At install, Can we have a ‘change the menu’ option ? It would be such a waste. Uninstall packages by ‘Right Click’ option on main menu ( Like Linux Mint ) but ‘improve it’ … Right click the package(s) and select ‘mark for removal’ … Packages will remain ‘marked’ for ‘5’ minutes. Very much looking forward to version 11. Many thanks go out to all who are working this Distro, and to the BosTechMo crew. It detected my HP Laser but was not installed, I had to do it manually. So, I tried Peppermint 10 and I have never been more impressed by anything. When will be release peppermint os 11 Pls telll us. All rights reserved. The only problems with some Linux Distros is that they try to become more like Mac or Windows (or any popular L-Distro), and slowly but surely get too large. We’re still working on it. I tried it on Sid, using an lxsession as base and it got me pretty far but not all the way. Nemo lags for me & I don’t know if it’s hardware related or due to the version used in PM 10. This is much faster and more reliable than dragging an app window to the screen margin. Snap will give the title “heavyweight” to peppermint. Although I’m involved in the forums I haven’t been working the development side. As Peppermint 11 is based on Ubuntu 20.04, will it still run on 32-bit machines? So I am going to install Peppermint 10. So, if there is a way to make it work again, I would sure like to see it return. But I think it will be good to explain the situation to the users before they use snap like a pop pup to explain before using. A more modern paint on top of this incredible base.. would be something else! Peppermint OS a “Best Lightweight” Desktop September 29, 2020; Peppermint OS 10 “A Linux Desktop Frankenstein” September 20, 2020; Switched to Linux compares Peppermint to MX Linux September 16, 2020; Peppermint OS 11: What we would like to see July 4, 2020; 10 Best Lightweight Linux Distros For Old Computers June 25, 2020 Hi, Updating nemo can break things so I’ll wait to see if future PM fixes this. From Peppermint OS: Peppermint was designed for enhanced mobility, efficiency and ease of use. Hi Joseph I really enjoyed previous versions of Peppermint OS. I think it is a standard feature in lubuntu. Peppermint 10 is close to perfect for me. Fastest and Rock Solid stability performance. Unfortunately, the problem isn’t so much with browsers but the websites themselves. I have a very low spec computer and I got tired of Windows hanging every single minute in it. I asked about the feature when it went away and PCNetSpec crafted a script that worked. Possibly a Live USB Maker similar to the MX Live USB Maker for both dd and writable USBs with persistence, possibly remaster. Now the main problem for the Peppermint development is due to Ubuntu that is transforming in the “windows for the Linux world”: it is too bloated, and resources hungry. And since we all live in the time of the Internet, I would like to offer something for Peppermint OS 11. program built into Peppermint OS 11 to LOCK YOUR APPS I have made my own desktop based on Kwin and Lxqt and that worked very well. You managed to use less ram and even less cpu than Linux mint xfce. Peppermint 11 really should remain small, fast and un-bloated but also, of course, keep up with time and renew itself. Thanks for being a fan. To summarize, PP10 is my preferite OS and I have installed it on a lot of pc (and also 2 Mac!) The feature was dropped but PCNetSpec created a workaround that worked up until 9. I DO report and often fix things myself and show the changes like I did LMDE4/Clem. It looks like the installation is bigger by snap than by apt or debian…, Thanks for your support. This weekend the new administrator of the Peppermint OS Community Forum reached out to say that Peppermint 11 is being actively worked on, as … A couple of points following on from comments others have made: 1. Hello, everyone . Linux Affected by Bluetooth Security Bug and It’s Serious. How to Install Brave Browser on Ubuntu And Earn Rewards? There are some very good version of both that could be incorporated into the distro. I do, however, wish design was a bit more modern. Peppermint OS 11: What we would like to see July 4, 2020; 10 Best Lightweight Linux Distros For Old Computers June 25, 2020; New user moderation delays June 14, 2020; Insanely “Fast And Sleek” Peppermint 11 Linux OS To Release Soon June 8, 2020; Blazing Fast And Beautiful: Linux OS Peppermint 11 Is In Development June 7, 2020 Congratulations, I really hope you can keep going and I can’t wait to see Peppermint 11. To compare the software in this project to the software available in other distributions, please see our. Peppermint OS was earlier scheduled for release in the month of May or June. Tech wise, I don’t really think it needs much.. Join our mailing list to receive the latest linux tutorials, tips & tricks, freebies,news and updates from our team. Give us the choices of the ‘Default’ Whisker Menu / the Mate Menu and the Cinnamon Menu… But keep all the ‘Panel’ and Right Click Un-Install options above. Default Pepp 10 Respin Arc-red-dark theme is perfect, for me, the icon issue is likely a limitation of the numix icon theme, missing icons or configuration. I am a fan of the dark themes and I also install Ulauncher in each version of Peppermint. i have understand that upgrading a existing version from say 10 to 11 is not so easy. I’m not a DE guy, openbox all the way. Peppermint Linux „Endlilch mal wieder“ klingt nach einer neuen Distribution, Peppermint gibt es aber schon seit 2010 – allein die Aufmerksamkeit fehlt ein wenig. Suggestion for 11: On L-Mint-C, if the Panel gets messed up, say, by a child playing with it unsupervised :-(… you can right-click the Panel, click Troubleshoot, and then click Restore All Settings To Default. Will peppermint use snap or apt. from there you can set your own icons, For wallpapers ive made you can download them. Peppermint OS has 16 repositories available. While anything is Linux can be adjusted, it is easier for users who want Snaps to turn it on than it is for users who don’t want it to turn it off and purge them from the system. Do you follow Ubuntu LTS dates 5 years or Lubuntu 3 Years? Jr. Well. Since 2008 I am using Ubuntu and derivates on my old pc(s) and I have abandoned Windows. I thought I posted this previously but didn’t seem to show up, so here it again. I realize this isn’t a support question but I do want to remind anyone who may read this that if you do need support to visit our community forum at I look forward to someday seeing these dream features implemented. The issue is not about upgrading to a 64bit machine. I’m realy looking forward to using PeppermintOS 11. I do use a computer at home of course, but then I need it to be quick to start up and shut down, simple, easy and quick to use, but also nice to look at and work with. Haven’t had any major problems with it yet. Let's stay updated! Pls telll us. However for Peppermint, everything just works and doesnt requires any troubleshooting and it is buttery smooth. Yes Peppermint OS works well with Steam. What worries me most is the 10-11 step. By employing its Site Specific Browser, Peppermint integrates seamlessly with cloud and web-based applications. A Welcome Screen would be a great addition. The problem persisted even after I recently went from 8 to 32GB DDR3 in my PC. Dillo is fast, but can’t render pages well – any chance of a capable but lightweight browser in version 11? Something that I really liked, starting in Ubuntu when they used the Unity desktop, was the HUD. A warning about installing Snaps/Flatpaks would be helpful such as if they are closed source or not so user can better understand. I will be eager to see how Peppermint 11 manages this dichotomy. I’m so satisfied with it, I am ready to image the partition just so I have a stable and reliable backup. All of them have some good side and some bad side. That being said, I do try out DE’s and as far as I am concerned, this is absolutely top notch.I really hope you guys find the energy to get the 20.04 version going. He said: “I’m here to tell you that the Peppermint OS will live on, and development of version 11 is underway”. I kinda want to experience it with everyone else. I particularly like how MX Linux does this and centralises all tools to one convenient screen. I mostly agree with the video suggestions. version and this OS attracted me so much, ease of use, memorable Desktop presentation with and very good tools. I would really like to se a HUD in Peppermint 11. When would Peppermint version 11 be released? I came across this simple choice possibility in an other Linux OS. Thank you. Hi, Peppermint runs really great on my old quad core machine but there are some issues i would like to tell you. That’s a great question to ask in the forums. Peppermint OS 11: What we would like to see July 4, 2020; 10 Best Lightweight Linux Distros For Old Computers June 25, 2020; New user moderation delays June 14, 2020; Insanely “Fast And Sleek” Peppermint 11 Linux OS To Release Soon June 8, 2020; Blazing Fast And Beautiful: Linux OS Peppermint 11 Is In Development June 7, 2020 Introducing Peppermint OS. Arora was grewat, but I see is no longer maintained. Otherwise I would like Peppermint 11 to handle graphics cards better, also regarding external monitors (and especially multiple external monitors). Unfortunately in January this year, Peppermint CEO Mark Greaves passed away. My 4 words are “Donot use snap”. Linux Mint has this feature and allows he user to edit the shortcut key-combinations.

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