1989 - Zaire defaults on loans from Belgium, resulting in a cancellation of development programmes and increased deterioration of the economy. Brothers play tabla to the BBC theme tune. US Covid cases surge to record daily high, 'Execution' video prompts Karabakh war crime probe. A violent riot in Kinshasa leaves at least five people dead days before DR Congo's first free multi-party elections in 46 years. 2018 June - Government asks commissions to look at declassifying parts of Virunga and Salonga national parks, both Unesco World Heritage Sites, for oil exploration. IMF starts clearing Congo's $4 billion debt. A chronology of key events in the history of the Democratic Republic of Congo, from the 1200s to the present He is deposed within months by army leader Joseph Désiré Mobutu and killed by secessionists on Jan. 16 of the following year. He commissions former journalist Henry Morton Stanley to ink treaties with local chiefs. Mobutu declares the Third Republic and promises multi-party elections. The nation becomes independent on 30 June 1960 as the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Mobutu fires newly acclaimed Prime Minister Étienne Tshisekedi (who opposes Mobutu) and replaces him with a series of puppet leaders. Jean-Pierre Bemba and Azarias Ruberwa were sworn in at a ceremony attended by thousands in the capital, Kinshasa. A mob attacks and kills a soldier who reportedly fired into a crowd at a campaign rally. University. 2019 January - Officials declare opposition candidate Felix Tshisekedi the winner of December's presidential election, prompting protests from rival opposition candidate Martin Fayulu of a deal with the government, whose candidate Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary came third. 2001 January - President Laurent Kabila is shot dead by a bodyguard. With the help of Rwanda, they take the capital. 1482 - Portuguese navigator Diogo Cao becomes the first European to visit the Congo; Portuguese set up ties with the king of Kongo. 2018 August - Governing People's Party for Reconstruction and Democracy chooses former interior minister Ramazani Shadary as its presidential candidate, as President Kabila cannot run for another term. The Congolese are known for their singing. Congo Free State established under Leopold after being formally recognized by European powers at Conference of Berlin. DR Congo's two main rebel leaders are sworn in as vice-presidents in a new power-sharing government. Biden scrambles to clear up remark on ending oil, Could blood plasma help treat coronavirus? France leads a force into the Bunia region with instructions to take all necessary means to gain control. Millions of Congolese are said to have been killed or worked to death during Leopold's control of the territory. It is renamed Belgian Congo. Earlier in the week, the UN-mandated force was showing off how safe Bunia was; now it refuses to take journalists along on night-time patrols. New constitution signed, providing for the installation of a provisional government agreed upon by rival factions. Zimbabwe, Namibia send troops to repel them. 2018 March - Main opposition Union for Democracy and Social Progress chooses Felix Tshisekedi as its candidate for the December presidential election. 2013 February - Representatives of 11 African countries sign an accord in Ethiopia pledging to help end the conflict in DR Congo. 2000 - UN Security Council authorises a 5,500-strong UN force to monitor the ceasefire but fighting continues between rebels and government forces, and between Rwandan and Ugandan forces. These programs focused on implementing a comprehensive economic stabilization program to contain … The vote is criticised abroad and the opposition disputes the result. The rebels say the region's army commander was persecuting Tutsis in eastern DR Congo. France establishes a proctecterate over the north bank of the Congo river. In 1956, the Republic of Congo and the other three countries became autonomous members of the French Community. That prompted the UN to authorize a 1,400-troop force led by France to go to DR Congo to attempt to restore order. 2003 June - French soldiers arrive in Bunia, spearheading a UN-mandated rapid-reaction force. Facts About Democratic Republic of Congo's Culture, Geography, and History. The development is viewed as a major step toward ending a bloody civil war, but it comes amid renewed violence in the expansive African country. Later, a UN panel says the warring parties are deliberately prolonging the conflict to plunder gold, diamonds, timber and coltan, used in the making of mobile phones. The following year, troops from Rwanda and Uganda invade in hopes of removing Kabila from power. Most nationalized property returned to former owners. The Republic of the Congo, also known as Congo-Brazzaville, the Congo Republic or simply the Congo, is a country in Central Africa.

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