Submitted by RACH on April 8, 2016 - 11:54pm. I think we used that thin electric fencing wire (We use that stuff for everything) We were not sure the chicks would figure out the water, and kept a very close eye to make sure they were drinking, and they were, they were all just fine, about a year old now. They are not friendly as my last batch of four. You can purchase chickens at several stages of development—it all depends on how long you’re willing to wait for eggs. Success hinges on having the right supplies, including feeders, … But if more than two of a box of 25 chicks are dead, or if many chicks in the box are sick, contact the hatchery immediately because this is not acceptable. I'm not sure what kind of feeder you have, but if you had this experience, I would'nt use it with baby chicks anymore. Drive straight home, place the chick box inside the brooder area, and get ready for the fun to begin. Just had 19 hens sit on 12 eggs each, RIR, NH, BLK & RED SEX LINKS. Am I not feeding them enough? The will not have as large of a breast, but will be healthier and better tasting in my opinion. They can even be raised in with a flock of adults. They will also love you if you feed them live meal worms from Day one of life. Submitted by Celeste Longacre on May 27, 2013 - 1:13pm. Keep the chicks warm in a brooder placed in a sheltered location away from drafts. There are a few basic, but very important, … I have 6 baby chicken starting to have feathers. Will they eat chick food? For baby chickens, you buy a special food called “crumbles” that’s made for them. There are a couple reasons that you could be having problems. We were able to get one or two drops of sugar water in him but he still isn't eating much. We were thinking of putting them in a smaller cage inside the big coop? Should they just poop on that or should there be a screen for the feces to drop away from them. Silkies and Orpingtons. We have 16, three-day-old chicks. It's hot so I turned it off. Hi, in my experience, if you put live chicks under her there is no guarantee she will accept them. Submitted by Harrison on April 24, 2017 - 4:29am. People assume rice swells up and kills birds, this is simply not so, Submitted by Barbara Rollins on May 18, 2019 - 5:39pm, When do you know if the baby chicks are ready for introducing to the big chickens because I have had the baby chicks for 2 months and the big chickens for almost a year and Idk what to do or expect I have never tried to do that before until now, Submitted by cutehugger on January 19, 2017 - 5:52am. I noticed it started over the week with the the polish no longer having his cute tuft. Are 2 or 3 of them always belly bumping?

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