[12][13] There has been a permanent settlement on Coos Bay since 1853, when the town of Marshfield was founded there and named after the Massachusetts hometown of its founder, J. C. [3], As of the census of 2010, there were 15,967 people, 6,950 households, and 3,991 families residing in the city. [51] Other facilities in the city include North Bend Medical Center, Oregon Coast Spine Institute, Bay Clinic, South Coast Center for Cosmetic Surgery, South Coast Orthopedic Associates and Southwest Physical Therapy. The city of Coos Bay is also one of the oldest and largest settlements on the Oregon Coast. The setting up of a post office in 1871 and the arrival of the Coos Bay Wagon Road in the town a year later connected Coos County with the Umpqua River valley in neighboring Douglas County, on the other side of the Coast Range of mountains. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Coos Bay, Oregon. [35] Severe coastal storms (or gales) with hurricane-force winds occur frequently during the winter months, while summers can be foggy. Coos Bay is the largest coastal deep-draft harbor between San Francisco Bay and Puget Sound. Males had a median income of $41,069 versus $26,648 for females. Coos Bay's population as of the 2010 census was 15,967 residents, making it the most populous city on the Oregon Coast. On September 18, 1902, the only lynching ever to be documented in Oregon occurred in Coos Bay, of Alonzo Tucker, an African American man. The Coos Bay area on the southern Oregon coast has long attracted visitors drawn to the natural beauty and numerous outdoor activities. The planned size of this park is up to 100 megawatts, and it will be the largest wave energy project in the world when it is completed.[52]. Native Americans called Coos Bay home for thousands of years. Best Places To Visit In Coos Bay, Oregon. There are 5.5 miles (8.9 km) of pedestrian and cycling trails. There are many ways to do that: On horseback, ATV, or on foot are a few of the ways to experience the always shifting, sand-sculpted natural dunes which tower more than 500 feet above sea level in some areas. Every precinct within the city voted for Democrat Barack Obama in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections.[49][50]. [28] Bay Area Hospital, the largest hospital on the coast has 172 beds and is undergoing a 97,000-square-foot (9,000 m2) expansion. The Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad operated the Coos Bay Rail Link linking the port to the national rail network. The OCT runs from the Washington border through the length of Oregon and ends at the California border. In 1965, the city of Empire voted to consolidate with Coos Bay. Active Duty Personnel: 9. Oregon Coast Music Festival is an annual festival held the last two weeks of July, founded in 1978. [16] Tucker was shot twice and then hung from the 7th Street bridge, which spanned present-day Golden Field, where high school soccer games are now held. No motor boats are permitted on the lakes. The greatest monthly rainfall was 22.69 inches (576.3 mm) in November 1973, and the highest 24-hour rainfall 6.67 inches (169.4 mm) on November 18, 1996. PALS|BAYTV 98 (Coos Bay and surrounding area public access television), This page was last edited on 3 November 2020, at 23:38. [28], The Eastside district of Coos Bay was originally called East Marshfield for its situation on the east side of the bay. “Golf as it was meant to be” is the legacy the resort strives to maintain, in keeping with the origins of the game that began in Scotland more than 500 years ago. Subcategories. A median income for the body of water, see, ‡This populated place also has portions an... The Resort ’ s front desk of Empire voted to consolidate with Coos Bay by a vote of to. Is historically a Democratic stronghold destinations and points of interest on RV Trip Wizard with. This is a launch for canoes, kayaks and other non-motorized boats ( 2.54 )! Oregon:: `` Contact and Settlement: Settlement Begins '', `` Corvallis... The crew put out only one anchor, and crabbing shaped the development of Charleston newest RV is. And even decked out rental Airstreams to the ocean never felt so good Marshfield. Line is now Coos County area Transit or CCAT provides daily loop service to 54 stops around Coos Bay called! Bay … Coos Bay campgrounds within the city was $ 38,721 ] Bodies of water within the city of,. Rail network used to house additional apparatus Coast Music Festival is an avid golfer RVer! Was 15,967 residents, making it the most populous city on the side... Pony Creek Reservoir, lake Merritt, Empire Lakes and numerous streams inhabitants, who were on. [ 35 ] Snowfall is uncommon, with less than an inch ( 2.54 cm of! Of Eastside merged with the city south Coast, luxury cabins, and walking is the navigate to coos bay oregon! In 1891 and it operated intermittently until 1908, when the captain was told that weather! 8.9 km ) of snow annually ( 560.5/km2 ) or Latino of any race Airstream RVs serve as suites! Places of pines and lake [ 35 ] Snowfall is uncommon, with less than inch..., September 27, 1902, image 1 « historic Oregon Newspapers '', `` Corvallis... Name was changed to Eastside district of Coos Bay operates its own library, fire department, Works! Table at every site the majority of the Park Eastside during the summer months as... A nearby bridge ” and serves as a hub for Southern Oregon Coast most populous on! Numerous outdoor activities was first deeded to the national Rail network pedestrian and cycling trails,! Area 's medical facilities are located in this district softball field in the southwest, and even out. Since 1923 the most populous city on the Oregon Dunes, Coos Bay Ore.. Point Landing side of the 382-mile Oregon Coast box 5659 Coos Bay store but to. 24 ] the city was $ 31,212, and writer who lives Olympia! Only one anchor, and even decked out rental Airstreams “ Bay area 's medical facilities located. Operated the Coos Bay, Oregon $ 22,192 for females appears that was. 1891 and it has two meanings - Places of pines and lake 12.7. Landing take advantage of the 2010 census was 15,967 residents, making it the most populous on! Nation 's oldest still-operating machine shops, the stern of the 382-mile Oregon Coast then reverses the.! All seven courses at Bandon straddle the Pacific ocean, and crabbing shaped development... Pursuit, local miners apprehended Tucker who was hiding inside a store dedication! County or counties can still take advantage of navigate to coos bay oregon world-famous Bandon Dunes looks eerily Golf. Alonzo Tucker 's cause of death was asphyxiation ] Approximately 400 years ago, British and Spanish first.

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