a proposal that Ross willingly accepted.
Gog |

Psycho-Man |

Kang | Thundersword | Ronan | Growing Man | Namor | Ani-Men | Ten Rings: Jackson Norriss | The Mandarin Street | Blizzard | Blizzard | Once Stark saved the pilot, Ross ordered him to land on Cairo's West Air Base immediately. Skaar | So the current MCU would have to be careful to create a workable, meaningful backstory that doesn’t contradict canon. Super-Skrull |

Mister Hyde | Hydro-Man |

(Season 2) Living Laser | Ross and Stark meet at a Hammer Industries weapon demonstration, in Iron Man 2: Public Identity. Hero Mercs: Crossbones Wrecker | A few hours later, Ross was confronted by Nick Fury himself.

Answer | Others: Shrike | Malachi | Atarah | Dr. Leopold Fitz Black Widow |

Hammer Industries: Justin Hammer | Jack | Hammer Drones Thor: Tales of Asgard: Loki Laufeyson Badoon | Despite Hulk's best efforts to stop him, the Abomination then tore the helicopter from the air, which caused it to crash land, while both Ross and his daughter were still inside.

Attuma |

Believing that he was quickly closing in on capturing Banner at long last, Ross had begun putting together a special unit of highly trained soldiers with their sole purpose being to locate and capture Banner. Roxxon Corporation: Peter Scarborough | Terrors

Ten Rings | Mister Hyde | Super-Adaptoid | Eddie Brock |

Absorbing Man | Master Pandemonium | Justin Hammer | Scorpion | Seeing Betty in distress once again focused on Hulk's attention, as he made a shield to block all the sound waves before destroying the Humvees.

Bruce can’t be with anyone, he rejected Natasha because he considers himself a monster and would be unable to have a normal life. Others: Detective Connors

To try and save face, the World Security Council informed S.H.I.E.L.D. Zodiac, Television Calypso | Mandarin | Ultron | Godzilla | Immortus | Runaways Whirlwind | Tinkerer |

Upon arriving at Grayburn College, Ross remained in their armored van with Sparr while Blonsky led his team inside and the snipers took their positions, finding Banner in with Samuel Sterns while they were discussing the Gamma Radiation in his blood. Sauron | Celestials |

A.I.M. Galactus | [3], Secretary Ross arrives to confront Tony Stark.

Iron Man 2: Whiplash | Hammer Industries (Justin Hammer, Jack & Hammer Drones) | Ten Rings (Ten Rings Agent) | Senator Stern | Anton Vanko Hurt found production very different from the typical. Grandmaster |

Ramrod | Super-Adaptoid | Onslaught |

Since it became clear that the Abomination was far stronger than Hulk, Ross ordered his gunner to begin shooting at the Abomination, hoping that this would help.

Brotherhood of Evil Mutants |

D'Spayre | (The Leader, Absorbing Man, Blastaar, Sauron, Titania & Abomination) | Annihilus | The Collector | Ego the Living Planet | Frost Giants (Laufey & Ymir) | Mole Man | Wendigo | Wrecker | Thunderball | Piledriver | Doctor Doom | Galactus | Terrax the Tamer | Loki Laufeyson | Malekith the Accursed | Dormammu | Skrulls (Super-Skrull) | Maximus | Medusa | Gorgon | Kree (Ronan the Accuser) | Firelord | Null the Living Darkness | High Evolutionary | Pluto | Xemnu | Red Ghost | Pluto | Dracula | HYDRA (Red Skull) | Supreme Intelligence | Doctor Octopus, Comics

Apocalypse | Ross ordering his soldiers to shoot at Hulk. Bruce was a fugitive due to the events of Age of Ultron, and doesn't come back to Earth until Infinity War. Doctor Faustus |

HYDRA: Gideon Malick | Jasper Sitwell Once he had returned to the United States of America, Ross went to meet with General Joe Greller to explain exactly what had happened in Brazil and how their men had been killed in action, with Ross then telling Greller exactly how Bruce Banner had transformed into Hulk and killed their men. Ymir | Ant-Man Villains | Captain America: The First Avenger Super-Adaptoid | Ross being visited by Tony Stark inside a bar, S.H.I.E.L.D. While working in the Pentagon in Virginia, Ross was met by Kathleen Sparr who had received intel that a man in Milwaukee had received a strong case of gamma poisoning after he had drank a single bottle of Pingo Doce. Ross met with Stark told him that they picked up on a shoot out with the Congolese Army and Stark did not return fire. Bushmaster | Bushwacker | Ogress | Karnilla |

Movies While Green Hulk increases his strength with his rage, Red Hulk unleashed high temperatues and heat from his body which is hotter and hotter the more enraged he is. A subreddit dedicated to Marvel Studios and the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

| Although Ross had still insisted that his daughter's safety was always his main concern, Samson claimed that he was lying to him before claiming to not know where they were going.

Egghead | Kingpin | Ego | A.I.M. Once something like that happens, I think the focus changes to confusion, survival, and trying to figure out how to keep society going. Stark then promised he would take their fugitives into custody within seventy-two hours, although Ross had still remained somewhat skeptical and gave Stark just thirty-six hours.

Don’t remember). Others: Nebula | Abilisk | The Grandmaster | Thanos

Ross manages to survive the helicopter crash. Morgan le Fay | Full Name Eventually, Ross sent Blonsky to attack Hulk, although he was able to hold his own against the beast, he was eventually kicked in the chest by the Hulk, and every bone in his body was broken. Spider-Man: Far From Home You must have missed the Incredible Hulk entirely. Juggernaut |

Skrulls | Cristu Bulat | Cowled Commander | Crossbones | Celestials |

Garthan Saal | Harpy |

Zzzax, Movies Heroes United: Iron Man and Hulk: Zzzax, Television Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Mesmero | Thor: The Dark World The talk ended up with Stark annoying Ross so much that Ross then refused to release Blonsky and tried to have Stark removed from the bar. Master Pandemonium |

Tombstone |

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