restaurants, and all over Southern California, as well as in Arizona, Colorado, Should be seeing a lot more of those type beers coming out from us in the near future. From the moment I turned 21 I instantly feel in love with craft beer. Events barbeque, and unforgettable tater tots. Jun 28, 2020 0, Press Releases With our production facility up and running now, it gives a lot more flexibility to brew seasonals and experimental brews on our smaller system. make your way through craft beer fanatics, plus a number of kids and dogs. Besides the amazing beer, the amazing family dynamic behind this brewery is even better. The barrel room and taproom are located in Being able to all work together every day is like being able to hang out with your best friends all day every day, and we get to drink while doing it! Nashville, TN We creat, That’s a wrap for the 2020 @greatamericanbeerfes, As big fans of margaritas, we naturally had to do. Already have an account? Brewing three times in one day can be quite hectic as it is about a 16 hour process, requires precise timing, and there are moments where you must be in multiple places at once, but alas, there is only one of you. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. We’ve been approached many times over the years and have always been happy to help. Even before the brewery whenever we all got off work we’d get together at a bar or restaurant to have dinner and hang out. Beach, but the atmosphere is more so of a big family gathering as you slowly Check out these San Diego Restaurants Cooking with Beer! Slow Cooked BBQ Pulled Pork- AS SEEN ON CW, Rogue Pumpkin Patch Ale Spice Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting, Chorizo Beer Mac & Cheese – AS SEEN ON CW6, Beer Infused Chicken Chile Verde Tacos In A Slow Cooker, Homemade Oreos with Peanut Butter Beer Filling – AS SEEN ON CW6, Great American Beer Festival 2019 – Awards & Saturday Session Recap, GABF 2018 Awards & Saturday Session Recap, Great American Beer Festival 2019 – Night Two Recap. Brewing is an extremely passionate industry so naturally we look to hire people that get just as excited as we do when we start talking about beer, so the most important thing for anyone trying to get into the industry is to show your passion for craft beer. Even Each son has a different role to play that helps keep their brewery running smoothly. Plenty of other flavors and styles rotate on the tap list as seasonal beers Get to know the brothers of Four Sons Brewing below and be sure to check out their tasting room in Huntington Beach, CA! after expanding into a new location and seeing success in their business, you Four Sons Brewing is truly a family owned and operated business, run by the Dufresne family. Days away from the brewery? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Privacy Policy. The on-site brewery uses natural ingredients to create Performing all of this on a system we were still getting accustomed to, made for quite the interesting day. Unless we are out of town we don’t really get days off from the brewery. Mar 21, 2019 10, BeerBeer ReviewsBrewery Reviews Started out as a hobby when my parents got me a brewing kit for my 20th birthday. Great American Beer Festival 2018 Night One Recap. someone you know. We couldn’t resist featuring two more options fr, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. December 2017 (45) October 2017 (25) September 2017 (13) August 2017 (56) July 2017 (21) June 2017 (16) May 2017 (5) There is so much more you can do for free just by Four Sons beer can be found on tap at local parked outside during peak hours where you can find rotating options like tacos, As Director of Operations I have a part in running everything outside of the actual brewing. Founded in 2014, Four Sons Brewing had a typical garage-brewing start after one of the sons brought a home-brewing kit to the house. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If you are visiting on Friday after work hours William is a lover of all aspects of Craft Beer. serving pints, or behind the scenes keeping everything running. . From designing and creating the original Four Sons logo to maintaining and updating the chalkboard menus in the taproom. Learn how your comment data is processed. Beverage Sign up to see audience demographics of people similar to @foursonsbrewing. air in and helps to give the room more space, plus there is always a food truck Jul 14, 2020 4, Beverage @foursonsbrewing Instagram Influencer Profile - Contact Four Sons Brewing When I’m not at the brewery I spend a lot of time with my friends and family. All content from social networks copyright their respective owners. As Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. come and go. Our first triple brew day on our new 30bbl system was certainly an interesting one. Utah and Tennessee. We’ve had several that we now have in the works to have go out for distribution, and I’m really excited about some of these hitting the marketplace! That is what I enjoy doing most, to take traditional styles and put my own spin on it. Terms of Service Nature’s Nosh Launches Portable, CBD-Infused Fruit & Nut Snack Packs, Bubble Tea and How You Can Make It at Home, 4 Swiss Breweries That Make Awesome Craft Beer. I would spend each and every Friday driving around to various stores searching for anything I hadn’t yet tried. casual and welcoming to locals and visitors, all ages and up to four legs. Decatur Craft Beer Festival 2018 was GREATER! the brewery, from logistics, to brewing, to branding and design, so all of the Head brewer, handle all aspects on the brewing side. Total reach: 6986. Before we opened up the brewery and we all had different jobs, we wouldn’t have very much time to hang out together, but since opening the brewery we get to hang out and drink beer together all the time! but that gives you time to get in line at the bar. and our Mar 26, 2019 0, Beverage Everything takes WAY more time and WAY more money than you will initially plan. With all that noted, when I do get time away from the brewery my brothers, dad and I all play on an ice hockey team. Members also have the option of exclusive bonus beers, which seem Rebel Wilson has revealed her new boyfriend Jacob Busch, who is reportedly worth $100 million, on her Instagram page as they head to Monaco to make their red carpet debut as a couple major sports fans themselves, the brewery draws a large crowd on game days and Feb 24, 2019 1. We are always working on something exciting. Combine that with the fact that my brother had been home brewing for 10-years made it a really easy decision to go into this industry once my dad retired from his job. This local brewery has a huge regular SD | DEN | ATL. detailed audience demographics, and much more. While each of us have our own positions and roles to fill within the brewery on both the production and business sides of the operation, we all do a bit of everything, from canning runs to paperwork. The Family. Our mission is to spotlight the alcohol beverage industry - one person, one event, one local spot, one recipe, and one lifestyle piece at a time. Just be passionate about the industry. The first one that comes to mind which we just ordered the cans for is a version of our Coconut Amber that we brewed with rum soaked pineapple making it have the taste similarities of a pina colada! What Top South Carolina Breweries Are Brewing for the Summer. Jul 12, 2020 0, Beverage Upon diving into the beer scene he realized that brewing is truly an art form and it's the intricacies that vary from brewer to brewer which make craft beer even more fascinating. It is a smooth amber beer with hints of coconut that even a non-coconut lover will enjoy. 1. Founded in 2014, Four Sons popular, if not the most popular, craft brewery in Huntington Beach. The brothers of Four Sons are brewing up some delicious and unique beers that are certainly worth a try. This is no trick, @wildleap new p, We added a botanical twist to a classic #HotelNaci, Travel to your own wizarding world with our #Harry, It’s not too late to get your @greatamericanbeer, Mid-week haunts brought to you by @postmeridiemspi, The spooky season has officially arrived and today, Prost! A pour-your-own beer and wine system now also in Chattanooga! Right now I generally go for Pale Ales. Follow Me On Instagram. At Hoplight Social, we believe that great local spots with great booze bring great people together. contact each other, get access to advanced search tools, see Reach out to existing breweries and ask them for advice. Brewing had a typical garage-brewing start after one of the sons brought a November 26, 2019 What does it take to become a great bartender? Don’t get too many of those! . Once we see how the beer performs in the taproom, we will look into packaging it for some sort of distribution. It is a lot of work, and takes a lot of dedication. As the Creative Director at Four Sons, I support the brewery by contributing my artistic vision and creativity in every facet possible. $90.49 My background is heavily in business so that is where I tend to focus most of my time. Great spots w/ great booze brings great people together. Terms of Service gang working in the brewery, whether in the barrels making beer, behind the bar a locally-owned, Huntington Beach favourite, Four Sons Brewing is worth the Sign in. Meet the Sons of Four Sons Brewing: Deven, Derek, Dustin, & Drew. Find @foursonsbrewing Instagram stats and other social media profiles and rankings. Make as many friends in the industry as possible! 1 After a few years, the whole family found a new passion and soon became involved – mom, dad and all four sons. Cheers! I remember that day very specifically. I’m going to have to piggy-back on Derek’s interesting experience here (I cheated and read his!). If you don't see him sitting at a brewery messing around with a camera, you will most likely find him spending time with his dogs, watching ridiculous amounts of TV or out exploring and experiencing whatever the day brings. I also love to spend time with my wife and son. We all bring something different to the table, and we’re all constantly bouncing new ideas off of each other whether its a new beer idea or ways to continue to grow our business. You can also book a tour of TRICK OR TREAT!? From sales reps to brewers, it’s the best way to learn about the industry and there’s always new info to be learned! creators, businesses and experts in the industry. Jun 16, 2020 1, Beverage The brothers of Four Sons are brewing up some delicious and unique beers that are certainly worth a try. and our What are those? Four Sons brews their beer with a laid-back, The environment is very The style of beer I enjoy drinking the most is barrel-aged sours, however on a day-to-day basis I love a good session IPA. Copyright 2020 Marmont, Inc. Made in LA, San Diego, Melbourne, Denver, New York and Las Vegas. The beer that initially caught our interest was their Coconutorious Coconut Amber. Four Sons is a go-to for sports fans, and as The revolution of wine e-sales starts from Italy. Up until recently we were even working the taproom every day on top of all our normal duties, thankfully now we get a couple shifts off a week from that!

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