The cafe is right smack in Odaiba, an artificial island away from the busy city centre, making it quite empty – even on weekends. Ingredienti: frullato. Con l’aiuto dello staff del Pokémon Café è possibile imparare a creare frullati dolci e cremosi utilizzando frutti di bosco, cioccolato oppure frutta di stagione come ingrediente principale. Orange Soda di Pikachu. When you walk in, you get these paper lunch mats for free. Fuocobomba ArcheoGroudon. Questo drink fresco e frizzante con una pallina di gelato cremoso in cima farà al caso vostro! Rather, it’s ARTNIA – a sleek building themed after video game company, Square Enix. Opening hours: 10AM – 10:30PM daily Halfway through our meal, we got a surprise — they announced that a special guest is coming out to greet us, and guess what? Prezzo: 1280 yen (circa 9 euro). Hi! The cafe is right smack in Odaiba, an artificial island away from the busy city centre, making it quite empty – even on weekends. Food quality? This is the place where you can catch ‘em all! A running joke amongst otakus is that to locate the Gundam Cafe, just look out for the large group of male fans huddling outside idol cafe, AKB48 Cafe & Shop Akihabara, next door. Image adapted from: @pris8484. Top up $14 to keep the Pikachu plate! Like most Singaporeans, my exposure to the Masked Rider franchise began in 2002 – when Channel i, bless its soul, aired Masked Rider Ryuki and proceeded to scar kids islandwide with a show where Riders had to kill each other to survive. Website. To fuel up, head to the cafe on the third floor and choose from the extensive menu for items like Nobita’s Cold Udon ($11) and Doraemon’s Taco-style Rice ($19). Although you’ll need to reserve online in advance to eat here, the cafe’s great attention to detail makes it worthwhile – from the Chef Pikachu mascot that greets you as you’re dining to the Kanto starter figures that are fixed on the table. It’s annexed to a Pokemon Center, so you have your merch needs covered too. And look, there’s English! Il locale offre pietanze e bevande ispirate al mondo delle creature tascabili, e … But amidst the bright, sparkling interior, one section of the cafe stands out with its pitch darkness: The Final Fantasy Shrine. Prezzo: 1380 yen (circa 9 euro). The Pokémon Cafe and Pokémon Center Tokyo DX are on the 5th floor of the Takashimaya Nihonbashi Store S.C. East Building (日本橋髙島屋S.C.東館). Prezzo: 1580 yen. Image credit: @marinajaku. Just like the one we have, this cafe serves up pretty Kitty-themed desserts at affordable prices. I managed to get a reservation for the end of July for two of us yesterday by booking two single spots, We won't be able to sit together, but we don't really mind. and Let’s Go Eevee! I was raised in Boston, so I grew up as a typical Asian girl into anime and games. C’è anche un tortino di Pikachu in cima con del gelato alla vaniglia! While the Straw Hat Pirates are still far from finding One Piece, fans can dock at Tokyo Tower’s Cafe Mugiwara to catch up with the likes of Luffy, Sanji and Nami. Ogni puzzle ha degli obiettivi specifici, perciò pensaci bene prima di fare la tua mossa. Yes. The menu changes periodically, but there are certainly a few favorites that are here to stay. Worth it? Mescola e divertiti! Well, make sure you get a reservation. Pagando 1944 ¥ (circa 14,93 €) anziché la cifra di listino, è possibile portare a casa la bellissima tazza! For some of the plates, you can buy them together with your meal. A must-see for any big Pokemon fan, Pokemon Cafe Tokyo offers an adorable menu featuring many popular Pokemon. Yoroshiku! In cucina un asciugamano è indispensabile! Prezzo: 680 yen (circa 5 euro). Il Pikachu Café venne chiuso al termine dell’evento, il 31 agosto 2014. He danced around and wiggled his ears. Can I get a private room?No, all the seats are regular table seats. Semifreddo di Lapras – 1274 ¥ (circa 9,78 €). Here are some of the older ones that were available. Per vedere il musetto di Pikachu, che è dipinto sul piatto, è necessario mangiare tutto! To go to the Pokémon Cafe you need to have a reservation. Strawberry Moogle Pancakes Ingredienti: gelatina blu, caramelle, cioccolato bianco (Poké Ball) e mousse ai frutti di bosco (Poké Ball). Per contorno si possono chiedere anche croccanti patatine fritte, immancabili compagne di ogni hamburger che si rispetti! ‘Cause this cafe also doubles up as a library, so if you’ve missed years of plot and plot, feel free to browse through past volumes – available in English, Chinese and Spanish. Can I smoke?No, the whole cafe is non-smoking. What are Your Best Japan experiences? Il successo fu immediato, tanto che partecipò all’evento anche una famosa attrice e doppiatrice giapponese, Rita Adachi, in veste di cameriera. Omelette di Pikachu Felice con salsa Magma ($25.00 – 22,50€), Caramella Rara di Pikachu Lottatore ($20.00 – 18,95€), Bolognese “Fuocobomba” di ArcheoGroudon ($20.00 – 18,95€), Pancake “dooolce” di Pikachu ($20.00 – 18,95€), Tartufi fritti del Pokémon Café ($12.00 – 10,80€), Sorbetto “Tuonoshock” di Pikachu ($15.00 – 13,45€), Dessert di ArcheoKyogre ($15.00 – 13,45€), Sfogliatina alla panna “Poké Ball” ($5.90 – 5,35€), T-shirt da uomo (29.99 – 26,80€) e bambino ($26.99 – 24,10€).

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