Despite the frequent accusations, there is no true evidence to the viewer or the characters that Kevin is actually a homosexual. In the third series, he tells Will that he is single (despite allegedly dating Miss Timms in the episode 'Exam Time') and that Will's mother Polly is "very much his type". Jay's only friend who genuinely likes him is Neil, mostly because he is naïve enough to believe Jay's stories. Speaking to Good Morning Britain, the actor spoke about exactly why the show couldn’t be revived after three seasons and two movies. The three are typical university students and as such their drunken behaviour disturbs Will, who previously assumed that his evenings at university will involve intellectual debate. Rudge Park school organised a fashion show in support of his charity. In series 3, Simon takes part in the school charity fashion show, but humiliates both himself and Carli when he walks along the catwalk wearing Speedos with a testicle sticking out. that sees a DJ being electrocuted while a crowd mistakenly believes that he’s “just doing the latest dance craze”. Neil believes the story, but Will does not, questioning how the first eighteen people who found Wharton "turned out to be opportunistic homosexual rapists" and why Wharton would tell Jay about the ordeal due to its embarrassing nature. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. On the occasions he does stop wrongdoing, he tends to defuse the situation without resolving the issues that caused it. © 2020 NME is a member of the media division of BandLab Technologies. Similarly to Sarah Bell, Neil quickly also tells Simon that he reckons "Jo Larken shaves her pubes" when he realises a curtain has been put up meaning he cannot see the girls. This is a list of characters from the British sitcom The Inbetweeners, which ran for three series from 2008–2010 on E4. The boys later convince Jay that Sophie's, Fergus is a friend of Will's mother Polly who she is going on holiday with to the. He also starred in the 2016 remake of 'Dad's Army' where he played 'Private Pike'. He appears to be less hostile (yet by no means friendlier) towards Jay, Simon and Neil., — Good Morning Britain (@GMB) May 28, 2018. Despite many awkward attempts to show her his feelings – including spray painting "I Love Carli D'Amato" on her driveway – for most of the time she does not reciprocate, partly due to having a boyfriend, Tom, but in the final episode of the second series: "Exam Time", Carli seems interested in Simon after she split up with her boyfriend Tom, and they kiss while revising for A-levels at Simon's house.

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