Special. The Flu (2012) Note. Entertaining but unconvincing and dragging end. It captures the realism of what would happened in a case of an outbreak in real life... and guess what is happening with coronavirus. None of the actors embarrass themselves here to be fair. Really, if people only knew what lay behind those subtitled releases (that so many refuse to watch) they'd discover more fantastic cinema than they could ever handle. Awards Trailer. Of course this is a rip-off of every Quarantine/Contagion movie you've ever seen but it's got none of the character/plot or budget to pull it off. It's much more than a rehash of Contagion or Outbreak. Park Min Ha. [5] Ayahnya adalah pembawa acara SBS Park Chan-min. This was a pretty decent little event thriller from Korea. im an American but after watching this film i want to live there this film aired out just how easily our country would just wipe us out and that is exactly what Americans do and i hate that about this country. It has some clishés, but your need to see how a city handle a highly contagious decease will be satisfied. Sometimes, movie is a reflection of reality. With coronavirus turning into a pandemic, this movie showed what could have happen if it was a much severe virus. Korean Special, 2013, 1 eps. This is truly a great movie. Movie: The Flu Revised romanization: Gamgi Hangul: 감기 ... Park Min-Ha as Kim Mi-Reu Yu Hae-Jin as Bae Kyung-Ub Ma Dong-Seok as Jeon Kook-Hwan Lee Hee-Joon as Byung-Ki. The little sister of the dead young handmaid (Support Role) 1: The little sister of the dead young handmaid . There's a bit of the soundtrack too that sounded very like it was taken from 28 weeks later haha. Share this: Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) 6 Comments. Give a chance to this film. Of course Vietnamese workers are the source of the deadly virus (the Vietnamese provide a growing emigrant workforce as well as mail order brides in Korea) and the scene where the "good" Korean President threatens to shoot down the "bad" American jet bombers (ordered to bomb a mob threatening to break the quarantine cordon)doesn't say much for a generation that prefer to ignore how the Korean War was won. It's a cleverly constructed story that brings everything together. Dalam wadah tersebut salah satu imigran adalah pembawa virus mematikan dan sangat menular. Hint of just one of these said stupid plot holes: dudeman staying behind at the mall to beat up a steel barricade with a fire extinguisher lol. but after a few scene, the atmosphere changed 180 degrees, from drama changed dramatically into action movie. Main Role. Year Title # Role Rating; 2013: Drama Festival 2013: Rebellious add. Over the top - entertaining an eerily prophetic, If you like Train to Busan you will like Flu(minus the zombie), Korea's answer to 'Contagion' and 'Outbreak' doesn't shy away from melodrama - but still is a tense thrilling disaster movie staged with impressive clarity on a huge scale. It falls down due to some lame cliches, but the incredible pace and tense music keep you glued to your seat. The quirky buddies meet the feisty but sexy lady (who has a cute daughter). About the only thing that amused me in this movie was the undercurrent of xenophobia. Genre: Disaster / Adventure / Mother & Daughter / Fire Fighter Distributor: iFilm Corp. It grabs you right away and keeps the action coming. I really love the way it twist our emotion. Through all of the scene, honestly i can't predict how the story will end, but after the end i really disappointed about how the film end, is still want some drama actually. And after reading the reviews, of which many promised a great Contagion-esque disaster movie, I was real excited to watch it. The exposition is a parade of clichés. Download Film Korea The Flu (2013) Subtitle Indonesia : 360p : MirrorAce | SolidFiles | UppIT | MP4upload | Userscloud | Google Drive. 2 : stella Says: July 9th, 2012 at 9:05 pm. Movies about pandemics and the end of the world are on their time right now, but this one is so corny that you have to make an effort to reach the ending. It was very interesting to see transmission and subsequent spread of the virus and this could be a good watch for people curious about how viruses are spread. Metacritic Reviews. Marvellous Stuff. Download Film Korea The Flu (2013) Subtitle Indonesia : 360p : MirrorAce | SolidFiles | UppIT | MP4upload | Userscloud | Google Drive, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol (2020) Episode 12. External Reviews Korean disaster movies give you more than you pay for and this is no exceptioin. There is a confinement leading to a grand show down with some political commentary. Humanity is so fragile, right? This was so realistic at what COULD play out in a real life scenario, and it's scary to think how quickly both the populace AND the government overseeing them can go off the deep end. Sure an advanced ability to suspend disbelief is often a necessity in Korean movies but the idea that a virus could be contained in Bundang is just plain silly. I was on the edge of my seat... and I am easily distracted usually. FAQ I have always enjoyed Asian movies, and Korea really do manage to release some really impressive titles from time to time. Absolutely must see! Yes, The Flu is actually quite heavy on the Americanized style, but maybe this is good, as it would be a great flick to start getting into foreign cinema for the uninitiated. Flu while being very cliché from the plot to the characters motivation is still an entertaining outbreak movie with strong acting and thrilling action scene so if you like the first haft of 28 Days Later... and wish the whole movie like that Flu is the movie for you.The little girl is very annoying but she a big part of the story so you just have to roll with it. You'll noticed what I'm talking about throughout the movie. I hadn't really expected anything in particular from "The Flu" ("Gamgi"), and I was blown away by the intensity and gripping storyline that director Sung-su Kim managed to present here. Byung-Ki (Lee Hee-Joon) dan Byoung-Woo (Lee Sang-Yeob) pergi ke kontainer untuk melepaskan imigran. If you like korean movies it's definitely worth a look.. That had me choking back tears! Too many stupid plot holes that ruined what could have been a great movie, A very well-written movie with a talented cast. But this one shouldn't be missed. Proving once again that other countries can easily match Hollywood, or outdo them, The Flu is a great little (well actually quite big) flick that starts off as some light- hearted caper and develops into a blockbuster. Sekelompok imigran diselundupkan di dalam kontainer dengan tujuan akhir mereka menjadi warga negara Korea Selatan. Language: Korean Country: South Korea, Jang Hyuk as Kang Ji-Koo Soo-Ae as Kim In-Hae Park Min-Ha as Kim Mi-Reu Yu Hae-Jin as Bae Kyung-Ub Ma Dong-Seok as Jeon Kook-Hwan Lee Hee-Joon as Byung-Ki. This film is amazing the little girl will bring tears too your eyes she i adorable Korea i love you. Pretty disappointing flick (I was very into korean movies these days, this one is the worst by far). With what is going on in Wuhan now this is an eerily prophetic movie. This movie had phenomenal acting to, the 2 main protagonists were great, and that little girl, wow. hello,she’s cute. Korean Movie, 2013, Kim Mi Reu (Main Role) Kim Mi Reu . | Some of the action and fighting is a bit over the top. Not much I suspect. | [6], Dari Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas, "Park Min-ha "Please only look if you love me, "Production press conference of new film The Flu (2013) to be held", "Celebrity family promotes travel program to rural Korea", https://id.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Park_Min-ha_(aktris)&oldid=12252484, Nama pengguna Twitter berbeda dengan Wikidata, Lisensi Atribusi-BerbagiSerupa Creative Commons.

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