[8][9], The end title theme is composed by Guns N' Roses keyboardist Melissa Reese. Netflix Netflix. "I mean, these are nasty people, caught in a nasty situation, that out of the experience are somewhat chastened and wiser for it. The best action and adventure series on Netflix, The best family and kids series on Netflix, The best sci-fi & fantasy series on Netflix. He's arrested and goes to prison, but the surgeon captures him and turns him into a woman. 85 min TV Movie   |  After waking up and discovering that he has undergone gender reassignment surgery, an assassin seeks to find the doctor responsible. Directed by Walter Hill. For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. Waking up in bandages, contract killer Frank Kitchen seeks revenge on the surgeon who performed gender reassignment surgery on him without consent. This documentary follows a group of ambitious advocates whose mission to save lives in Haiti turns into a global fight for health care and justice. Michelle Rodriguez, Sigourney Weaver, Tony Shalhoub. The character goes on to commit a series of murders. [5], Hill had success releasing a graphic novel in France and was looking for a follow up. Rin Nagasarete Airantō: 2002–Present Rin is a "male carpenter apprentice girl" who has girlish qualities. Is it offensive? Tori, a sports agent who values winning at all costs, decides to become more feminine in order to impress her crush at work. From reuse to energy generation, new innovations across five continents are explored in this documentary about building a future for sustainable water. [8], Walter Hill directed the revenge thriller based on a script he co-wrote with Denis Hamill, which Saïd Ben Saïd produced along with Michel Merkt through SBS Productions. After losing her medical license, she began an illegal practice and performed unwanted surgical experiments on impoverished homeless people. Dr. Rachel Jane is a rogue plastic surgeon with a twisted vision of a better world. Which was certainly out of the old EC Comics. Lightning splits the Magic School Bus into three pieces, scattering the class across the globe with different versions of Ms. Frizzle aboard each bus! Frank kills Honest John and confronts Johnnie. Odblokuj dostęp do 8267 filmów i seriali premium od oficjalnych dystrybutorów! [16], Todd McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter gave the film a positive review, writing: "Hill's most entertaining and...accomplished film in some time", and "an instant cult item". All promotional material including but not limited to trailers, images, logo's and videos are all copyright to their respective owners. After learning that the surgery cannot be reversed, he interrogates Honest John, demanding the identity of his surgeon. Flixboss solves He believed he knew how to do it this time and re-optioned the script. Like NetflixReleases on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and we keep you posted about what is new on Netflix and what will expire soon on Netflix. Walter Hill recalls, "I liked its audacity, and its potential to be ... this always sounds patronizing, but a kind of really terrific B movie. It's hard to know We won't share your email with anyone. UNLIMITED TV SHOWS & MOVIES. By clicking accept, you accept the use of all cookies and your information for the purposes mentioned above. "[15] On Metacritic, the film holds a rating of 34 out of 100, based on 20 critics, indicating "generally unfavorable reviews". Uncomfortable living as a girl, 10-year-old Laure spends her childhood as Michael and gradually comes to understand the complexities of gender. Leaving the hotel, Frank contacts a woman he hooked up with named Johnnie and asks to stay at her home while he recovers. He wrote up the project as a graphic novel. "The only rules he laid down was that it'd have to be made for very cheap, and there had to be some name value in the cast," said Hill.

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