Sassy is a Himalayan cat owned by a young girl named Hope who has a very close bond with Sassy. Jamie finally gives up of finding his other shoe and instead wears another one and tells his mother that he needs to play baseball and she tells him to back in twenty minutes and not to be late so they can catch their flight. Savannah is originally from Texas, and happened to meet her now husband by chance, who lived here in Ohio. As he was on his way to the park where the baseball game and his friends are waiting for him, Chance chases after him, but Jamie orders him to stay home and goes on, still upset with Chance regarding both his shoe and his autographed baseball. A few days later, Jamie later received a word from Kate and Frank that Chance, Shadow, and Sassy are no longer with them anymore due to them returning back home, but could be lost somewhere in the woods trying to cross the Sierra Nevada mountains. When she attends college nearby, she loves working one on one with our client’s pets and dedicating her time to know them on a deeper level. When they finally return home, his mother tells him that they're late and need to get to the airport and he furiously tells her that it was Chance's fault and he and his friends chased him throughout the park, and he made him miss the game Chance, now knowing Jamie is really mad at him for disobeying his orders feels ashamed and guilt-ridden, and tells him to go easy on him, but Jamie doesn't care, as he's more upset about Chance making him miss a couple of his baseball games rather than makeup with Chance and boards on the car with Chance riding in the back with Shadow and Sassy. Willow, is actually named after the unity tree they used in their wedding ceremony. Cold hand wash only. They are now all lifetime family members! They then saw Shadow and Sassy coming down the hill nearby. Desk Sergeant Kevin Chevalia. She attended school in the area for Fire Science, and was an Intern with Dayton Fire’s Investigation and Prevention Department. Dr. Ken (2015) - S01E07 Dr. Wendi: Coming to LA! One of Jamie's friends hit the baseball hard sending it flying some distance, and Chance grabs it and they chase him around the field. However, when Jamie and his family arrived in Canada, they received word that Chance, Shadow, and Sassy had somehow escaped from the plane due to Chance escaping his cage mistakenly again thinking that he and the others will be take to the pound and also mistook the airport for also being a pound. Shirred stretchy waist. When she settles after college, she dreams of adopting a Golden Retriever! She has built the company from the ground up, and carefully selects her team to represent everything she has worked for. She has past experience working in kennels, and much prefers our slower more individualized attentive care. However when they finally arrived at the shelter, Chance, Shadow, and Sassy already escaped due to Chance mistaking the shelter for a pound and the shelter staff apologizes to them for failing to stop Chance, Shadow, and Sassy from escaping and watch Peter calling for Shadow in the rain-filled darkness before returning back home. Jamie Burnford-Seaver is a supporting character in Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey and its 1996 sequel. When he explains what happened, Jamie, horrified in thinking Chance had been killed before he could apologize for snaping at him, runs to the front of the truck to know for sure. At the airport, Jamie was worried about Chance, because he's somewhere in San Francisco with Shadow and Sassy and asked his mom if he will he see him again and she replies that they found their home like what happened before and can do it again. Jamie was having trouble with Chance after he stole his shoe and begins looking around the house for it, not knowing it was thrown into the flowers near the driveway by Chance and looks for it in his bedroom. They found Chance, who was in the middle on the road safe and sound, having cowered in fear and ducked down to avoid being hit and was still cowering until he sees Jamie, at which point he comes out and reunites with Jamie, who apologizes profusely for his earlier anger towards Chance and admits he loves him.

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