Don’t be afraid to try a slightly fancier restaurant, prices for a meal will rarely go above 10$. Chinese border to Sary Mogul – Shared taxi – 850 Som, Sary Mogul to Osh – Shared taxi – 400 Som, Osh to Arslanbob – Mixture of 3 separate Marshrutkas – Total cost – 420 Som, Arslanbob to Bishkek –  Marshrutka then Shared taxi – Total cost – 1400 Som, Bishkek to Karakol – Marshrutka – 400 Som, Karakol to Jyrgylan – Marshrutka  – 110 Som, Karakol to Jeti Oguz resort – Marshrutka – 100 Som, Karakol to Bokonbaev – Marshrutka – 150 Som, Bokonbaev to Bishkek – Marshrutka – 300 Som. Train from Bishkek to Balykchy on Lake Issyk Kul: $3, Tandem hang gliding in Karakol: $18 No visas are required for most nations with high GDP, and tasty food and simple accommodation can be had for a fistful of dollars. Caravanistan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.Supported by: Silk Road Explore - Buy Silk Road Tours Online Made in Eurasia by Steven & Saule2011 - 2020, Do you have a request for this tour operator? Family of four estimated monthly costs: 135,081 som Single person estimated monthly costs: 63,790 som WARNING! Beer in a store (half liter): 60 cents – $1.50 Unfortunately all the museums seemed to be closed when we were in Bishkek and a lot of the entertainment like the circus, theaters and opera close up for the summer. Iced tea (or local wheat/milk drinks) on the street: 25 – 30 cents 0.4 liters We tend to go for the cheapest double room we can find. This is a Soviet style canteen where you take your tray and select your food. The Cheapest Places to Live in the World - 2020, Living in Bali: Costs and Best Places for Expats, How to Find Local Accommodation for a Month or More, Retire on Social Security Alone at These 10 Beach Locations, Flying on American Airlines During a Pandemic, The Best Bottles of Tequila for Under $15 in Mexico, The Cost of Living in Ecuador as an Expat, Where to Find a Cheap Beach House in Mexico, one of the cheapest places to live in the world. We’ll go through what we spent as an example of what you can expect to spend whilst travelling in Kyrgyzstan. Find out more by visiting About Us. If you are on a quick, short holiday you are probably going to want to do things a bit differently. Thanks for sharing this post, this is really very informational and useful. Sorry we can not put the price of water as we never buy it. For info on money exchange, withdrawing money, what currency to bring etc., see money in Kyrgyzstan. Guesthouse bed in double or triple room: $8 – $20 The fresh round breads are excellent. Have a good wander around the market to check out prices before buying. Kyrgyzstan is an excellent country to travel in and you can get around and live quite comfortably on as little as 1000 Som or US$15 a day if you are moving slowly. The world has way too many plastic bottles already! In some ways, the higher up you go on the lodging scale, the better the value. More tips and info on your sleeping options at accommodation in Kyrgyzstan. Well,  we have been travelling here for almost 2 months in total and so far, per person, per day it has cost us –, Som 1,025 / US $14.76 /  £11.44   / AUS $20.11. Museums, entry fees etc. You may take more taxis in cities or faster shared taxis between destinations. I think around  200 Som for a decent cup of Joe. Want to visit this country soon! You can eat really cheaply in Kyrgyzstan. Beer in a bar/restaurant: $1.25 (local) – $3 (Russian microbrew) Q&A. The food is tasty and filling too. Your email address will not be published. ), Basic dish in a restaurant: 40 cents to $3 Entrance to museums is negligible, say, 1$/€. Next up is the Askana – Ашкана, which are to be found on the street and around markets and are also good value. Full dinner with multiple courses: $4 – $9 Walking food tour in Karakol: $7.50 (4 or 5 dishes) There is no real regular bus service like in most other countries. When the best hotel in a town of 70,000 has double rooms for $65, you know you’re in a bargain destination! Check out our year end report!! Most of the time your best option is to hop in a share taxi that will be faster and more direct. (More on that in a later post.) Local bus/tram in Bishkek: 30 cents Even though you can get by on a very low budget in Kyrgyzstan, please consider spending a bit extra in the right places to pump some foreign money into this tiny economy. The prices are always way cheaper in the regions of production and they also fluctuate with the season. Quality and prices differ wildly but often the price per kilo is marked on the produce. Learn how your comment data is processed. Prices do change rapidly and also we may have missed many things out. Getting around in Kyrgyzstan can be a bit of a challenge. Budget and expense questions for your trip are welcome in the Silk Road travel budget forum thread. Disclaimer: How much money do you need to travel in Kyrgyzstan? You can always find a Marshrutka going your way if you ask around. We did that in Bishkek as we stayed for a long time. You have a few options depending on your budget and desire to cook. (Although religion isn’t a major force here, much of the population is Muslim and many of them don’t drink. We looked for Yurts to stay in because they are just so cool and are definitely a highlight of travel in Kyrgyzstan. As we have only a Mastercard, I'm a bit concerned that we will have problems withdrawing our money. Check the current exchange rate on, Read – Travel Costs and Information for Iraqi Kurdistan. Thanks for this, like it better than Albania and heading to Bishkek in January. It averages 30 kph between Bishkek and Balykychy and takes 5 hours compared to the bus which takes 2. 2 plates of lagman with bread and tea in a simple local restaurant will cost around 3$. This is budget travel… I finally made it to Kyrgyzstan myself this month though and Stephen was actually one of our group of four hiking through the mountains together. There are many fancy coffee shops in Bishkek these days but we never frequented them being tea drinkers. People from high GDP countries go visa-free, but others should budget around 50$ for a visa, and 30$ more if you let an agent handle the process for you. 1.5-liter beer in a store: 80 cents – $2.50 ... Back in 2013 I published a guest post from Kyrgyzstan resident Stephen Lioy and he ran down the prices in this mountainous central Asian country. These fruit and veg prices are for Bishkek in August! More info at visas for Kyrgyzstan. How much does it cost to get into Kyrgyzstan? This is working on the current exchange rate on 22 August 2018. Blog YouTube. ✈️ A 3 hour flight from, Riga isn't just Art Nouveau... check out the incre, Stunning Art Nouveau architecture of Riga, Latvia, How to travel the Trans Siberian on a budget, Visiting Auschwitz when all museums are closed, Why we put our travel plans on hold in Krakow, Poland, Transnistria – fascinating republic in a Soviet time warp, Stololovayas – Salad, main course and tea –, 100g block of delicious Chechil stringy cheese –, Cheap Kalpak (felt Kyrgyz traditional hat, see below) –.

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