Many works of the Greek Fathers also passed into Armenian. For the wider movement, see, Compensation for kiosks on Abovyan street, List of Occupy movement protest locations, 2008 Armenian presidential election protests, "Experts: Armenian oligarchy's fate at stake in Mashtots Park", "Copper Mine Menaces Armenia's Teghut Forest", "Trchkan: Waterfall conservation saga ends in rare victory for Armenian environmentalists", "Protests Continue Over Mining Expansion in Kajaran", "Yerevan authorities begin dismantling kiosks on Abovyan street", "Dismantled Abovyan St. Stores Offered Space in Mashtots Park", "Doctors disapprove of construction at Mashtots Park", "Mashtots Park activists plan a protest in front of the Government building", "Activists resume protests on Mashtots avenue to hinder builders' work", "Protestors Block Construction Truck at Mashtots Park", "Protesters lie in front of vehicle to ban its move", "Mashtots Park upstages Comedy Club: construction is carried out by Gardening CJSC",, Articles containing Armenian-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Preservation of public green areas, environmental purposes, civic activism, self-determination as citizens, against oligarchy, This page was last edited on 4 August 2020, at 05:08. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. [12] But his activity was not confined to Eastern Armenia. One of the central streets of Yerevan - Mesrop Mashtots Avenue, is also called after the great Armenian. The apartment is located on one of the best streets of Yerevan, on Mashtots Avenue, where you can find many banks, shops and cafes . 1–2 minutes later the police approached us and said the same thing - without any justification - that we must take the cover off and stand under the snow. Mashtots Park Movement (Armenian: Մաշտոցի պուրակի շարժում), also known as #SaveMashtotsPark and OccupyMashtots began as a sit-in on February 11, 2012 in Mashtots Park, Yerevan. Oshakan St. Mesrop Mashtots Church was built in the 19th century on the tomb of Mesrop Mashtots. Soon a concrete-mixing vehicle tried to enter Mashtots park to deliver concrete to the construction site. There is Mesrop Mashtots University in Yerevan. Mashtots Street is the "Main Street" of Yerevan. VIRTUAL REALTOR CONSULTATION. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository, მაშტოცის გამზირი (ka); Avenuo Mesrop Maŝtoc (eo); avenue Mesrop Machtots (fr); 马什托茨大道 (zh-hans); Mashtotsavenyn (sv); Մաշտոցի պողոտա (hy); שדרת משטוטס (he); Mesrop Mashtots Avenue (nl); Проспект Месропа Маштоца (ru); Mashtots Avenue (en); Mesrop Maştots Caddesi (tr); حي ماشدوتس (ar); Մաշտոցի Պողոտայ (hyw); خیابان ماشتوتس (fa); 马什托茨大道 (zh); 馬什托茨大道 (zh-hant) улица в Ереване (ru); voie d’Erevan en Arménie (fr); street in Yerevan (en); Երևանի փողոց (hy); Gata i Jerevan, Armenien (sv); Erivan'da bir cadde (tr) Maştots Caddesi, Mesrop maştots caddesi (tr); Avenue Machtots, Avenue mashtots (fr), Monte Melkonian Monument, Mashtots Avenue, National Polytechnic University of Armenia, building 6, 2014 Erywań, Kobieta na przejściu dla pieszych.jpg, 2014 Erywań, Widok z Matenadaranu na Aleję Masztoca (01).jpg, 2014 Erywań, Widok z Matenadaranu na Aleję Masztoca (02).jpg, Armenian architectural characteristics, Mashtots Avenue building in Yerevan, 2009.jpg, Balade du musée Sarian (Erevan) jusqu'à la rue Amiryan - 27.JPG, Bicycle street sign Mashtots Avenue Yerevan.jpg, Kanaker-Zeytun, Yerevan, Armenia - panoramio.jpg, Mashtots Avenue with view of Yerevan from Victory park.jpg,, Pages with object coordinates from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. To Mesrop we owe the preservation of the language and literature of Armenia; but for his work, the people would have been absorbed by the Persians and Syrians, and would have disappeared like so many nations of the East". [14] The most famous of his pupils were John of Egheghiatz, Joseph of Baghin, Yeznik, Koryun, Moses of Chorene, and John Mandakuni. The loss of the Greek originals has given some of these versions a special importance; thus, the second part of Eusebius’s Chronicle, of which only a few fragments exist in the Greek, has been preserved entirely in Armenian. The concrete-mixing vehicle returned later - only to face some 100 protesters, some of which lay in front of the truck to block its movement. Here, juse a block or two from the National Opera Theatre, you can enjoy KFC. In the morning of February 16, day 6 of the sit-in the protesters set a polyethylene cover on the kiosk carcass they were occupying to protect themselves from the abundant snow, and were approached by three civilians, presumably - associated with the construction, demanding to take the cover off. The fresco on the western wall depicts Mesrop Mashtots holding the newly created alphabet. Mashtots Park activists protesting in front of the city hall of Yerevan, Armenia on 20 February 2012. The invention of the alphabet (406) was the beginning of Armenian literature, and proved a powerful factor in the upbuilding of the national spirit. He is buried in Oshakan, a historical village 8 km southwest from Ashtarak. Lovely One-Bedroom Apartment on Parpetsi 28 45 m² - Parpetsi St ... street, building type, property floor and more. The decrees of the first three councils — Nicæa, Constantinople, and Ephesus — and the national liturgy (so far written in Syriac) were also translated into Armenian, the latter being revised on the liturgy of St. "was to separate for ever the Armenians from the other peoples of the East, to make of them a distinct nation, and to strengthen them in the Christian Faith by forbidding or rendering profane all the foreign alphabetic scripts which were employed for transcribing the books of the heathens and of the followers of Zoroaster. The area of the underground crossing located at the junction of Surb Grigor Lusavorich street and Mashtots avenue junction (adjacent to the former “Fish store”) is being cleaned up, unused constructions are being removed so as to restore the proper look of the passage. Told them we were doing a peaceful picket and that they are depriving us of essential means of protecting ourselves from the snow. While Yerevan Chief Architect Narek Sargsyan denied the rumors that the dismantled kiosks were to be moved to Aram Street, the municipality confirmed the news on January 30, 2011. Some 10,000 people signed the petition.[11]. Media in category "Mashtots Avenue" The following 200 files are in this category, out of 265 total. Basil, though retaining characteristics of its own. Having returned to Eastern Armenia to report on his missions to the patriarch, his first thought was to provide a religious literature for his countrymen. The Armenians read his name in the Canon of the Mass, and celebrate his memory on 19 February. This work must have been considered imperfect, for soon afterwards John of Egheghiatz and Joseph of Baghin were sent to Edessa to translate the Scriptures. While the US occupy movements act against the bureaucratic system resulting in social and economic inequality, Mashtots Park Movement places itself in a different socioeconomic context - oligarchy, "people above the law" who, having economical and political resources, place their interests above those of the people.[4]. There is a statue to him at the Matenadaran, one at the church he was buried at in Oshakan village, and one at the monument to the alphabet found on the skirts of Mt. The following 200 files are in this category, out of 234 total. We told them we did not break any laws. (previous page) () Stamps have been issued with his image by both the Soviet Union and by post-Soviet Armenia. He survived his friend and master by only six months. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the. Anxious that others should profit by his discovery, and encouraged by the patriarch and the king, Mesrop founded numerous schools in different parts of the country, in which the youth were taught the new alphabet.

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