Well although hackers have saved the day in many movies, and these days there is at least one techie guy (or a girl) in the team , here are listed the top hacking movies that revolve around hacking and are a must watch if you think you could be the next Q for some James Bond. Sneakers (1992) They have made use of hacking concepts like “social engineering”, “dumpster diving”, “phishing” and “Trojan horse” to help them. Computer Hacker (9) Computer Cracker (8) Hacker (8) Murder (7) Pistol (7) Arrest (6) Chase (6) Explosion (6) Hacking (6) Kiss (6) Security Guard (6) Surprise Ending (6) Blockbuster (5) Cigarette Smoking (5) Cult Film (5) Deception (5) Elevator (5) Fbi (5) One Word Title (5) Race Against Time (5) Sabotage (5) Shot To Death (5) Surveillance (5) Violence (5) 1990s (4) It portrays a group of ingenious kids when it comes to computing and hacking is just piece of cake for them and how that knowledge without being channeled can prove dangerous. Well, such a powerful device in the hands of masterminds sure leads to an interesting sequence of events, and might even inspire you to develop some code breaker software yourself. The film is about retrieving a black box that is pursued by a criminal organization in order to use it for destabilizing world economy, whereas Martin gives all in to keep the box away from these crime lords while trying to return it back to the NSA. Based on a book with the same title, this movie is actually a mystery crime thriller where again our hacker friend helps in an investigation to find out about a woman who went missing 40 years ago by hacking into systems to find some evidence. #1 The Matrix(1999) This is one of the great science fiction movies. Hack Any Android Over Internet Using Metasploit Part : 1, Top 5 Best Game Hacker Apps For Android Game Hacker with & without Root 2018, How To Hack Any Game On Android : Step-By-Step Tutorial, Top 5 Best Ways To Hack Facebook Account Password Online : 2018, How To Hack Instagram Account Password For Free ? Black Hat, is another thriller that involves hacking and focuses on cyber warfare and computer espionage. Untraceable stars Diane Lane as FBI Special Agent Jennifer Marsh trying to catch a serial killer, who kills people on the basis of the number of hits received by his website called, KillWithMe.com. 18 Most Beautiful Best Animated Movies of All Time, 12 Best Hollywood films on Father/Daughter relationship, 10 Best Art-house Sci-Fi Movies which are Worth Your Time, 12 Best Christmas Films on Netflix You Can watch on Christmas Eve, Top 10 Bollywood Movies on Politics For All Indian Politics Followers, 10 All Time Best Indian films on Vigilantism | Vigilante Movies, Best Hollywood Movies for Software Engineers, 10 Best Hollywood Horror Movies in Hindi on Amazon Prime, 10 Best Virus Outbreak & Pandemic Movies of All Time, 10 Best Films about Invisibility and Invisible Man or Creatures, 22 Best Hollywood Heist Movies of all Time for Thrill and Suspense, 16 Best Movies on World War 2 You Must Watch If You Love War Films, 25 Best Hollywood Comedy Movies for Unlimited Laughter, 10 Best Hollywood Movies on Environmental And Natural Disaster, 13 Less Popular Superhero Films of Hollywood That You Should Watch.

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