Don't Be Afraid To Try Something New Quotes, Best Headphones For Watching Movies On IPad. Have you ever heard about Lizkook? Please enlighten me. Kylie jenner is one of the mos…, Jason momoa and lisa bonet had an official wedding a few weeks ago at their house in topanga calif…, The Applegate Team Real Estate …, Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge How To Make It Go Away, Are Justine Skye And Kylie Jenner Still Friends, Christina Applegate Sweet Charity Youtube, Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge Vine Compilation, Alec Baldwin Wedding Speech Along Came Polly, Catherine Duchess Of Cambridge September 2018, Robert Pattinson Batman Joaquin Phoenix Joker, Christina Applegate Looks Like Kristen Bell, How Much Does Kylie Jenners Bodyguard Make, Kylie Jenner Lips Makeup Tutorial Youtube, Catherine Duchess Of Cambridge Wedding Ring, Kylie Jenner Travis Scott Dating Timeline. What do you think about the popular ship from the youngest members of BTS and Blackpink? The boys are humans, not some toy that you forced you mom to buy you a the store. please, I think that, but i know that your picture is not true. One of their shippers even developed a theory about BTS’ Jungkook and Blackpink’s Lisa’s couple rings on their Twitter account. Well, there was all the news about BTS’ Jungkook and Blackpink’s Lisa. Gopro Email Address, (@kyungsoochka_official) on Instagram: “Cooking time! I love you." Here's some videos supporting your shipping on this couple. So I must say that it possibility of being together in near future. before he could prevent her, she already left. Rumors about a secret romance have been going around for a long time now. as much as i don’t like Liskook (i’m more of a Taekook shipper), i would support them if they ever came out as dating,because i love my boys and i will support them no matter what. Don't compare idols. Scott High, It’s not a big deal it ain’t like ya girls are going out with them. Top 10 New Species 2019, Follow us for more daily content. This is not good for both of them. Imagina ser otra integrante de BTS, ¿sería diferente? Shinai Length Inches, she assured him a smile. JungKook's reaction toward BLACKPINK's Lisa's rap part was pretty interesting because he sang along the same lyrics with Lisa in the stand. We love you Lizkook and Kookielisa, Lol you don't know Lisa yet if you see her in real she more beauty than on picture The #BangtanPink ship has sailed, and the whole fandom knows that their idols had such a cute interaction when they met each other on stage. I know this escalated quickly but stay, please. How can someone even do that to idols. All of you said just dicrip your self, u dare not say anything about lalisa u have no rights too ur so smellier then BTS AND BLACKPINK MIGHT BE CLOSE FRIENDS. Being a talented maknae, Jungkook is known for his talent in dan… I ship them, but the pictures are not real. Really? This moment was at the Melon Music Awards, 2016, and Jungkook was sitting to the left of  Lisa. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. and btw bts and bp collab will be the best ever. sorry to burst your bubble, but all of these pictures are photoshopped. The Eyes Have It Ffxiv, On tuesday, June 18th of 2019, I was embarrassed to see that my homeland would nominate the abomination that is “liskook” for the best ship title. New Games 2020 Xbox, Gustaf Skarsgård Brothers, I think Jungkook just follow his dreams.. but not girl friend. they're not saying something like "this ship sucks fuck you" soo... doesnt matter, both of you should respect ships. They were seen together three … This one is another of Jungkook and Lisa’s interactions at 6th Gaon Chart Awards (2017). yet he loved the girl so much, he had to endure suffering if he had to. I got you here, and there's no one else I'm looking for." Completed. they have rarely(to my knowledge) have ever had any interactions except for on final stages or when they are passing each other at concerts. in Korea,idols dating is a serious thing and we shouldn’t do this. very sad, very sad. It seems like BTS and Blackpink always have seats next to each other, doesn’t it? As we know, the internationally popular South Korean boy-group, BTS, has a maknae named Jungkook, who was born in 1997. okay,so whomever put Liskook in this award or whatever please first see what potential harm you would have done. lisa couldn't find the exact words to make him better. I ship LizKook too but talking about him leaving IU and her using him LOL bruh wtf. We provide you with the latest Korean news. Explore The Most Popular Instagram Posts Tagged Lizkookfacts On. He said that he admires iu vocal and he is only fanboy.. Jungkook won't never date Lisa so wake up to fucken reality, This is the most ridiculous reasoning I've ever heard my dude ._.

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