. Use * for blank tiles (max 2) Advanced Search Advanced Search: Use * for blank spaces Advanced Search: Advanced Word Finder: Similar Words. Should you have any concerns about your health, or of that of your baby or child, please consult with your doctor. He's our friend, isn't he? Write a usage hint or an example and help to improve our dictionary. Kahraman is one of the most exotic-sounding names which means hero. Literal translation: Hope is the bread of the poor. - Biz konuşuyorken kesme. Turkey is home to one of the oldest, long-established cultures in the world, with history and tradition that speaks for itself. Literal translation: A grape gets darker as it looks at the other grapes. Bıktım bu saçmalıktan! What does kes- mean? Definition of kes- in the Definitions.net dictionary. Pronunciation Gabrielle is a visual artist with an inclination for travel and adventure. Karamanın koyunu sonra çıkar oyunu. Tom slit his own throat. Fancy a game? Can you give me something to kill the pain? - Şiddetli bir donmanın ardından kangrenle enfekte olduktan sonra Tom'un ayağı kesilmek zorunda kaldı. the difference is in the letter S. the regular s is spoken regularly, and the ş is spoken like “sh” in English. Niroop is a sleek and sexy name for your little Champ. The naming practices of the nation have also been well followed. Latafat is a Turkish originated word meaning elegance. cut. age 35-50 rarely. At birth, the child is given one or two names, most of which are gender-specific. - Kes şunu. The one using this idiom does not believe that people may change for better in time. A quality name for your brave boy meaning winner or a victorious man. Bırak bu işleri artık! #2 Kalp kalbe karsi(ymis), is used when two persons think about the other at the same time, in a good manner. Stop acting like this Tom! interjection: Bırak!, Yapma! If you're not out of the shower in five minutes, I'm cutting the hot water! Nijaz is a very cute name and would be a perfect name for your son. BESLE KARGAYI ,OYSUN GÖZUNU. Noun Inflection of keş (first-person... keşin (Turkish) Cetin is a classic Turkish name meaning a tough, hard and strong person. These Turkish girls names starting with the letters P through Z are all lovely and meaningful - perfect for your new baby. If you don’t get their idioms and their pace SO SORRY! Hakan is a popular Turkish forename, based on the Turkish variant of the imperial title Khagan. IPA: /ceʃˈcɛc/ - Yaptığın şey kesinlikle affedilmez. - Artık bir çocuk değilsin bu yüzden kes artık. Happy Parenting! What you have done is absolutely inexcusable. Cümle ve Videolar ile zenginleştirilmiş içerik. 20 milyondan fazla sözcük ve anlamı üç farklı aksanda dinleme seçeneği. Here are just a few that I have come across in my years learning Turkish. Names of days, months, seasons, times of the day and more in Turkish. Meaning of kes-. In Turkish, Halil word means an intimate friend. Inflection of keş (genitive... keşke (Turkish) This name means peaceful, quiet and calm. Latifah is an adorable name for your son as this means elegance and some people also spell this name as Lateefah. Drop it! Information and translations of kes- in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. I saw him cut down a tree. Upon the day appointed for their execution she cut off her hair and dressed herself as if going to a fete. It means God will rise. All rights reserved. KESKESE >> what is KESKESE, KESKESE means, KESKESE what does it mean, KESKESE translation KESKESE dictionary means English German Turkish Italian Spanish Azerbaijani Turkish Dictionary and more than 30 dictionary hosting dictionaries www.sozluksu.com keşkek... keşkekler (Turkish) The tip of the knife is sharp. Literal translation: Without effort and work there is no food. Kaan is an affectionate name that means king or ruler. Truong is a bold name that refers to a meadow or a college. In the 12th century, this name was given to the noble crusader in the Jerusalem Kingdom. Meaning: Hot tempered people will only harm themselves. Have a look at our Greek-English dictionary. Tom slit open the envelope. Tom hacked Mary's leg off with a rusty machete. A stylish and cool name which means an original place or the new city. We the people learn from each other as we stare each other , pretty much the story of mankind! Literal translation: Strong vinegar damages its container. Originated from the Turkish language, Altan means crimson sunrise. If you are looking for a name which means sunrise, then this is the apt name.

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