My love for nature is not newfound. The lessons we can learn from more advanced nations on Fire safety. A few hundred years ago, forest fires were a natural “activity” caused mostly by rare phenomena, such as a volcanic eruption or an earthquake, that occur in very specific geographical areas. This phenomenon usually occurs during prolonged drought seasons. In the United States in particular, fire has ravaged many areas of both forest and countryside. In some cases, firefighters burn sections of forest vegetation to control possible fires in the future by creating buffer zones. Awareness should be raised among smokers and they must understand that small negligence on their part can cause a huge impact (destruction) on the environment and surrounding areas. But today, natural causes are much less frequent and now give place to human activities, whether voluntary or not : 43% of forest fires caused by humans are linked to imprudences (cigarette butts, garbage deposits, burning). Strong winds push the fire towards a direction and that makes them spread much more than they naturally have the ability to. These fires are also referred to as a ‘wildland fire’ or ‘rural fire’. McDonald initially thought the smoke was from a campfire, he told the Coloradoan in an earlier interview, but later realized it was a wildfire as the smoke plume grew. Forest fires burn through hundreds of thousands of acres before they are put out. Afforestation is the process of planting trees in areas devoid of any forest cover (no…, A flower having a blooming structure reflects the confluence of two powerful and equally pivotal forces, utility and…. Smoking near vegetation can cause a widespread fire when a smoker throws a cigarette into vegetation without completely extinguishing its burning butt. The forest fire is the worst enemy of vegetation in this protected forest range. A U.S. Forest Service investigation team is leading the probe into the fire's cause. Some of the causes of forest fires is the prolonged summers and days with basically no rain and high temperatures, which is reducing the moisture content. Fireworks shouldn’t be used since it may lead to the initiation of a wildfire. Smoking in a forest is likely to cause fires from the sparks that fall to the ground, as also from stubs that aren’t fully extinguished. Forest fires as a result of hot lightning last relatively longer. The recent Theni Forest fire in Tamil Nadu which has claimed the lives of 20 people (as on 23rd March 2018) and severely injured many, has brought us to one of the most dreadful challenges – Forest Fire. Bandipur forest fire in 2017, destroyed more than 1000 hectares and also claimed the life of a forest guard. On Friday, the U.S. Forest Service announced new closures to public lands, citing "extreme fire behavior." This is called the fire triangle. Lightning randomly strikes the earth an average of 100 times each second or 3 billion times every year and has caused some of the most notable wildland fire disasters in the western United States. Ground fires are mainly sub-terrestrial (below surface-level). Other exceptional circumstances and very unusual phenomena, such as the collision of two silicious rocks producing a spark, may also have a (minimal) impact on fires. Wildfire can immediately damage infrastructure, wildlife, and vegetation. Wind is definitely not what ignites forest fires, but it’s surely one of the major factors when it comes to small fires turning into wildfires. These laws apply to specific dry-weather times of the year, so you should be on the lookout for those as well. The forest department in Bandipur has carefully and thoughtfully designed and implemented a strategy for fireproofing Bandipur. In crown fires, trees burn up the entire length to the top! Unattended campfires can quickly go out of control and result in blazing wildfires. We really must be more careful with our precious forest resources. Car accidents have been known to start fires rapidly. Finally, recklessness is often linked to recreational activities, agricultural or forestry work (55% of fires). 806 Avenue des plans Other common causes of man-made forest fires are mosquito coils, candles, it takes hours for these to take catch fire but mostly goes unnoticed until there is a big, uncontrollable fire. Volcanic eruptions that cause hot lava to burn everything in its way. For example, it accounts for about 2% of fires in the Mediterranean zone… and close to 30% in Quebec ! Most of these wildfires are caused by cigarette butts thrown on the ground, campfires not put out or due to voluntary arson. 21 Examples of Renewable and Non-renewable Energy Resources, Insect House: Purpose, Benefits, Importance, DIY kit, Canopy continuity; how connected the canopy is or Forest Density, Moisture content in organic matter (low moisture; slow fire), Weather conditions during the blaze (dry weather favors forest fires). Other than that, some may develop asthma or previously asthmatic patients may develop exacerbation of their symptoms. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. However, if you’re forced to do so, the least you could do is put out the cigarettes before you throw them onto the roadside. Pollination: Definition, Benefits, Examples. 2019 : In 2019 there were 50,477 wildfires compared with 58,083 wildfires in 2018, according to the National Interagency Fire … Lightning in places of dry vegetation causes a fire. Another factor to consider is wind which can be characterized by high speeds and strong power (Vėlez, Ricardo) this … Discovered fossil charcoal indicate that forest fires are not new to modern history as some date back to over one hundred million years ago. Other causes include campfires that are not well monitored or put off entirely. How Much Of The Amazon Rainforest Is Left. The different lightning strokes of varied electric voltages cause fire through directly igniting vegetation with high currents. – C.A.L – Use organic materials such as woods, leaves, or yard waste. ), we must not forget that the natural cycles of forests are disturbed and that some species disappear, while invasive plants proliferate. This makes easy containment of fire and prevents its spread. Authorities have undertaken awareness campaigns on the causes of fires to reduce human initiated fire incidences. Coloradoan editor Eric Larsen can be reached at or 970-224-7745. This means that ground fires occur in collections of humus, peat, and similar dead vegetation on the forest floor that become dry enough to initiate burning. Both fires ignited this summer, and all of Colorado's 10 largest fires have burned since 2002 as drought, forests choked with beetle-killed trees and climate change have conspired to create ideal conditions for catastrophic wildfire activity across the state. The Forest Service has been managing wildland fire on National Forests and Grasslands for more than 100 years. These fires are easiest to put out and cause least damage to the forest. Effects of wildfire on watersheds should not be overlooked. Arson is the act of maliciously setting fire to property (mainly buildings), vehicles, forests or any other intentional damage that may be caused. This will definitely cause surface run-offs, leading to soil erosion. In addition, ashes destroy much of the nutrients and erode the soil, causing flooding and landslides. For example, negligence in forest management can be a factor. Spontaneous fires, that occur when weather conditions are dry and produce enough heat to induce spontaneous combustion. Rewilding; Practices, Principles, Examples. However, There are 3 major types of forest fires: Crown fires are also known as canopy fires or aerial fires, and for all the right reasons. These are said to be more intense and dangerous wildland fires. Natural Causes of Forest Fires. However, wildland fire is a broad term that includes prescribed fire (voluntary) as well as wildland fire use (controlled fires – WFU). Dry Climates specifically favor wildfires because of lack of moisture. As much as 90% of Forest wildfires in United States are caused by people! Electric vehicles have been known to start blazing fires. Particular knowledge of which materials and substances are allowed to be burned is also necessary. The findings of the study highlight the presence of ammonium polyphosphate, known to alter soil fertility, biodiversity and affect the composition of vegetation. History suggests wildfires started as early as 420 Million years ago when vegetation first grew on the planet’s land. Furthermore, the city will have to spend millions of dollars into fire-retardant chemicals, aircraft, and trucks, as well as time and personnel. Generally, the naturally occurring forest fires are a part of nature’s eco-system. Surface fires burn on the ground where it uses the vegetation on the forest floor as fuel. We know that the fire ignited the afternoon of Aug. 13 in the Roosevelt National Forest, in an area between 12,127-foot Cameron Peak and popular recreation site Chambers Lake. Inhalation of wildfire smoke leads to various toxic health effects on humans. fuel and oxygen are always present – fuel in the form of biomass and vegetation, and oxygen that is a natural by-product of plant respiration. Up to 90% of forest fires in the US are caused by humans. The real problem is it is most often man-made.

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