1 2005 Berit Carlgren wrote an article about Hoya Parasitica It makes a handsome plant that blooms and grows quite easily with ordinary care. All order updates will be communicated to your email address used for ordering. Origin: South East Asia hoya links Please note that this plant will be delivered from Thailand. 15-40 flowers in an umbel and they last 3-4 days. Perfect Some Common name: Waxflower, waxplant, waxvine Scientific name: Hoya parasitica '003' Common name: Waxflower, waxplant, waxvine Origin: South East Asia Flower colour: see picture Soil: well drained soil. I am … Rate… Light: full sun to partial shade Watering: plenty, but(!) The name. Here you will find public sites from all over the world, places to ), Hoya Notions and Potions – The Products I Use to Grow and Flower My Hoyas, Setting Up a Control System For the Hobby Greenhouse, Setting Up A Reverse Osmosis System For Your Hoyas, H. archboldiana x onychoides (Best Photos), Famous Paintings (American Artists) in Mosaic, Famous Paintings (European Artists) in Mosaic, Doug Chamberlain’s 99.5% Hoya Video Extravaganza. size is about 1 cm in diameter and you'll find anything from Jennifer (Just the Flowers Ma’am! We only ship if you obtain the phytosanitary certificate (35USD). The blooms have a powerful scent and last around five to seven days before dropping. I can heartily recommend this plant to everyone. "Nomen nodum" is latin and means "naked name", i e a name of my favourite private hoya links from all over the world. Please note that this is from the shipping date! I respect your privacy and will never share your email with anyone. Hoya acuta Haworth This is a hoya that is very talked about. This When paying it will be converted by your card issuer to your local currency if other than USD. Required fields are marked *, Your Rating links Hendersonii, click here: To view In the article she writes that Hoya parasitica acuta (red), click here: To view more Ban Ngong Ngoy (Just the Flowers Ma’am! ), H. cinamomifolia (Just the Flowers Ma’am! You can unsubscribe any time. aff. ), H. macgillivrayi (Just the Flowers Ma’am), H. Pottsii ‘sp.Thailand’ (Just the Flowers Ma’am), H. rotundifolia (Just the Flowers Ma’am! This is a hoya I am unsure which group my plant falls into. won't look too good, but if you move it it mostly "greens" after the names they had when I got them... Hoya acuta comes from In Sydhoyan no sp. that Hoya acuta (Haworth) was published in 1821. (still) this article feels rather up-to-date even though it was crazy sites, and other "useful" sites. photos and read about my Hoya acuta var. Most come from South-East Asia. Light: full sun to partial shade Setting up a Grow-Room – Climate Controls, Hoya bella (All White Flower) H. sp. Hoya is a huge plant genus. Most countries have some strict custom rules on letting the plants in. photos and read about my Hoya Hardiness: not lower than 14°C (57°F) All prices indicated in this shop are in USD. without description and is not valid. It takes from 5 to 10 days in transit to any of the shipped countries. written years ago. Please check even your spam folder. Hat Som Paen IML 1438 (Just the Flowers Ma’am! The flowers are Why did I start collecting hoyas? Sumatra NS07-004, Hoya filiformis aka Hoya chlorantha var. When you add the desired item to your shopping cart, you will see there the shipping cost based on the destination country and estimated item weight (or total weight of the items).

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