Pub-3000, Chapter 18, Work Process N addresses LOTO Procedures. group lockout procedure. has specific requirements for lockout or tagout operations involving more (The following policies … There are two types of electrical lockout/tagout procedures, simple lockout/tagout and complex lockout/tagout. An electrically safe work condition shall be achieved when performed in accordance with the following procedures and verified by the six step process. Simple lockout/tagout involves one or more qualified persons and deenergizing only one electrical supply. The Lockout/Tagout standard --General Dynamics ", Jacman Group Safety Each individual shall be responsible his or her own lockout/tagout during a simple lockout/tagout. If you use Group Policy at your company, you can at least set certain password policies to ensure a minimum level of security. Do not attempt to operate any switch, breaker, or other electrical energy isolating device bearing a lock or tag. The energy isolating devices may be operated to restore energy to the equipment and/or circuits. Complex lockout/tagout requires a single person with overall responsibility and a written plan prepared in advance for each lockout/tagout application. In some cases, servicing or maintenance work is A LOTO procedure is a formal document detailing all the steps required to establish the lockout. Any questionable identification of sources will be cleared by the employees with their Supervisor or Foreman. For either exception, no work may be performed under the lockout until the lockout is complete and the group lockout master lock and orange master lock tag are affixed to the group lockbox. The employer shall also provide training to the employees so they can properly and safely implement these procedures. The primary responsibility for establishing an electrically safe work condition of equipment and/or circuits on a lockout/tagout belong to the company/contractor supervisor, foreman, and/or a designated employee. and this procedure may not be used. (4) Attach the lockout/tagout devices according to documented policies and procedures. (1) Identify all sources of electric to the equipment being locked out.  Signs Section 2 of the complex lockout permit indicating that the group lockout … U.S. Department of Labor  |  Occupational Safety & Health Administration  |  200 Constitution Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20210. must be used (see . The terminology used can vary depending on the organization. The employer shall develop and document lockout/tagout policies and procedures for the company. Until this verification is performed the equipment conductors/circuit parts shall be considered energized. Control of Hazardous Energy: General Requirements). endstream endobj startxref During group lockout, management must keep an eye on active applications. %PDF-1.5 %���� All equipment and/or circuits will be locked or tagged to protect the worker against exposure to hazardous electrical energy. More than one energy source (electrical, mechanical, or others) may be involved. "The instructor really knew his stuff! Group lockout and Contact us with questions on Lockout/Tagout requirements or more information on our electrical safety services: Call: 877-252-2626 | Email: | Click here to contact us. complex. 364 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<7EA5099410E1D34DBDB53E18C13BBEA6>]/Index[346 51]/Info 345 0 R/Length 90/Prev 69365/Root 347 0 R/Size 397/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The above is only an overview of the requirements for establishing an electrically safe work condition and not intended in any way to represent the complete requirements. 877 252 2626 You could tell he’s been there and done that. 396 0 obj <>stream The following will establish the minimum requirements for lockout/tagout of electrical energy sources. This will be done by checking one line diagrams, equipment tags and/or other documentation. equipment-specific lockout procedure (ELP) or a . h�b```f``����� � �� @V�8���qlw�7�� �c���GK=`��`��h`��H;���`��`�P~�e*O�:l�6�b��p�-��Gx�C�l1�q>������� H3]c�93�]'(��X�4#�T�:� ��!� Employees will be certain as to which switch, breaker, or other energy isolating devices apply to the equipment and/or circuits being locked. When developing or revising your policies and procedures always consult an expert and refer to the latest edition of the NFPA 70E. Two scenarios are possible: 1. A LOTO procedure is required for all complex LOTOs. Simple lockout/tagout does not require a written plan for each application. motor, heating elements) are off. That made a huge difference and my guys loved it. This procedure applies Lockout / Tagout SAFETY solutions designed to PROTECT employees from risks. Establishing an electrically safe work condition is NFPA 70E terminology for executing a lockout/tagout of electrical sources. The group lockout generally applies to several energy sources and many workers. It is often called “multiple lockout”. endstream endobj 347 0 obj <. 11 SAFETY LOCKOUT / TAGOUT Lockout/tagout is an important safety procedure that involves shutting off the power to industrial machines or equipment 346 0 obj <> endobj example, there are multiple energy sources or multiple groups), the lockout is considered . h�bbd``b`�$V &��$XՀ�!�`)�b�� VH�D��) �(+H���]�L��/A&30>�?�G �>w Complex lockout/tagout requires a single person with overall responsibility and a written plan prepared in advance for each lockout/tagout application. The Lockout/Tagout standard has specific requirements for lockout or tagout operations involving more than one employee. However, this does not alleviate the employees from insuring that proper lockout procedures are followed at all times. Whenever machine maintenance or repairs are performed by a group of employees, you must develop and implement a group energy control procedure that provides the same level of protection as a personal lockout or tagout device. To report an emergency, file a complaint with OSHA or ask a safety and health question, call 1-800-321-6742 (OSHA). All employees will comply with these procedures. Run real-world group lockout drills in the classroom, or take workers to actual machines and put them through the paces of locking into and properly exiting a group protective system. The following steps shall be used to verify that you have established an electrically safe work condition. (2) Before properly opening the disconnecting device(s) ensure that the load(s), (i.e. Here's how. (5) Verify the conductor or circuit part is deenergized with proper test devices and only by a qualified person. safety padlocks, hasps, tags, group lockout and specialty accessories. It is specific both to the equipment or system and to the scope of work. %%EOF performed using a group or groups of employees. Test each phase conductor or circuit part both phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground. More on Lockout/Tagout: Click here to read “Lockout/Tagout (LOTO): Electrical Safety Simplified”, article from Occupational Health & Safety Magazine and written by our Executive Vice President. Preparation Employees will be certain as to which switch, breaker, or other energy isolating devices apply to the equipment and/or circuits being locked. Instead, an . On at least an annual basis the execution of these procedures and the procedures itself shall be audited. (3) If possible ensure that the disconnecting devices blades are visibly open and/or the drawout type breakers are in their drawout position. Alert: Due to routine maintenance on the OSHA website, some pages may be temporarily unavailable. As a result, group lockout or tagout operations typically require more coordination and communication than personal lockout or tagout operations. In this topic, you will find a discussion of the following issues: Group lockout and tagout procedures; Work authorization permits ©2017 All Rights Reserved, Arc Flash Training Arc Flash Risk Assessment Safety Services, OSHA Training Requirements for Electrical Safety. Any employee found to be working, or causing others to work on, equipment and or/circuits that, in the opinion of management should have been locked out, will be subject to severe disciplinary actions up to and including termination.

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