And it is partly due to these measures that any of the six or more plots against the emperor during his twelve year reign didn’t meet with success. Der Beginn der augusteischen Germanenkriege war zunächst auf einzelne, räumlich eng begrenzte Konflikte beschränkt, aus denen sich allmählich eine Folge schwerer Auseinandersetzungen entwickelte. Claudius also returned many of Caligula’s confiscations.

He had one younger sister, Claudia, who was repudiated by Claudius along with Plautia.

While consul (495), his severe interpretation of the laws of debt caused the temporary emigration of the general citizenry (the plebs plebs or plebeians [Lat. The senate’s initial hesitation in granting him the throne was the source of much resentment by Claudius. This was felt to depreciate the nobility of the imperial house, while exalting Sejanus even beyond the excessive hopes which suspicion attributed to him. [22] The Cherusci failed to capitalize on their initial advantage, whereupon the Romans broke through their lines, defeated the Germanic attackers, and acclaimed Drusus as imperator. In 12 BC, Drusus led a successful campaign into Germania, subjugating the Sicambri.

iPhone History: A Timeline of Every Model in Order Mason-Dixon Line The History of Guns, iPhone History: A Timeline of Every Model in Order, Ancient Civilizations Timeline: 16 Oldest Known Cultures From Around The World, The History Of Marketing: From Trade to Tech, 41 Greek Gods and Goddesses: Family Tree and Fun Facts. [1] In 20 AD Sejanus was reaching the height of his power, and the birth of his daughter offered an opportunity to connect his own family with the imperial Julio-Claudian dynasty. Three Emperors were direct descendants of Drusus, Claudius (his son), Caligula (Germanicus' son, Drusus' grandson), and Nero (Germanicus' grandson, Drusus' great-grandson). Nach anderen Quellen erlitt er beim Sturz eine Schenkelhernie (auch Schenkelbruch genannt). Some five months after his daughter Claudia Julia was born, Claudius divorced Plautia on suspicion of adultery and complicity in the murder of Apronia, her brother's wife, who had been pushed from a window. Der erste der Drusus-Feldzüge (12–9 v.

When Tiberius left Italy during his term as praetor in 16 BC, Drusus legislated in his place. Nachdem aber die westgermanischen Stämme befriedet worden waren, zogen sich die Römer weitgehend aus dem rechtsrheinischen Germanien wieder zurück, waren aber jederzeit wieder zur Offensive imstande. Drusus then went to meet Augustus and Tiberius in Lugdunum (at which point Claudius was born), and traveled with them to Rome.

However it revealed that the instigators of the uprising had possessed connections with very influential nobility in Rome. [29] Once more he left the city before assuming office. utque haec secando rumore ita adversis animis acceptum quod filio Claudii socer Seianus destinaretur.

He had one younger sister, Claudia, who was repudiated by Claudius along with Plautia.[1]. Then he put down several other tribes, defeating them or accepting their surrender. Rich suggests that this action was done as an affirmation to Drusus' memory; had the young commander lived, he would have placed spolia opima in the temple himself.[36]. While there, a tribe of Germans entered Gaul and proceeded to attack Roman settlements. ; 1.

Claudius also took great care in his function as a judge, presiding over the imperial law-court. A marble statue of Claudius Drusus was installed in the Sebasteion of Aphrodisias, an augusteum temple dedicated to the cult of the divine emperors and their family; its inscribed base was uncovered during archaeological excavations there in the late twentieth century. [1] According to Tacitus:[1]. Nero Claudius Drusus Germanicus, also called Drusus the Elder, was a Roman politician and military commander. [31] Drusus led the army via Rödgen through the territories of the Marsi and Cherusci until he even crossed the river Elbe. His choice of women was in no doubt disastrous. [12], Drusus easily won election as consul for the year 9 BC. Drusus arrived in Gaul in late 15 BC to serve as legatus Augusti pro praetore (governor on Augustus' behalf with the authority of a praetor) of the three Gaulish provinces.

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