Just make sure that you don’t hurt yourself during practice again. You had watched him play for months and you had never seen him trip. April 23, 2019. Even though he would never admit that he does, Yuta would love it. Jeno wouldn’t feel awkward, to be honest. Yuta would eventually run out of ideas, but would still manage to make the other person very uncomfortable and probably manage to make you laugh too. He would be too embarrassed to move and too embarrassed to look at you, his face turning red. I know we just talked for the first time, and we can only go out as friends if you want and you don’t even have to go out with me but if you do that will be great but if you don’t that…”, You giggled and interrupted him. Jaemin struggled with those thoughts for the rest of the week. “We’ll just leave you two alone for a minute!” Haechan turned around, yelling. And it would take him even longer to realize that you were the one responsible for that. He would probably be just as shy around you as you were around him so once the two of you started dancing he would be stumbling and tripping over his own feet a lot, too distracted by the thought that he was actually dancing with you. After the person had walked away Winwin would apologize to you a billion times for his behavior, and explain to you how he didn’t want to act like that but he just lost control. But he would try to contain himself so he doesn’t make you feel awkward. Hey! and instead, he would just snake his arms around your waist as the guy was talking to you and start kissing down your neck, trying to make it as obvious as he can and make the other person as uncomfortable as possible. Why are you always stealing mine?”. “I got distracted!” Haechan rolled his eyes at him. He would definitely take pictures. He was just about to tie his shoelaces and start warming up when he noticed something that made him pause. But would try to look as mature as possible in front of strangers, when he wants to be taken seriously. But he would gladly accept, trying to hide his happy grin. He would actually really love it, stopping you to take a bunch of pictures of you before letting you go. So even though he felt like initiating a fight at first, he wouldn’t do it, because he would want to come across as more serious and mature than the person who was yelling at you. NCT Dream merupakan unit yang beranggotakan member-member termuda. Thanks for requesting! He would be very surprised at first, asking you several times if you were sure you wanted to dance with him and constantly giving you comforting smiles as you dance, wanting to make you feel less shy around him. So instead of getting mad, he would just calmly and nicely explain to the guy that you are together and he should stop flirting with you. When he does he finally does though, he wouldn’t be mad or anything. Your silence was interrupted by Hachan and Jeno who had just walked out of the locker rooms. After awhile though, he would get annoyed with himself for acting so…soft  i couldn’t think of another word to describe it lol and would immediately snap out of it, waking you up and still pretending to be angry that you fell asleep. . No? Saat ini, NCT Dream terdiri dari tujuh anggota yaitu Mark, Haechan, Jeno, Jaemin, Renjun, Chenle dan Jisung. Taeyong would give the person an angry glare and cuss him out under his breath, before turning to you quickly, worried that the person had pushed you too hard and you were hurt somewhere. Jaehyun would take awhile to learn that you love giving skinship, but you don’t like receiving it. So he wouldn’t say anything for a few seconds - trying to comprehend exactly what was happening, but when he does he would tell the guy to go away without really trying to be nice. Wouldn’t say anything to the guy. Renjun would be a shy blushing mess, but very smiley and happy at the same time. But he would be so nice that he wouldn’t notice that he was starting to run out of clothes after you have taken more than half of them. Mark would probably get really embarrassed about skinship, too. Chenle wouldn’t be flustered or awkward at all. “Seriously?” Haechan laughed while drying his sweaty hair with a towel. Johnny wouldn’t be mad about it, but he would still feel the need to scare the guy away. He would actually pretend that he hadn’t even noticed him. And you knew that maybe it meant nothing, but it wouldn’t hurt to have hope, right? “I’ve seen you play many times.” Jaemin smiled back and nodded. You would both be very careful when giving skinship to each other and you would slowly get used to it together. “Sounds good! Right now he was standing in the middle of the grassy soccer field, tying his shoes and getting ready for practice when suddenly he felt an arm wrap around his shoulder. You’re a lost cause seriously.“ He chuckled again. And that fourth reason was player number 11 - Na Jaemin. He knew that you would be waiting outside for Jeno. Jaemin had just walked out of the locker rooms and as always she was out there, waiting patiently for her friend. He would try to look as intimidating as he can, giving you a small, reassuring smile, before turning to the guy who was flirting with you and leaning in to whisper in his ear: “You can stop now. “ You chuckled. “Hey…”  He extended his hand out for you to shake. He would just see this as an opportunity to get closer to you. Opposite to what you would expect though he wouldn’t just stay quiet about it. To be honest, it would probably take him awhile to even realize that his clothes are disappearing. can you please make nct 127 reaction to their younger sister always stealing their clothes? I'm Harriet and I do reactions, imagines, scenarios, fake texts and snaps, moodboards and basically everything related to NCT! Taeyong wouldn’t initiate skinship if you tell him you don’t want him to. It looks like you haven’t washed it in centuries! Unless you want to her to think of you as “That weirdo who tripped over his own feet”, Jaemin chuckled softly and nodded. But instead, he would calm down a little bit, giving the person an angry look before turning to you. He has been trying to talk to you for months before that, but you always found an excuse not to talk to him, because you were too shy. “If I were you I would just go up to her and try to introduce myself properly. “Haven’t your mother ever told you that acting like this is not right? I am. Hi how would nct 127 react if they were walking down the street with their girlfriend and someone bumped into her and started yelling at her even though it wasnt her fault? “Oh, by the way, are you okay? “They seem to be getting along well…”. Should’ve I tried to be more intimidating? “Yep!”, “Okay great!” You grinned happily. He smiled widely at you and you smiled back. NCT … But recently with winter approaching the weather had started to become colder and colder. Jisung would be the most awkward one out of all. NCT 127 reaction: Their younger sister always stealing their clothes. can you please make nct 127 reaction to their younger sister always stealing their clothes? Summary: Na Jaemin is the star of your high school’s soccer team and it just turns out that you - the girl he has been crushing on for months - are the team’s biggest fan. Ever since his news of his past controversies, NCT‘s Taeyong has been a controversial figure among fans. He was surprised at first when he realized you were asleep. First, slowly moving closer to you and wrapping an arm around you. However, if he sees that the person and what he is saying is starting to make you uncomfortable he wouldn’t hesitate to do something about it. Just talk to her! But you couldn’t help but wonder how he managed to trip over his own feet. Doyoung would be mostly surprised when he sees someone flirting with you because he wouldn’t understand why someone would flirt with you when you were obviously already in a relationship. Thank you. “But that’s just my opinion.”. I promise.”, You smiled back widely and kissed his cheek. If you weren’t he would just give the person who was walking away another death glare, but remain silent and continue walking with you. Your friend had mentioned several times that his teammate was asking about you. Donghyuk would get mad at first because he really wanted to watch the movie with you. He would definitely see this as an opportunity to start a conversation with you - something that he was too nervous to do until then because he knew you were very shy. The boy tended to act stupid from time to time, but he definitely wasn’t. He wouldn’t even pause to think about what he was doing before jumping between you and the other guy, holding you protectively behind his back. He would freeze and stutter at your question, his response coming out as complete gibberish. But so did almost every other girl in your school, so you didn’t really have a chance. That day after school Haechan took Jaemin to the soccer field for a quick game in hopes of distracting his friend from the strange girl who seemed to have stolen his heart. Jaemin laughed and shook his head, smiling. Haechan’s words seemed to cause for Jaemin’s normally cheerful personality to return and when he got home that night he came up with a plan. But he would somehow always end up forgetting about it, showering you with hugs and kisses and causing you to blush. “Look,” Haechan finally broke the silence with a sigh, “I’m tired of you acting like that. At first, he was worried that the girl was one of his teammates’ girlfriend since she was always there, her cheering always louder than anyone else’s. But he would also manage to convince the person who bumped into you to apologize. He is the main vocalist and the lead dancer of NCT 127 and NCT Dream. He would kind of just walk over to you, calmly and wrap an arm around your shoulders and give the other guy a death glare, causing him to trail off in the middle of what he was saying and go away. Doyoung would be extremely confused about why you liked giving skinship so much, but hate it when he does it to you. Anon requested:  Hi how would nct 127 react if they were walking down the street with their girlfriend and someone bumped into her and started yelling at her even though it wasnt her fault? Maybe the guy didn’t realize that you have a boyfriend, it’s not his fault…. I am disgusted! And…”. NCT 127 reaction: Their younger sister always stealing their clothes. You didn’t mean to fall asleep because you had promised him that you were going to watch that movie, but your exhaustion got the best of you and you fell asleep, moving to lay on his chest in your sleep without realizing it. He would just be kind of “Meh” about it. “Hey you! Yuta would be very angry. You turned your attention to the field as the boys started practice. Causing you to get annoyed with him and do what he wants so he’ll shut up. But he wouldn’t ever initiate it because he knew it made you feel embarrassed. . Pinterest. And during all this time, the girl would always be there - sitting on the bleachers, supporting her friend. “I didn’t mean to!” Jaemin tried to defend himself. “So did you have something to tell me?” You asked with a hopeful tone in your voice. Yay! youtube.com The Fresh-Looking & Innocent Member of NCT, Jungwoo! Haechan would be the type to get so angry with the person’s behavior that he wouldn’t be able to form a proper sentence and by the time he does manage to the person would’ve already walked away, leaving Haechan to angry mutter to himself all kinds of things about the person’s horrible personality. This boy is too sweet to say no to you. He would constantly ask you about it.

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