Bel, signifying “lord” or “master“, is a title rather than a genuine name, applied to various gods in the Mesopotamian religion of Akkad, Assyria and Babylonia. The Legend of Hayk was so significant that Lord George Gordon Byron and his colleagues considered adding it to the Bible; however, they did not succeed. The question of the dating of the sections of the Primary History cannot be resolved at present, based on existing Armenian sources. “He tightly tightens the wide-as-a-lake bow and launches a three-feather arrow into Bel’s chest plate. He cites his sources in a much-debated passage, invoking a mysterious figure named Mar Abas as well as some unlikely foreign archival material.

On August 11, 2492 BC, on the eastern shore of Lake Van, Vayots dzor, the battle between Hayk and Bel took place. The Battle of Pinkie. Hayk and his people, from the time of their forefathers, P. Kretschmer. Seeing the unpromising nature of the battle and the uncertainty of its outcome, Bel gave the command to retreat to the side of the hill in the rear to wait for the second army and then again attack. September 10, 1547.

We also will continually add articles from a wide range of experts and sources, along with the full digitalization of the Celator magazine by Wayne Sayles. September 24, 1568.

He embalmed the corpse of Bel and ordered it to be taken to Hark where it was to be buried in a high place in the view of the wives and sons of the king. On the way he had left a detachment in another settlement with his grandson Kadmos. This book is written in broken English, probably by a person who does not know the language very well. The Legend Of Hayk And Bel Nimrod is based on the Legend of Hayk. during the time when the Tower of Babel collapsed, and Nimrod decided to conquer the world. He is recognized and worshipped as the God of war. Eduard L. Danielian, "The Historical Background to the Armenian State Political Doctrine," 279-286 in Nicholas Wade, Armenian Perspectives (Surrey, UK, 1997) 279, citing E. Forrer, "Hajassa-Azzi," Caucasia, 9 (1931), and P. Kretschmer, "Der nationale Name der Armenier Haik," Anzeiger der Acad. Armenia maintained its complete freedom and independence.

Hayk relocated near Mount Ararat with an extended household of at least 300 and settled there, founding a village he named Haykashen. We are the children of these freedom-loving people. These tribes may have settled Armenia from the Mitanni kingdom, when Sargon II mentions a king of part of Armenia who bore the Indo-Iranian name Bagadatti ("Theodore").

People should read this book to understand the past because it is just as important for people to understand the past as it is important to understand the present. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account.

The fact that the global religious order is trying to remove the Armenian Apostolic Church’s role as defenders of the nation is apparent to all who understand the intentions of movement towards a one world religion. Otherwise we follow the LOC transliteration, which eliminates diacritical marks above or below a character, and substitutes single or double quotation marks to the character's right. It was the first battle on Earth for Freedom. That might be true assuming Noah’s wasn’t special as … The History contains six sections or chapters (three narrative episodes and three chronological sections) which may not be the work of a single author. The Armenian nation has forgotten the struggle of its forefathers, resorting to the dissolution of our sovereignty, nation, culture and language. I was yearning for a heroic Japhethian Novel that I knew our tribe was responsible for. Some other Armenian princely houses - Khorkhoruni, Bznuni, Syuni, Vahevuni, Manavazian, Arran etc. It’s precisely this aspect that I want to highlight as a reminder to Armenians regarding our ancestors’ staunch defiance of globalism.

The Armenian army attacked the center of the enemy’s battle formation. Armenians are truly in a dangerous position as the world has been captured under this Anti-Christ, Globalist order. 9

float: left; The whole story with Hayk was probably true to an extent. It was written by Garegin D. Nalbandian. He was a man of giant stature, a mighty archer and fearless warrior. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Each issue of This Week In History is also here, so if you have missed any, they are stored chronologically when they were published. In the LOC romanization, the seventh character of the alphabet (է) appears as e', the eighth (ը) as e", the twenty-eighth (ռ) as r', and the thirty-eighth (o), as o'. He received a refusal. Already by 1862 the philologist K. Patkanean had questioned whether the initial chapters really belonged with Sebeos' History. One significant instance in Armenian history where this is observed is in the battle of Hayk and Bel.

For this reason, he deployed his 15,000 strong army on the plain located between two high mountains. Mount Vesuvius on the feast of Vulcan. ( Log Out / 

Gutia is also overlapping with Chaldeas territory. August 11, 2492 BC is the traditional date set for the defeat of Bel by Hayk, progenitor founder of the Armenian nation. The Armenian word haykakan (Armenian: հայկական, meaning "that which pertains to Armenians") finds its stem in this progenitor. On August 11, the enemy came near the Armenian positions. Thus, the Armenian army occupied fortified positions, blocking the path of the approaching enemy. Chapters five and six contain historically inaccurate tables of the rulers of the Byzantines and Persians, ending with the last Sasanian shah, Yazdgird III (632-651). [i] The short work known as the Primary History of Armenia Our purpose is to provide a platform for the collecting community to gather and discuss all numismatic topics. The death of Agrippa Postumus. During Dyutsaznamart (Դյուցազնամարտ, "Battle of Giants"), near Julamerk southeast of Lake Van, dated to August 11, 2492 BC[7], Hayk slays Bel with an impossible shot using a long bow, sending his force into disarray.

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