Online Both – I don’t get enough sleep It’s definitely a huge honour especially because I respect all the other people in the list, so it’s pretty exciting to be included along them. 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Long before the release of “Booksmart,” actress Hannah Marks set out to make a movie that would be the female bookend to “Superbad.” She started writing the script eight years ago, at 18, based on a real-life story about how, in high school, she befriended the girlfriend of her ex-boyfriend. Then we have just the thing for you: Banana Split, the latest must-see coming-of-age movie, is out on digital download right now.Starring Hannah Marks – who also wrote the script – and Dylan Sprouse, it tells the story of April who spent the last two years of high school in a relationship with Nick. I thought that was so cool of her. My mom in the movie is pretty similar to my own mom. Whatever I could do to help somebody through my work, I mean, I love that. Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. In general it’s so valuable when the voice behind the movie is an authentic one that can relate to the story they’re telling. This is the greatest compliment I could ever get in my career. Hannah: I actually just finished directing a movie, which wrapped in February. How would you describe the characters you play? This film kind of flips the genre on its head, which makes it even more exciting. I hope it can be an escape from all the craziness in the world right now. What was it like working with the rest of this talented young cast? So we had to CGI it out, and that delayed our release.”. Jax Jones That also means it’s still valuable and important and you’re still learning from it. “For whatever reason, it slipped through the cracks. Dylan Sprouse Returns to Instagram With a Birthday Tribute for "Queen" Barbara Palvin. Hannah: I loosely based April on myself – she’s an exaggerated version of myself – and it’s fun getting to play those different sides of myself. Producer. Looking for a new movie to watch right from the comfort of your home? Let’s have a tribunal in a few weeks. Then we have just the thing for you: Banana Split, the latest must-see coming-of-age movie, is out on digital download right now. 01 October 2020 | Variety ‘After We Collided’ Review: You Know, Maybe … I’ve been writing loads, talking to directors on video calls, hanging out with my girlfriend, playing video games, eating and probably not working out enough…. Zoom or FaceTime? Dylan Sprouse has said he would never join his brother on Riverdale but now that he’s about to become very, very popular with teen audiences… we could see that changing! SneakPeek Hannah: Everyone was a friend of mine before, for the most part. Dylan: At first, we see Nick going through a breakup – but then moves on really quickly and when his new girlfriend ends up being stalked by his ex, he finds himself in a really unique situation…. We were shooting in upstate New York as Dylan mentioned. “I feel terrible because it was my own personal shirt.”, What did it look like? It was exciting to be able to subvert all of those expectations, but I’d say the main inspiration was probably ‘Frances Ha,’” she says about the 2012 movie with Greta Gerwig. “So much of our economy is built on the back of workers who are getting their paychecks and immediately going to the grocery store to feed themselves and families. Then we have just the thing for you: Banana Split, the latest must-see coming-of-age movie, is out on digital download right now.Starring Hannah Marks – who also wrote the script – and Dylan Sprouse… She then goes on to make an unlikely friendship with Nick’s new girlfriend, Clara, played by Liana Liberato. This is more about the friendship and hopefully more empowering because of it. Who are other women in film you admire Hannah? 20 October 2020 This big news comes just one day after the former Disney kid’s 27th birthday! “it was because I felt like I was ready and I wanted to start doing projects that were diverse and could push the boundaries of what I thought was acting.”. Dylan: I’ve got quite a few things coming up which I’m not sure I can talk about yet – but the biggest thing is the release of comic book that I’ve been working on for the past five years. We’re editing that right now. Sadly, one of the original stars won’t be in the next films…. Sadly, one of the original stars won’t be in the next films…. It was really nice to have someone direct the movie that had outside perspective and saw the material differently than me because that allowed me to grow and expand and separate myself from the material which I was very, very close to. We’re sensual, but we’re not that. As both an actor and a boss, he’s noticed how quickly things have changed in New York as a result of the coronavirus. Popsugar Movies or binge-worthy series? That was a huge dream come true. She’s always making mistakes but, ultimately, I think she has a really good heart. Then a movie called Frances Ha with Greta Gerwig, which was a huge inspiration too even though it’s not a teen movie. It felt like an opportunity. FaceTime, Banana Split is available on digital download from 8th June, Find out what your favourite Animal Crossing characters would wear in real life…, Enter your email address to receive the Topshop newsletter. Dylan brought a lot of himself to the character, I mean he’s kind of a gamer in it and there were moments where he was being nerdier than the character on the page and he brought his real-life humour to the character too. The 2020 Banana Split movie, starring Dylan Sprouse, Hannah Marks, and Liana Liberato is now available on VOD. Dylan Sprouse: Banana Split Star's Age, Height, Net Worth & Dating History Revealed, So, when does Banana Split come out? But it was also so fun because I’d been prepping for it for so long that it felt like I was ready to take it on. “Banana Split” is one of the first grown-up film roles for Dylan Sprouse, who starred in the Disney Channel 2000s sitcom “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” with his twin brother Cole. April, played by Hannah Marks, spends two years in a relationship with Nick, played by Dylan Sprouse, before having a heartbreaking split.

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