I would rate this book 4 stars because it definitely hooked me and got me to want to read more and more. There was silence in those heart-pounding seconds. Audrey Parvus was turning ten this year. The door creaked open. Her mother kissed her good night and walked down the stairs to her bedroom. After playing with the doll for the entire day, it was bedtime at 9:00. While you’re on Little Exuma, be sure to check out the old pirate fort. If mermaid watching or ghost hunting isn’t your thing, don’t worry because there are tons of other activities to occupy you on Little Exuma. In the second story, she was a young woman who turned into a mermaid. Lost your password? Mission, Service Priorities & Our Service Promise, Nondiscrimination Notice and Language Assistance Services. which is displayed after the textbox contains characters matching the beginning of the suggested search terms. They grew in volume, sounding like they were getting closer to Audrey’s room. Creepypasta Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Upon even closer inspection after arriving home, she noticed a flaw. Such ornate features, done with perfect accuracy! The weather here was nothing like the icy northern cold of Seattle, where I come from. Audrey scrambled under her bed, hoping Molly didn’t see her. Now Molly’s gonna kill you~” She grabbed Audrey by the hair and pulled her from under the bed. The warm air of the Sunshine State took me by surprise, sending ironic shivers down my spine. “… first step. Pointing the knife towards the crying little girl and said “Molly’s in your room.”. “… Molly. “Molly’s on the fourth step, Molly’s on the fifth step, Molly’s on the sixth.” Calling her mother again, Audrey insists she believes its Molly who’s making the noises. It was dusk when my flight finally landed in Tampa, Florida. “I’d like to buy this doll, please, sir.” she asked politely. “What, what, what?” “Mommy, I heard footsteps and I think it was Molly!” Her mother sighed, unhappy at being woken up at 11:15 at night. Ms. Parvus raised the doll up like Audrey did. It's home to a local tale that involves ghosts or mermaids depending on the version! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. “Oh, she’s so pretty!” she said, in awe of the beauty of the doll. Molly had an extra finger on her right hand. It took about two hours to hit. Molly is a doll, she can’t walk, she can’t talk, and there’s nothing to be scared of.” Audrey looked uneasily at Molly. “Molly killed your mommy. On the corner of Cedar Boulevard and 24th Avenue, Molly is still in the window display, in the 99 cent store, still run by the same old man. She managed to get 30 minutes of rest before the sing-song chanting and clacking returned. Such a beautiful doll needed a name. Then there was high-pitched mumbling. Audrey scrambled under her bed, hoping Molly didn’t see her. The old man squinted at the doll and said “Oh no, you wouldn’t want that doll.” Confused, she asked “What? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Exuma is just full of legends, and we can’t share them without mentioning Pretty Molly. There were only 12 steps to her room. Molly’s on the second step, Molly’s on the third.”. Both stories are interesting for sure. Pretty Molly Bay is a little beach located on Little Exuma between the Ferry Settlement and Forbes Hill. There are two legends that revolve around a woman named Pretty Molly. In the first story, she was a slave that drowned. It exceeded the sixth step and continued. If you've ever had to deal with a heartbreak, Lil Dickydefinitely understands. She happily skipped to her mother and brandished the doll. Many locals claim that Pretty Molly the mermaid still lives in the waters of the bay today! Audrey unhappily went back to bed as her mother left to rest. There are a few homes in the area, some left unoccupied. She took Audrey and turned on the light in the living room. She took the doll off the counter and held onto it as Ms. Parvus paid for a few books.

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