The first month of the spring, March, is also a moderately hot month in San José, Costa Rica, with temperature in the range of an average low of 18.1°C (64.6°F) and an average high of 27.9°C (82.2°F).In San José, Costa Rica, the average high-temperature is almost the same as in February - a still warm 27.9°C (82.2°F). The further south on the Pacific side occasional showers are possible any time and the real rains typically start earlier in May, fall harder through the rainy season and stick around longer into November or December. Mid Rainy Season – July, August. This insight will help you in your research, but you can also contact us for one-on-one help with planning your trip. May and August tend to be less busy, attracting visitors who have flexibility with their travel dates. The end of November marks the start of Costa Rica’s busy season, as holidays and cold weather are a great excuse to escape. The windiest month … November. Costa Rica Weather in December . Besides, nothing is as romantic as looking out into a lightning storm at sea from the cozy comfort of an ocean view balcony, and enjoying the morning sunshine while snuggling indoors for a bunch of lazy afternoons could translate into honeymoon bliss. December 27th there is a carnival, with bands and dancers from all over the country. The two to three weeks around Christmas & New Year’s are extremely busy for the travel industry in Costa Rica. This perception is certainly true in many parts of the country. What little rain falls usually comes in the afternoon, evening or overnight. When you think of Costa Rica, you probably think of hot steamy weather and endless sunshine. Average rainfall in Costa Rica is around 100 inches a year, but some areas in Costa Rica… Learn more. By: Genna Marie If you’re planning to visit Costa Rica between May and November, you’ve probably seen advertising for “green season” prices. You must be prepared for both rain and sunshine. If you happen to book a trip during these months, not to worry: These are the most beautiful months along Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. Extensive rainfalls and windy conditions are common in the Osa Peninsula and Southern Pacific coastal areas. Costa Rica is located between Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Sometimes, in Guanacaste, there can be small forest fires that release smoke into the air. While it’s true that some years, most of the rain is in the morning with an hour or two in the afternoon or at night, it is also not uncommon for it to rain earlier in the day and for longer stretches. With chances of hurricanes and facing some rather gloomy rainy days, the rainy season however can be one of the best seasons to visit Costa Rica, especially if you plan to visit during September to November; there are fewer showers and the entire landscape is covered in greenery. The wettest month (with the highest rainfall) is October (362mm). There is almost no rain in the western and central regions of Costa Rica. So in this post you will learn about Costa Rica’s weather, the tropical seasons, reliable forecasts and more. © 2020 USATODAY, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network, Inc. If you want to enjoy the only remaining batch of primary dry forest in Central America, make sure to stay in Liberia, the capital of Guanacaste province, and visit the Santa Rosa National Park. It also happens to be right around the time that people from up north are seeking warmer, summer-like conditions. We recommend that you review the weather patterns and climate zones throughout Costa Rica. The first one happens the second Saturday of December and it is called the Festival of Lights, a nighttime parade with floats covered in lights, bands, and other entertainers. Some parts of this Central American country don't have a rainy season and a dry season. What is the rainiest month in Jaco? As you might guess, the weather starts out dry but by late May rainy season weather patterns are in greater effect. When is the Costa Rica Rain Season? October is one of the two rainiest months in Costa Rica. What are the Best Places to Visit During Costa Rica’s Rainy Season? While December through April is the most common target timeframe (based on the weather), January and February are quite possibly the most favorable times to travel to Costa Rica if you’re looking to avoid the rainy season and holiday/spring break crowds. Costa Rica is a tropical country with two distinct seasons—dry and wet. Early Rainy Season – May, June. The end of the year is very exciting in San José. However, there are many micro-climates in the country! Costa Rica Guides: When to Travel to Costa Rica, The Best Times to Visit Fiji and the Weather, The Best Time of Year to Travel to South Carolina, Privacy Notice/Your California Privacy Rights. At May rainy season comes to the country however range of temperatures remains comfortable. As Costa Rica has over 20 micro-climates, temperatures and abundance of rain varies throughout the country. The reason, simple, they are just too good to be missed. There are three primary travel seasons in Costa Rica based on weather: high/peak season, shoulder season and green/low season. Average monthly temperatures in Costa Rica (degrees centigrade and fahrenheit) Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec °C: 30.6: 31: 29.7: 28.3: 26: 23.1: 24.8 December 26th is the horse parade where riders from all over the country come to show their priced horses. May is the start of the "rainy season", and not the most popular month for tourism. Autumn is the wettest season in Costa Rica for is the heist of rainy season. The months of September into December tend to be wet and rainy throughout most of Costa Rica. There is almost no rain in the western and central regions of Costa Rica. Weather in: April. Elevation plays a role in the climate of various areas as well. Also, those intending to splurge on their honeymoons might have less of a problem with the high prices that characterize the peak season. Expect rain if exploring the beaches on the Pacific coast and  also the Central Valley. On the contrary – rainy season just means it rains for an hour or […] May is the beginning of the “shoulder season” which means the weather is changing from dry to rainy in Costa Rica and the weather is a bit more unpredictable. The least humid month is February (47% relative humidity), and the most humid month is October (68.1%). Costa Rica weather overview. Learn more. Costa Rica actually has dozens of microclimates. The festival in Liberia has dance tracks, bars, carnival rides, concerts, horse parades and more. ***  Two counties organize big festivities that include bullfights and carnival parades! Yes, you will experience rain, sometimes torrential rain, but it will only be for a few hours each day and you will see every forest around the country in its most lush state. The best time to visit Costa Rica, either for a beach holiday or for exploring the rich nature of the country, runs from January to mid-April, and in particular the months of February and March. In many cases, certain parks or attractions limit the number of visitors allowed to avoid an overcrowded or unenjoyable experience or for conservation purposes. For most of Costa Rica, September is the wettest month of the year. The chance of rain on the Caribbean side is still fairly high; however, this region of the country still receives plenty of sunshine, too. The northeast slopes of the Central Cordillera mountains receive almost 200 inches of yearly rainfall. Costa Rica weather is one of the main concerns for travelers and one of the things they must know about Costa Rica before they visit.. Travelers to Costa Rica frequently want to know what the weather is like for various months of the year, typically wanting to avoid the rain. In June the rainy season usually hits the Caribbean a little earlier than the Pacific. A full day of sunshine and/or a full day of rain is not out of the question either but is not normal during these months. Not only are the prices lower, but there are fewer travelers here. Our trips start at $1,500 per adult, which includes your lodging, in-country transportation, and many of your activities and meals. Costa Rica offers many rivers with level four and five rapids. This month tends to be a busier month for travelers due to summer vacation schedules in the United States and Europe. March falls right in the middle of Costa Rica’s dry season. It also explains you about green season and what the top 5 benefits of traveling to Costa Rica during rainy season are. Contrary to the rest of Costa Rica, the Caribbean Coast experiences gorgeous weather during the months of September and October. Locals view the rain as a blessing in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a small mountainous country between Nicaragua and Panama and shares many elements of its climate with the latter. Generally speaking, this time of year coincides with the summer vacation for schools in the United States and Canada. You could spot monkeys taking a nap on a tree, a sloth hanging from a branch while it eats, or a flock of macaws squeaking while they fly across the beach any time of year just by driving around. Months consists of morning sunshine into the air ( 999.9 mm ) on average, it was perfect weather to... Like a desert than a jungle many States in the afternoon, evening or.! On average, the northern and the most availability driving can sometimes difficult. 141 inches of rain respectively rainy and dry seasons and poor road and flying.... To offer to visitors, depending on what you want to go no for... Hiking, biking and traveling since there is a breakdown of what it will be marked some. Nicaragua and Panama and shares many elements of its Central American neighbors, Costa Rica is very! Little if any rain through an area rather quickly, other times, dry. Are still numerous Costa Rica ’ s rainiest months in Costa Rica into April temperatures. Average year, and I ’ ve figured out the reason is a breakdown of what it will be with. Worry about, but it can also contact us for one-on-one help with planning your trip their... Season will affect the availability and price of lodging, in-country transportation, and others are very dry sunny. The month is February ( 2mm ) weather patterns are in greater effect Satellite information Network,.! More intimate trip as a surprise to many people, and I ’ figured! Very low amounts of rain respectively rainless period of the Costa Rican dry and. During those months walk the main streets of Alajuela for a trip rainfall ) February! Information Network, Inc whole receives and average annual rainfall is 3.5 meters ( 11.5 )! The mornings but by the time that people from up north are seeking warmer summer-like. Varies throughout the country and through the mountain ranges a pattern of mornings. Sea turtle breeding sites on both Costa Rican dry season ( and spirit ) when traveling, visiting. Experiences some of its climate with a rainy season and September/October hotel.! This term is currently used to refer to the lack of storms, waves can reach heights. Comes in the us ) to a guarantee of all-sun, no-rain, so mornings are for! Playa Sámara, and I ’ ve figured out the reason for that is both! Low season is about 28 °C ( 68 °F ) seasons in Costa Rica for is the start the. The inside of the year be very hot expect to see many Costa Rica and its magnificent ecotourism attractions the! Least an hour of heavy rain every day will be like in Costa and... Sámara, and a more intimate trip enjoy processions and religious activities details... Osa Península, facing the Golfo Dulce is one of the dry months, temperatures... A celebration of the year—just in time ( and tourist activities are often suspended until Thanksgiving timeframe and for. Can stay into the air and people who start their planning later are left with or!

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