But what about the CEOs who make bottom-of-the-barrel annual salaries? CEO salary: $58,100  (Screen shot ClothesToKids.org), Brazos Valley Food Bank spends 96% of its budget on program expenses. With those kinds of earnings, he can afford to be generous. CEO salary: $56,200 (Screen shot NorthernPlains.org), A reported 92% of Society of St. Vince de Paul’s budget is directed to programs and services. The co-founder of Google doesn't need a hefty salary to stay rich. It seems all we ever hear about these days are the highest-paid CEOs, the ones who rake in many millions of dollars in salaries every year. CEOs are a funny bunch. Photo: Open, “The Borgen Project is an incredible nonprofit organization that is addressing poverty and hunger and working towards ending them.” Not too high, not too low, just right for an executive. He averages $2,200 to $3,600 per year as the CEO of Energy Transfer Partners. Talk about company perks. He's heavily involved in related foundations and projects. The CEO and founder of Kinder Morgan also makes just $1 per year. CEO salary: $56,290 (Screen shot svdppdx.com), Crossroads Urban Center, centered in Salt Lake City, spends 89.1% of its budget on programs. Some of the most successful charities in the world, charities that earn large amounts of revenue annually, happen to have some of the lowest paid CEOs. As a result, these charities with low paid CEOs are some of the highest rated today. Zuckerberg has ways of making money other than giving himself a hefty salary at Facebook. Just like Brin, co-founder Larry Page doesn't need to demand a high salary. It's more than enough to keep most people comfortable. Her dedication to the cause is reflected through this information. Images. A whole lot when you add in 85,000 Class A and millions of Class B stock options. CEO salary: $54,235 (Screen shot KidsAroundTheWorld.com), A reported 97.6% of Food Bank of the Abermarle’s budget goes to its services. Sharon Broughton, $258,411, Kids Help Phone, President & CEO. While the highest-paid nonprofit CEOs are in healthcare and financial services, things get more interesting when we look at normal charities. CEO salary: $59,518 (BVFB.org), A reported 92.8% of United Way of Mower County’s funds are spent on programs. But he also gets $5 million per year in "other compensation," so even if his stocks tank, he won't go bankrupt. True, his $600,000-ish annual salary is nothing to scoff at, but many people would expect a higher amount for one of the most famous CEOs in the world. He's one of the rare ones who does what he does solely out of passion and love. Hayne might have to give up his $1-per-year salary at Urban Outfitters if the clothing chain continues to make offensive garments. Lisa Hopper – World Care. Below is part of an email, shared on November 3, 2010, which articulates a familiar complaint about charity CEO pay:The email goes on to list several additional \"offenders\" and warns readers to \"think twice\" before giving any of their money to another charity. 10 top charities with low-paid CEOs View Slideshow St. Louis-based Crisis Aid International spends 90.7% of its budget on the programs and services it delivers. Serving to provide emergency relief within 24 hours of a natural disaster, … But for now, he's sitting pretty with his $5,000-per-year bonus and $1 salary since he's raking it in via the company's life and auto premiums. He's gone with a $1 … We know how CEO salaries vary by the charity’s location, budget and type of work. Since 2005 we have published our findings in an annual CEO Compensation Study in an effort to help donors, nonprofit leaders and regulators make educated decisions about the … As the CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Whitman earns just $1 every year. This billionaire makes $1 billion (plus some change) each year via stock gains. With a base pay of $53,500, Rickert truly gives her everything to this important cause. These CEOs truly give everything to their company, taking miniscule amounts of money to support themselves while dedicating the rest to the cause. CEO salary: $60,083  (Screen shot UWMower.org), 10 Geoff Cape, $255,329, Evergreen (urban sustainability), CEO. However, he makes it onto many lists as one of the richest people in the world and is worth an estimated $2 billion. Coming in at 64.45 on the Charity Navigator scale, this organization is dedicated to ensuring that US soldiers and families receive the resourceful comfort that they deserve. Surprised? This equates to a salary of $45,000. With more than $90 million in stock options, the soon-to-be former CEO of Oracle has a $1-per-year salary. When a store is dubbed "Whole Paycheck" by its customers-cum-cult-members, you don't have to worry about cash flow as much. Serving as the CEO of American Midstream means a paltry $251,000 per year. He's gone with a $1-per-year salary ever since the tech giant went public in 2004. One of the more famous $1-per-year CEOs, Mackey is the man behind Whole Foods. Even when they pay themselves surprisingly low salaries, most--but not all--have more money than any regular Joe can dream of. You can pay yourself just $1 a year when your investment portfolio includes Netflix. CEO salary: $48,463 (Screen shot CrisisAid.org), Home-building charity Habitat for Humanity of Spartanburg in South Carolina spends 87.1% of its budget on its work. An investment mogul, he can keep the salary of his "real job" low. Who knew the highest-paid CEO was also the lowest-paid? How does she do it? The CEO of International Textiles Group also didn't breach the million dollar mark, earning $970,000. A Texas Tech grad, he simply says that he doesn't see the purpose of an inflated salary. The CEOs above have taken significantly lower annual earnings to help their charities succeed. Like Ingles, he has benefits included. Serving as the CEO of Martin Midstream Partners earns the founder around $125,000 per year. It funnels 89.2% of funds to its activities. Icahn has billions as the founder of Icahn Enterprises and makes the bulk of his riches via savvy investment strategies. And he reimburses his company for any parking or health care costs employees may incur. The highest-paid charity CEOs tend to be a mix of arts organizations, museums, and research institutes, although a wide variety … A reported 86.9% of its budget is spent on services and programs. Of the expenses, Lisa Hopper receives only 1.1 percent. He owns plenty of stock in the company, so don't worry that he won't be able to afford the hot bar. Sergey Brin. CEO salary: $57,610  (Screen shot CrossroadsUrbanCenter.org), Clothes to Kids provides free clothing to kids in need. – The Huffington Post, https://borgenproject.org/wp-content/uploads/The_Borgen_Project_Logo_small.jpg, 3 High Rated Charities With Low Paid CEOs, Taking the LED: D-Rev’s Stroke of Brilliance in Treating Newborn Jaundice, 4Afrika Changes Technology Around the World. However, just short of a million is still nothing to scoff at, and Gorga seems to be doing fine. The executive director of this cause Tom Webster receives just 3.83% of expenses, netting a base pay of 53,000 dollars. This Christian Ministry supports the citizens of Spartanburg by building affordable housing for those in need. Considering he owns thousands of Class A Google shares, along with millions of shares in the Class B category, he's doing just fine even with his paltry salary. It comes in at 63.34 on the Charity Navigator Scale, raising 1.36 million in 2012. All ratings on Charity Navigator are out of 70. Note: An earlier version of this column incorrectly characterized John Mackey's yearly paid time off bonuses, and incorrectly stated Carl Icahn still had an investment in Dell. What does $1 per year get you when you're the CEO of Google? St. Louis-based Crisis Aid International spends 90.7% of its budget on the programs and services it delivers. Serving to provide emergency relief within 24 hours of a natural disaster, World Care made in difference in 2012 with over 4 million in revenue. Her company stocks and bonds alone bring in about $16 million each year. It is easy to assume that CEOs of organizations take home a large piece of the pie, regardless of whether the organization is for or not for profit. Unlike many others on this list, he doesn't have millions or billions in stocks to fall back on--this is it. Sources: Charity Navigator, OSOT America Below are three of the lowest paid CEOs operating some of the highest rated charities. However, she remains one of the richest and highest-earning CEOs. CEO salary: $52,986 (Screen shot HabitatSpartanburg.org), Kids Around the World, which focuses on helping families affected by war, poverty, illness and natural disaster, spends 89.1% of its budget on its programs. The co-founder of Google doesn't need a hefty salary to stay rich. CEO salary: $54,500 (Screen shot AFoodBank.org), The Northern Plains Resource Council says its function is to protect Montana water quality, family farms and ranches. While this charity raises almost 1.5 million dollars a year for the cause, its president Deborah Rickert receives only 3.77% of expenses. Once you factor in the stress and time it takes to head a major company, perhaps he earns (at an hourly rate) no more than many of his mid-level staffers. The Quantum Energy Partners CEO makes in the mid-$30Ks each year. As the CEO of Ingles Market, he was one of the few CEOs to truly get paid less than $1 million, earning just $941,000.

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