It means ‘son of Lawrence’. In addition to the classic baby names that ooze with elegance (think Charlotte, Elizabeth, Grace, Audrey and Victoria), Tatler’s choice of posh baby names for this year include some interesting finds. Augustus means ‘great’. Besides, these names can be quite chic, attracting all the attention! Obese and need to lose weight? Traditionally, a name is considered posh if it's popular among the 'upper class', and less popular among families from lower social classes. Clarence is a name with English heritage, meaning ‘bright’. And check out our extensive baby name section for thousands of great name ideas. If you fancy yourself a bit of a Lady Mary Crawley or Kate Middleton you are no doubt looking for a name for your son that reflects your love of the grandeur things in life? 33. Some are certainly sweet (I adore Jori, Idabelle and Zenia), while others are a little too unique even for the most extreme baby namers out there (Koala and Hum, for example). Sanders may be unusual, but it’s definitely posh sounding. Gerald is a German name, meaning ‘ruler of the spear’. It means ‘mild or gentle’. 118. Posh Baby Names by Eleanor Nickerson, British Baby Names The following names are the names most indicative of the upper class in Britain over the last thirty years based on peerage birth announcements compared with national statistics. Cecelia, meaning ‘blind’, maybe falling out in popularity, but it is classy nonetheless. The most extreme posh baby names in the history of ever. Mungo is a positive Welsh name, meaning ‘gentle’. Bertram (German Origin) Meaning "bright raven". Oliver is the masculine form of the name Olive, meaning ‘olive tree’. Born and raised in Canada, Jenna traded in the cold mountain air for the laid back lifestyle of Australia nine years ago. Percival is a French name, meaning ‘one who pierces the valley’. 79. Camille, meaning ‘young ceremonial student’, may have a classic vibe to it, but it’s far from being old fashioned. This rising star of a name, meaning ‘youthful or downy’, is a handsome and elegant choice for your baby boy. Anyone using the information provided by Kidadl does so at their own risk and we can not accept liability if things go wrong.Â. All prices and product availability were correct at the time of publication. Don’t miss out. Evianna is either a compound name made by combining Eva and Anna or a variant of the name Aviana. Harris is a twist of Harry, meaning ‘home ruler’. 103. Giovanni means ‘Jehovah has been gracious’. Maxton (English Origin) Meaning "greatest". Trending and Sponsored. Ferdinand (German Origin) Meaning "to be courageous". King (American Origin) Meaning "ruler". It means ‘help’. Could there be any name as regal and elegant as the French name, Dior? A straightforward name with a polished feel, Miles means ‘gracious’. This virtue name, meaning ‘blessing or favor’, refers to none other than the Almighty’s grace. If Jade is a bit too informal for your taste, pick Giada, it’s Italian version, meaning ‘jade’. Clement, meaning ‘mild’, may sound a bit fancy, but there’s no denying it’s an elegant name. 22. Judaism. The name Albert, meaning ‘bright and noble’, has been held by upper crust people for generations. The following names are the names most indicative of the upper class in Britain over the last thirty years based on peerage birth announcements compared with national statistics. It was Juliet from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, that this name was immortalized. Founder of the Healthy Mummy brand and passionate about empowering mums to live a healthier life. Not only did she…Read more, If you have had a diagnosis of obesity, knowing that you have a significant amount of weight to lose can be extremely overwhelming. Simon is simple, pure, and appealing Old and New Testament name, meaning ‘the listener’. We also link to other websites, but are not responsible for their content. This classic name is now popular as one of the trendiest place names. Boy. 25. Amanda Beatrice Catherine Daphne Edwina Frances Grace Harriet Imogen The popularity of Sarah, meaning ‘princess’, just refuses to die down, even after years of usage. 29. Jemima may be held by a popular duck, but it actually means ‘dove’. Our recommended activities are based on age but these are a guide. Unique Baby Names For Girls Inspired By The Fashion Industry, The Most Popular 101 Louisiana Baby Names, 100 Best Celestial Names Related To Stars, Space, And Astronomy. 90. Francesca means ‘from France’. This moniker is derived from the Greek word anastasis, meaning ‘resurrection’. James (Hebrew Origin) Meaning "supplanter". Horace is a strong, handsome and classic moniker, meaning ‘timekeeper’. All our articles and reviews are written independently by the Netmums editorial team. 46. 74. A posh name could let the world know right from the start that your baby is going places! We will always aim to give you accurate information at the date of publication - however, information does change, so it's important you do your own research, double-check and make the decision that is right for your family. Â. Kidadl provides inspiration for everything from family days out to online classes, arts, crafts and science experiments. It is derived from the Latin... Read More, Araminta is an enchanting eighteenth-century invention familiar in Britain and just beginning to be discovered here. Absolutely fresh udiscovered girls names. With a comeback of traditional names such as Claire and Elizabeth, even Genevieve can be considered. Quentin (Latin Origin) Meaning "the fifth". 23. What makes a name posh? Edmond (Dutch Origin) Meaning "wealthy protector". Zachary (Hebrew Origin) Meaning "God has remembered". Caterina means ‘pure’. If you’re a musically inclined parent, you can name your daughter Allegra, which means ‘musical note’. 94. 88. Kidadl is supported by you, the users. Try looking at it separately, and each jot down your favourite names – then come back together and see which ones match! Kenneth (Scottish Origin) Meaning "handsome". 57. Hugo is a fancy take on the name Hugh. It means ‘white wave’. 100. 58. 83. 8. Here’s another royal name option for you. 86. Barnaby is a stylish and elegant baby boy name, meaning ‘son of prophecy’. If you’re confused between Amelia or Emily, pick Emilia, which has the best of both. Harrison (English Origin) Meaning "son of Harry". Short and sassy names might be trendy and fashionable, but they can never take the place of fancy and sophisticated names. Others are more modern names with a posh edge such as Keaton and Hudson. It means ‘safe’. If you want a nature-inspired name for your girl, pick Olivia, which refers to ‘olive tree’. Luther (English Origin) Meaning "soldier of the people". 60. Ethan, meaning ‘strong or firm’, got a major boost via the film series, “Mission Impossible”. If you're looking to invest your baby's name with a touch of class, consider these posh baby name choices. These names are even posher than Posh Spice, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn combined. Shortened names include Ben, Benny and Bennie. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. Lucretius (Latin Origin) Meaning "wealth". We've flicked through the fanciest birth announcements from the last few years to pick out the most popular posh baby names, including posh baby girl's and baby boy's names, and the meanings behind them. 48. This old spelling of a fairly common name is as classy as it’s timeless. We’ve shortlisted 200 names that capture elegance and grace in the best way possible. It means ‘free born’. Join for ONLY $60 Here! Fahd (Arabic Origin) Meaning "panther". They both love water and you're most likely to find them by the sea, a pond, a splash pad or in the garden doing water play. Henry (German Origin) Meaning "home ruler". Sometimes, the meaning of a name can influence how posh it is, too. Here are Tatler’s top boys’ names: As much as we enjoy Tatler’s choice of names, we couldn’t help but include a few of our own favourite posh names for 2017. Meaning ‘beloved of God’, this moniker will pay homage to the composer Amadeus Mozart. 1. We’re sure a few of them will make their way on to your list of potential names. 51. Fulk (English Origin) Meaning "folk people". Famous fashion designer Ralph Lauren lent a fashionable touch to this elegant name. 28. Leopold (German Origin) Meaning "bold people". George means ‘farmer’. Septimus (Latin Origin) Meaning "seventh". Dior means ‘golden’. Rebecca is a variant of Biblical name Rebekah, which belonged to a maiden of modesty, beauty, and kindness. Hanson, meaning ‘son of Hans’, was originally a last name, but is used as a first name for fancy children.

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