"I used to get so fired up that I wore myself out before the end of the game," he says. Millard hopes to regain his form from '89, when he was the NFL's top defensive player. I gave in to it. The Applefords—Steven, Brian, Keith, Tony and Paddie—posed in a tranquil moment in '64. Millard cops to the fraternity fight that led to his brief incarceration in the Whitman County jail at the end of his junior season, but said it had nothing to do with pizza (other than a delivery guy was there). Millard says pay a factor — Sep 18th, 1992. Take your badges and your guns off, and we'll see who's more powerful.' A heated discussion with Viking coach Jerry Burns at a team Halloween party led to Millard's finally coming to grips with his injury and helped him focus on the grueling comeback that lay ahead. As a substitute for the painkillers, he drained the hot tub in his backyard and filled it with ice; he would stand in the middle of the tub, up to his waist in cubes. I was an invalid. "Most mornings I'd walk in the front door of school, then just turn around and leave," Keith says. But Millard still couldn't tolerate the pain, and he asked a teammate for some Tylenol with Codeine #3 that the other player had left over from treatment for earlier injuries. Millard said the piece was a bit “embellished” and “dramatic” but that most facts were accurate. "I had all these desperate feelings," Millard says. He had trouble concentrating, but instead of asking his teachers for extra help, he skipped classes and worked part-time at a convenience store. Any possible surgery would entail a three-to-four-month recovery process. "It's not that bad. "I learned how to deal with people when I wasn't a football player. “It caught me off-guard, for sure,” he said. And it’s what happened between the lines that made Millard one of the best to wear the Crimson and Gray, one who had no equal when it came to getting off the football, according to then-WSU coach Jim Walden. "I had accomplished so much with my life, and I was absolutely blowing it. “We had a lot in common and we were hungry to play and be successful,”said Millard, who won the Morris Trophy as the Pac-10’s top defensive lineman as a senior. “I wasn’t going to bull-rush or over-power anybody, not at 265 or 270 (pounds),” Millard said. He had the best get-off. "It scared the hell out of me," Millard says. He was named the NFL Defensive Player of the Year and earned his second consecutive first-team All-Pro selection. Each time he got caught, he says, his mother would hit him with a broomstick or a leather belt. The hours he spent off crutches translated into torturous nights. A lengthy, 1991 Sports Illustrated feature on him details some of the tribulations with the family while focusing on his recovery from the devastating knee injury the year before that ultimately ended his career. He's responsible for an area, but you don't know where he is going.". He was convicted of simple assault in the fourth degree and spent 15 days in the county jail, in a seven- by seven-foot cell with a toilet and a small bed that hung from the wall by chains. Keith played college football at Washington State University. "But that other 10 percent is like a total eclipse. I'm through. It's a chance to watch (Vikings star defensive ends) Danielle Hunter and Everson Griffen and learn from those guys.". [1], Keith Millard was born in Pleasanton, California. He vented his frustrations in escapades with his buddies.

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