Recently there has been a huge surge in interest in craft beers in Japan among food connoisseurs and adventurous drinkers. After being held for the first time last year, the event has prepared various changes for a more improved and exciting festival. iKON is coming to town! Tax excluded ... Concert Goods. The smooth-drinking Widmer Hefe has spice notes and citrus and floral aromas – a nice match for lighter dishes like pastas, salads, seafood and even simple desserts. The Ikon Pass is your ski & snowboard pass with access to the most iconic mountains in the world. Some beers are just perfect for party time – whether it’s at the beach, at a concert or in a bustling bar or club. From October 19~20, iKON held the ‘iKON 2018 CONTINUE TOUR IN BANGKOK’ in Thunder Dome Muang Thong Thani located in Bangkok, Thailand to make special memories with Thai fans. With their well-balanced drinkability and their unique appeal to beer fans, our ales are a popular choice for cafes and specialty beer bars as well as more food-centered settings. Customers can purchase tickets to the event starting July 25th on the official Ssangyong Facebook page. Newcastle Brown Ale is our second featured ale. And Estrella Galicia is the best-selling premium lager in Northern Spain. Celebrated as the iconic ale of Northeastern England, it ranks as the UK’s best-selling bottled ale. We’ll grow more as a team and continue to …, Original Article: ‘Customers invited to Ssangyong’s 2018 Jeonju Ultimate Music Festival (JUMF) Source: Asia Today Today, on the 13th, Ssangyong Motor, the official sponsor, announced that it’s inviting customers to the Jeonju Ultimate Music Festival (JUMF). Lagers are hands-down the most popular beers in the world. Two major styles of wheat beers are Hefe-weizen (unfiltered and yeasty, light in color) and Dunkel-weizen (darker in color, with raisin and caramel notes). German-style wheat beers have their own distinctive character – complex in flavor and stimulating to the palate, with hints of clove, banana and light citrus flavors. With the invitation of KSTAR GROUP which is the official sponsor for the 2018 Asian Games, iKON performed in the main closing stage on the 2nd, held in Indonesia Jakarta Gelora Bung Karno Stadium. Beers come in many distinctive styles and types, and navigating them can be a daunting (though ultimately enjoyable) undertaking. Tel: 03-5369-3601, © copyright Ikon Europubs KK. iKON Members Profile: iKON Facts, iKON Ideal Type iKON (아이콘) currently consists of 6 members: Bobby, Jay, Ju-ne, Song, DK and Chan. The final line-up for the first day (August 1st) includes the following artists: iKON ♥ Wanna One TWICE MAMAMOO WJSN (Cosmic Girls) SF9 Oh My Girl LABOUM VICTON Weki Meki HALO FlaShe IN2IT KARD HUB TRCNG Hash Tag Kim Dong Han NeonPunch VROMANCE Soul Latido MYTEEN The Brothers Woo Jin …. Members of iKON dressed in white and black shirts revealed their masculine charms. In a more food-focused setting, the caramel-malt sweetness and subtle fruit-hop flavors of Red Hook ESB pair well with full-flavored fare – burgers, grilled meats, pizza and spicy curries. To make things easier to understand, we’ve narrowed everything down to three overall “umbrella” styles (ale, lager and weizen beers) that basically cover the beers of the world. On August 29 at 9 AM, YG Entertainment revealed the poster of iKON’s ‘iKON 2018 CONTINUE TOUR IN SYDNEY/MELBOURNE’ through their official social media. trainee Mone Fukuhara clarifies post alleging Red Velvet's Irene bullied her, TWICE's "More & More" M/V hits 200 million views on YouTube, Korean netizens rage over Chinese K-Pop idols celebrating China's military involvement in the Korean War, Netizens mesmerized by Mina's unparalleled beauty in TWICE's teaser for 'Eyes Wide Open', Fans are falling head over heels as they see Jungkook's various hairstyle, Famous makeup artist Soo Kyung defends Red Velvet's Irene in midst of attitude controversy, B.I makes headlines for returning to social media & deleting apology post for drug controversy, Red Velvet's Irene accused of bullying by former SM Entertainment trainee Mone Fukuhara. Vote results will be announced on the 26th and the winners will be notified individually. The audience size is also expected to grow significantly from 20,000 to 40,000 people across the three days. Our mission at Ikon Europubs is simply to bring great beers from around the world to Japan – to bars, restaurants and retailers throughout the country. The group was first introduced in the reality survival program WIN: Who is Next as “Team B.” After that, Team B I am definitely watching this. Newcastle Brown Ale is our second featured ale. On August 18 at 5 PM, iKON will hold the first concert from the ‘iKON 2018 CONTINUE TOUR’ in Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena, to share unforgettable memories with the fans. Our duo of flagship beers are easy-to-drink, refreshing lagers with a bit of a tropical feel. Bobby performed the 2018 LOL anthem ‘RISE’ with The Glitch Mob, Mako, and the The Word Alive while the (G)I-DLE members performed a special collab stage ‘POP/STARS’ with Madison Beer and Jaira Burns. We built the core of our portfolio by choosing category-leading world beers that are consistent in quality, appealing to consumers and attractively priced. The stage effects that reminded people of gunpowder and …, Original Article: iKON decorates the closing of the 2018 Asian Games…”It’s an honor” Source: YG-Life Group iKON decorated the fantastic finale for the closing of the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games. Ikon has traditionally been a "dark" band, exploring existentialist themes with thoughtful lyrics performed sometimes with restraint and sometimes with full-on volume and uninhibited musicianship. Drinking occasions also vary quite a bit, and different drinks might be appropriate depending on whether you’re in a quiet cafe or a busy club or an Asian restaurant. Check them all out below and see which ones might be best for your establishment’s drinks menu. With their rich, distinctive flavor profiles, traditional British ales were the original craft beers – a big inspiration for today’s craft-beer movement. Description Product Details Reviews; Product Details. As a pioneer in Japan’s beer-import business, we are proud of our role in introducing a world of great beers to Japan’s bars, restaurants and retailers. 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