He dismisses the doctor, telling her that she can see Jung-woo after he’s calmed down. Yes, Tae-soo distrusts him but he is desperate enough to continue looking for his niece that he might just run out to chase...ugh, and the whole tight-lipped nature might work for the narrative, but I'm getting tired of Jung-woo's silence. The cellmates sit together on a hallway bench, worrying about Jung-woo’s extended stay in solitary. Jung-woo is thrown a lifeline, leading to a breakthrough, but being trapped in prison means that no one will listen to what he has to say. <>/Border[0 0 0]/Rect[81.0 646.991 225.432 665.009]/Subtype/Link/Type/Annot>> She tells him that there is no need for that type of gesture, but Min-ho reminds Yeon-hee, “My brother’s wedding is a day I can’t forget either.”. Min-ho and the warden aren’t the only ones who keep stirring up trouble.

sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Aku ingin mencoba mengembalikan gaya menulis review dramaku seperti sebelumnya. 0000027010 00000 n Jung-woo asks Chul-shik who he was talking about. Don't get me wrong.

!” Jung-woo heard the following command, “Confess to it. City Hunter writer does not give me any false hope from the first hour. My point exactly. 142 0 obj

I cannot comprehend such a thing.” Looking at Min-ho, he continues, “How could he do such a terrible thing?”, Min-ho sits with his father just as Seok calls with news that Sung-kyu has disappeared. Following Sung-kyu’s shocking confession, Jung-woo demands to know, “Who are you?” He tries to shake an answer from Sung-kyu, causing a commotion that awakens the cellmates and brings the guards, who remove Jung-woo from the cell. if (d.getElementById(id)) return;

<>/MediaBox[0 0 612 792]/Parent 133 0 R/Resources<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/Type/Page>> 0000002876 00000 n I honestly feel like I'm on a hamster wheel.... going nowhere. As he calms down, he remembers an earlier conversation with Sung-kyu, who tried to ask him about kidnapping. She remembered that his sister was really sick before they moved away. He can only provide a partial resident ID number needed to search for him. Connect with Facebook At her happy response, Jung-woo began to sob, causing Ha-yeon to ask if he was crying. He remembers Sung-kyu and happens to be on the way to the same neighborhood where he relocated. She know his identity and asks to see Jung-woo briefly as her review of his chart reveals no medical records at all, even though he reportedly lost his memory several times. Almost 20 years later, Chicago Tribune uncovered evidence that shows DeLuna was likely innocent. Who are you? endobj The head of security doesn’t appreciate the suggestion that Jung-woo was prevented from receiving treatment. I was with Eun-hye, standing in front of the two doors thinking what the hell happened?! Bahkan, alasan orang yang menikam dirinya mengaku sebagai Jung-woo, Jung-woo yang menginstruksikan Sung-kyu untuk melakukannya supaya tidak membahayakan dirinya. Frustrated, Chul-shik shakes Jung-woo, asking him, “How long are you going to be this way?” Chul-shik again asks Jung-woo to move him to another cell, suggesting that he might remember something else. He tells her that she’s beautiful, then makes a show of his strength by flexing his biceps, eventually lifting his arms to make a heart over his head.

A security guard tells Eun-hye that Sung-kyu lived there briefly in the fall. <>stream The doctor reminds Jung-woo that they met before, adding that she wants to help him, but he registers no recognition. 1:27. (function(d, s, id) {

Actress Han Ye-Seul was first offered the lead female role, but declined. Bring him here.”. Sung-kyu appears in court for his final ruling, breathing a sigh of relief to learn that his only penalty is a traffic fine. Jong-hyuk dipaksa membantu Min-ho lagi. Jung-woo melakukan tes DNA noda darah pada pisau agar ditinjau. I feel like The Viewer Who Smells Deux de Machina. Jung-hyuk yang juga melihat pernyataan Sung-kyu dari belakang, menghubungi Min-ho. 178 0 obj Ha-yeon’s voice continued, “Daddy, where are you?” As tears of relief ran down his face, Jung-woo spoke into the microphone on the table, “Ha-yeon, I’ll be right there. Seeing that Jung-woo has no use for him anymore, Chul-shik points out that Jung-woo should be curious about why he’s been left alone, even though he put an innocent person like him in jail. �q��.�瓲VL�����լ��uK�Vb徘���$�e����i*��R]��]����� �x̡��↕D�hJG0Z�`��q�G�K�H뀱���P)cdQ����R�k��ˆ�0��2`,& c�h�^: �B���E���6a?��A���@m###� >����g3�pN�z!�A�ie���oF��LTg7�0.���� �A1�慥�GS��� ��t\��,rР ҽ�Z ��1 � J Thinking fast, Mong-chi calls the teacher over to ask her for help with his origami, suggesting to Jung-woo that he join in. She shows him the feature that celebrates him for guiding Chamyung out of crisis. When I catch him, it’ll be over.” Three days later, Jung-woo lost his memory. Ya bukan berupa poin lagi, tapi berupa uraian. Mong-chi had asked Sung-kyu how he was going to pay for an expensive surgery, but he assured the men that he would be fine. That night, Jung-woo stays awake, trying to remember who he was planning to catch. 0000020961 00000 n Setelah aku pikir-pikir, reviewku kemaren yang berupa poin, ujung-ujungnya seperti paragraf biasa saja. appId : '127538621120543',

She informs him that her father-in-law met Sun-ho once a month for a drink, but not since the accident. Jung-woo admitted that he knew that Chul-shik was telling the truth, and explains that he needed a way to investigate the hit-and-run case that killed Boss Kim and an autopsy doctor from the NFS. The head guard returns with the beaten Jung-woo.

fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); Alone in solitary, Jung-woo suddenly becomes all too aware that Sung-kyu could be released from prison before answering his questions. Rockfish teases him about wanting a real life prison break, even though he will be released soon.

Prosecutor Choi grabs Joon-hyuk’s arm as he walks by, appealing, “It’s not too late.” Joon-hyuk merely bows before leaving.

When he can’t reach him, Min-ho explodes in frustration as the woman from the plane secretly observes him. A glimmer of hope in his bleak life. A woman on an airplane has been reading that same article as she flies to Seoul. xref Chul-shik recounts the day of the Wolha-dong murder. Min-ho enters his father’s office, and is greeted by a news report about Jung-woo’s case on the television. Throwing a chair, Jung-woo screamed into the mirror, “Who is it? Somehow, he has to find a way to be heard, now more than ever. Sung-kyu looks at her in the rear view mirror while Jung-woo, trapped in prison, screams out, “Ha-yeon!”.

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